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Clark Cemetery
The Clark Cemetery is located near the Jackson-Smith County line on Gladdic
Road at intersection with Dean Hill Road. It is located about 1/10 mile in
the woods behind abandon house. Cemetery was enclosed by iron fence that is
mostly down. About 150 feet north is the stone wall enclosed cemetery of
the James Young family. Also there is another Clark cemtery nearby as well.
36-22-54N 85-49-76W

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Dean Hill Rd & Gladdic Rd

Also see the Clark Cemetery Gladdic Road:

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Gladdic Rd

Minchey, Layton Mack 11 June 1922 - 11 May 1944
Minchey, Calvaugh 29 June 1894 - 22 June 1952
Clark, Virgie Age about 43- 24 Jan 1911
Clark, Lou H. 22 Sept 1874 - 15 Dec 1893
Clark, Elvira G. 4 Mar 1848 - 30 July 1893
Clark, Dr. V.M. 20 Aug 1833 - 19 May 1907

This cemetery is listed in Smith County Tennesse Cemeteries North of the Cumberland River on page 207.

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