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The Burford Cemetery
The Burford Cemetery is located approx. 500 yards NW of the house at 96 Lovers Lane Road
on the old Maxey Bradley farm. This old cemetery is enclosed by a iron fence. There are several
above ground crypts most of which have readable inscriptions. The cemetery is in bad condition
with a large tree top fallen across the crypts. The remainder is grown up in vines, brush and briars.

Cal Gregory copied this cemetery and published it in article in the Macon Co Times on Sept 2 1954.
At that time he recorded several more markers than are visible today as four burials have been moved
to Dixon Springs Cemetery.

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Burford, David 5 Nov 1791 -23 May 1864 Aged 72 Years
"A honest man, the noblest work of God."
Burford, Nannie M. 23 Aug 1843-5 Aug 1853
d/o David & Elizabeth
Burford, Elizabeth W. 9 Dec 1808 - 15 July 1894
w/o David Burford
Burford, Jonathan no dates
s/o Daniel Burford
Burford, David 13 Mar 1863 - 20 Dec 1863 (Moved to Dixon Springs Cemetery)
s/o Robert & Mary E.
Burford, Laura 9 Feb 1851-25 Oct 1861(Moved to Dixon Springs Cemetery)
d/o Robert A. & Mary E.
Burford, Mary E. 19 Jan 1833 - 27 Jan 1879 (Moved to Dixon Springs Cemetery)
w/o Robert A. & d/o E.P. & Nancy B. Lowe
Burford, Robert Allen 23 Feb 1827 -28 Jan 1904(Moved to Dixon Springs Cemetery)
s/o David & Elizabeth
" I feel that I have done my duty to my family, my
country and my God and I am not afraid to die."
Burford, Mary Ann 10 Oct 1828 - 20 Jan 1834
Burford, Daniel 4 Nov 1820- 25 Jan 1834
Burford, Nancey A. 27 Jan 1840- 13 Jan 1842
Wright, Little George 27 Dec 1850* - 30 Apr 1852
s/o Rom C. & Bettie H. Wright

Names and dates from Cal's Column Sept 2, 1954.

Oakland (Clay-Bradley house)
Although this house on the Bradley farm is not the original home of the people in the cemetery it
is a significant historical home. It is called Oakland (Clay-Bradley house). It is featured in the book
"Dixon Springs, Tennessee -A Pictorial History" Published by TVA in February 1985. It is a late
Victorian house built in 1898. Of particular interest is the hoods over the second-floor windows and
the small balcony with a turned balustrade. Note the hitching post and mounting block in yard.

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