Ballard Cemetery Pictures

These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Ballard Cemetery
The Ballard Cemetery is located in Horseshoe Bend about 1/4 mile back of
Green Valley Baptist Church. There are several extremely old above ground
crypts that are unmarked and destroyed. I suspect that there are many
unmarked graves at this cemetery. The following stones were observed:

Bennett, Sadie K. 13 Nov 1894 - 28 Apr. 1917 W/O Edd Bennett
(Very interesting stone with woman with arms around a cross.)
Ballard, Nannie C Boulton 15 Dec 1865 - 3 Nov 1904
Ballard, John J. 8 May 1862 - 30 Dec 1915
Ballard, Cordell 10 Feb 1915 - 18 Feb 1916 S/O Ernest & Ada Ballard

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