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Conditt Cemetery aka Woodard Cemetery
The Conditt Cemetery located east of Carthage in Conditt Hollow.
Conditt, John 15 Nov 1847-16 Feb 1930
Conditt, Ocie B. 18 Jan 1846- 10 Jul 1910
Conditt, Monroe Father of John is said to be buried here.
Woodard, H.D. 24 Jul 1859- 22 Sep 1937
Woodard, Everline B. 3 Jan 1862 - 19 Apr 1921 - Wife of H.D.
Woodard, Mary Ellen Feb 20, 1858 - Sept. 1, 1929 -2nd Wife of H.D.
(Everline & Mary Ellen were daughters of Joshua P. Kent and Elizabeth Lyon.)
Woodard, Lucile 29 Jan 1921-21 Jun 1944

Note: Also known as the Henry Douglas Woodard Cemetery
and pictures Of Henry Douglas Woodard and this cemetery can
be found on the Henry Douglas Woodard Page

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