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Josiah Baird Cemetery
The Josiah Baird Cemetery is located north of Sykes Community in a pasture at #91 Hall Lane.
It is located on the tract of land owned by Baird and in later years owned by Clarence Prowell.
It has been known by tradition in the community as the cemetery of the Josiah Baird family.
There are no marked graves. An iron fence encloses 2-3 graves, one of which is covered with
a large flat stone. On south side of the iron fence are the destroyed remains of 6-8 above
ground stone crypts of a type used prior to the civil war. Surrounding the iron fence are
other graves indicated by fieldstones and sunken graves. It is probable that this cemetery
contains more than 25 graves. The entire Baird tract of land was surrounded by rock fences,
many of which still remain. Nearby is an abandoned road which is indicated by a rock fence
on each side. Josiah Baird was born in North Carolina 1782 and died in Smith County in 1861.

GPS N 36-07-747 W085-59-286

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