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Bridgwater Cemetery
The Bridgwater Cemetery is located on the hill behind the house at #380 Flat Rock Road.
This is approx. one-fourth mile from the intersection with Grant Road. It is across Flat
Rock Rd. on the west side from the Seay farm. The stones were down and some were buried.
36-12-51N 86-06-10W

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We found the following stones:
Bridgwater, Eliza J. 27 Aug 1856 - 8 July 1902
"Beloved one farewell"
Bridgwater, Danial V. 6 Sept 1871 - 12 Sept 1871
Bridgwater, Julia A. 2 Mar 1876 - 27 July 1877
Bridgwater, Richard A. 29 Jan 1821 - 3 Sept 1875
Bridgwater, Ann M. 31 Jan 1835 - 4 Nov 1907
Small stone crypt- not readable.
Footstones marked JCB and TJB.
There is evidence of several other graves marked with fieldstones.

Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - South of the Cumberland River
on page 22-23 lists the following that we did not find:
Bridgwater, I.N.R. 15 Nov 1801 - 16 July 1858
*Bridgwater, W.S. 31 Jan 1862 - 21 Aug 1943
*Bridgwater, Catherine E. Hinson 24 Sept 1868 - 13 May 1906
Tombstone relocated from Bridgwater Cemetery to the Bethlehem Cemetery
three miles away in Wilson County.

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The landowner stated that his father had moved some stones from this
cemetery to another cemetery several years ago. The cemetery book
does not list the names of Richard, Ann & Julia Bridgwater.

Copied by Retta Waggoner May 29, 2002

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