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the Polk County News



Polk County is the only county in the state of Tennessee that does not have a full time full-service library.  Of the 94 counties with libraries 20 have smaller populations and 39 have less income per capita.

Polk County's community library rooms are each open for an average of 13 hours per week with no evening or weekend hours scheduled and only has one clerk with no library training..  The requirements for a Level III library (population 10,000-24,999) is 45 hours per week including evening and weekend times and a minimum of one trained director, 2 full-time paraprofessionals and 2 full-time clerks..

The library has 11,067 books that are used for all three library rooms.

Polk County provides $1.17 per capita for library services where the standard statewide is $5.75 per capita.

The County library rooms have no internet workstations where the standard is at least four.


The Polk County Library Board is attempting to get county support to raise money for two new libraries.  If the board can get $100,000 from the county and $25,000 from Benton, Copperhill, and Ducktown they will be able to apply for state funding.  They have raised a good amount to be used in the project from several companies and individuals.

With luck and the help of individuals and the county, hopefully, the new libraries will be available for our county in the future.

If you would like to contribute to the Polk Co Library Building fund the address is P.O. Box 31, Ducktown  TN 37326