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Cheek Cemetery
The Cheek Cemetery is located north of New Middleton between # 154 & #158 Dyer Branch Road
on the hill 100 yards above the barn. This cemetery has not been maintained in many years.
Most of the tombstones are down and several of them are buried.
36-05-76N 86-06-50W

James, Matha H. 15 Feb 1824 - 28 Oct 1982
"Jesus loves the Pure & Holy"
Scudder, Inf son of J.T. & L.L. B & D 19 Sept 1897
Scudder, Pauline d/o J.T. & L.L. 30 June 1891 - 8 June 1903
House, Inf son of A.H. & Willie B & D 30 Sept 1901
"Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven"
Scudder, Inf. son of J.T. & L.L. 19 Sept - 11 Nov 1897
Cheek, Inf of W.B. & I.F. B & D 27 July 1902
Cheek, Ida F. 31 Aug 1866 - 18 Mar 1923
"She is a kind and affectionate wife,
a fond mother and a friend to all"
Cheek, W.B. 9 May 1844 - 20 May 1913
Cheek, M.L. 26 May 1849 - 17 May 1895
Cheek, E. E. 30 Nov 1868 - 5 Dec 1881
Cheek, J.S. 5 Sept 1877 - 5 Jan 1882
Cheek, Edward B inf of L.B. & Ethel 1 Mar 1924
"There shall be no night there"
Cheek, Ethel 6 May 1902 --------
Cheek, L. B. 24 Dec 1904 - 24 Nov 1924
"There shall be no night there"
Several fieldstones.

Names and dates from Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - South of the Cumberland River page 60.
Epitats added by John Waggoner Jr.

Notes: W.B. (William Banks) Cheek was first married to Martha Lee James and second to Ida F. Baker,
both buried in this cemetery. He died from injuries received when a horse drawn machine turned over on him
while cutting wheat. The later marriage produced one son L. B. Cheek who married Ethel Hendrixson.
L.B. died from injuries received from a kick to the head by a mule while dragging wood.
See History of Smith County Tennessee page 445 for this family history.

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