Overton County History

Overton County History

Tennessee became a state in 1796. Overton County TN was formed in 1806 from Jackson Co. TN. Jackson County having been formed in 1801 from Smith County and Smith County was formed in 1799. Other Counties were then formed later form Overton County. In 1823 Fentress County TN was formed in part from Overton County. In 1842 Putman County was formed in part from Overton County. In 1870 Clay County was formed in part from Overton County. In 1879 Pickett County was formed from Overton and Fentress County. During the Civil War the courthouse in Overton County was burned. Many of the early county documents were destroyed. The deed books were not in the courthouse and did not burn. Some early court minutes survived also. Wills, marriages, and other important documents are scattered throughout these early deed books. All books can be seen in the Courthouse Annex on University Street or on microfilm at the Overton County Library, just off East Main Street in Livingston, TN.

Looking for information before 1806, before running off to Jackson Co. TN to look for older records you should know that Jackson County Courthouse burned in 1872 along with all their local records, except for some court minutes. Jackson Co. TN deed records date back to 1872. For deeds before 1801 you might try looking in Smith County as Jackson was formed from Smith in 1801. Before 1799 when Smith County was formed, look in Sumner Co. records. Depending on the time period and the location of the property, you might even possibly find records in Kentucky records due to the Walker Line dispute. Please note that not all of Jackson County records burned in 1872. Chancery Court, circuit court and county court records exist from 1839. There are miscellaneous records from 1810, petition from 1806, tax for 1802-3, and 1836. If property was obtained through a land grant, you may be able to verify that through land grant records. You will need to contact the Jackson County TN for the Jackson County information.


 Sumner County 1796


 Smith County 1799


 Jackson County 1801


 Overton County 1806


                              Fentress County 1823  |   |   Putman County 1842

                                Clay County 1870      |   |   Pickett County 1879

(The four above Counties were formed from Overton County)



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