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Allgier Cemetery
Located in Elmwood on hill behind Post Office turn at Becky Lane.
In a walled enclosure.

"John Oliver Allgier was a farmer and a miller. He operated a grist mill and saw mill
which served Elmwood community for over fifty years. When the Civil War was declared,
John did not believe that Tennessee should secede from the Union.....he was allowed to
stay home to operate the mill which was needed in the community.

When the Federal Army marched through Elmwood, a Captain with some soldiers came to John's
home to get food and supplies. The Captain told Martha why they were there. Martha told
the Captain that her husband was away buying logs for the mill. Martha noticed that the
Captain was wearing a Masonic emblem on his coat. Martha told the Captain her husband was
a 32nd degree Mason. The Captain withdrew the soldiers from the search and placed a guard

Richardson, Ernestine 15 July 1893 -- 23 Feb 1962
Richardson, Mary B. 17 Feb 1902 -- 19 Feb 1934
Richardson, Annie L Allgier 6 July 1868 -- 21 Dec 1941
Richardson, G. Benjamin 1 Aug 1858 --4 Nov 1945
Allgier, Electa 1879 -- 1931
Fitzpatrick, Oliver Kirby 14 Jan -- 14 Nov 1900
Allgier, John Oliver 8 Oct 1831 -- 4 Feb 1918
Allgier, Martha New 9 June 1839 -- 23 Jan 1909
Vantrease, Inf son of J.M. & M.M. 12 June -- 13 June 1902
Allgier, Ocie M 28 Nov 1873 -- 3 July 1900
Vantrease, James M. 30 Oct 1856 -- 30 July 1917
Vantrease, Mollie Alligier 2 Mar 1862 -- 19 Dec 1929
Conditt, Robert Hatton 1872 -- 1961
(From Smith Co. Cemeteries-South of the Cumberland River.)

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