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Cutrell Cemetery
The Cutrell Cemetery is located behind the house at # 163 Hiwassee Road. There
once was a old log house at this location belonging to the Cutrell family.
36-16-75N 85-06-18W

Cutrell, John S. 24 Dec 1834 - 6 Aug 1902
Cutrell, Elizabeth S. Dice 1 Apr 1840 - 26 Oct 1929
Cutrell, Betty W. 28 Aug 1878 - 30 Mar 1904
(Note: birth date listed wrong in cemetery book.)
Cutrell, John N. 9 Jan 1876 - 11 Mar 1909
Cutrell, Marie Agness B & D (a twin) 1894
d/o of A.F. & Kate.
(Listed in cemetery book but not presently found.)
Dice, Robert Inf son of L.B. & Nannie Cutrell Dice 1893-1898.
(Note: This modern stone is located approx 150 feet from the other
stones and is probably a replacement for a older one.)

Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - South of the Cumberland River Pg. 29.

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