1820 Overton County Census












**This work is intended as a launching pad for searching an actual microfilmed copy of the original census pages. It is not to be considered as a correct, primary source document. Caution: Spellings are sound spellings. Errors may exist in the transcription. Errors were probably made by the original census takers. Additional errors could have been introduced when the census were transcribed by hand, then when they were typed, then when they were put on the computer and then when they were placed on the Website. These names are not in the order that they appear on the census records. Some attempts to clarify spellings have been made by the transcribers and when this occurs the spelling will be in ( ). Serious researchers are should consult the best source which is the microfilm copies of the original census.  Transcription from Overton County TN Census Microfilm SERIES M33, ROLL 122, typed and formatted by Harold Keisling.


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