Buchanan Cemetery Pictures
These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Buchanan Cemetery
The Buchanan Cemetery is located 400 feet behind the house at 334 Little Salt Lick Road.
Local resident reports there was once 10-15 tombstones that were bulldozed several years ago.
We found evidence of other graves but only one marked tombstone.
GPS 36-21-331N 85-50-162W

Buchanan, M----A (Martha?) E. 24 Aug 1860-25 Jul 1870
D/O J.T. & M.A. Buchanan
"Sleep on sweet Lizzie and take thy rest,
God called thee home When He thought it best."

Not listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemetery Books.
Copied & photographed by John & Retta Waggoner 25 Oct 2000 and revisted 20 Apr. 2008.

Notes: It is thought that previous property owners named Jones may be buried here.
This large farm was divided into tracts and sold at auction 26 Apr. 2008.

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