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This will be a page dedicated to the families that migrated into and out of Overton County Tennessee so that we might better understand their reasons for doing so. If you have a family to share click on the link below.

This 1820 map from the Cummings Map Society shows the different migration routes that our ancestors might have taken








 Fluvana Co., VA in 1841

 TN about 1852

 Rex Phillips

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 1810 Iredell Co. NC
1817 Wilkes Co. NC
1820 Overton Co. TN

 1850 Dubois Co. IN

 Shirley Colvin

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 1850 to Kansas, then to Nacogdoches County TX

 Tim Campbell

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 Moved to Henry County, Missouri sometime around 1880

 Troy Semple

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 Eng to USA 1700's-ny early.1700's pa, mid -late 1700's ky,early 1800's tn mid 1800's to mid 1900's

 GA mid 1900's NC late 1900's to pres-time

 Virginia Marie Flowers

Currently there are only two adult males and one teenage boy and young lad from this direct Cooper line to continue - one young lady and a grandgirl
This family is also related to some of the SMITH family HAMBY,COX on the Maternal side. We are linked in with the YORKs, MITCHEL and have a long research dating way back over seas


 From Bledsoe county around the middle 1830's

 Tishomingo county,Ms. in about 1844

Tom Gahagan

Bledsoe census shows them in 1830, Overton court records show Joseph paid for guarding a prisoner in 1838, then Overton census in 1840. Showed up in Ms. about 1844 and bought land.


 Botetourt County, Virginia to the French Broad Settlement by 1785

 Overton County in 1801

 Leota Bennett

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 unsure possibley NC

 Overton County

 C. Ann Slaughter

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 Va or SC

 Fayette County, Illinois

 Victor Nyle Harris

Seemed to be several HARRIS who moved to Illinois within a few years. I am seeking info on a William HARRIS b.cir.1795. He also had a brother David HARRIS b.cir. 1796. Both went to what became Fayette County , Ill.


 Knox Co., Tenn.--ca.1851 (George HOLMES, father)

 Morgan Co., Ill.--ca.1853 (George Thomas HOLMES, son)

 Archie Holmes

Before going to Illinois, George Thomas HOLMES married Minerva TAYLOR--daughter of Simeon TAYLOR.


 North Carolina in 1816

 Benton County,Arkansas 1850

 Jenny Jackson Runge

Haley JACKSON came to Benton County, Arkansas in 1830. He went back and forth. He finally settled in Benton County in 1850


 Old WIlkes and Ashe Counties NC abt 1826

 MO (1848) and TX 1874

 Jennifer Arburn

Includes letters written from John W. JOHNSON family from Texas back to kin in Overton Co., TN from 1873-1898


 Henrico Co., VA before 1813

 Shelby Co., IL abt 1835

 Susanna Clark-Smith

Allied families in Overton Co., TN are: CHOWNING, FLETCHER, EMBREE
The Fletcher portion of this family migrated from Shelby Co., IL to Garland, Dallas Co., TX about 1854


Overton/Fentress Co area

 Platte Co, Missouri in the 1830's

 Sally Keeton Eichhorn

KEETON families, along with the BRUTON, STEWART, & HAYES families moved from
Overton/Fentress Co area to Platte Co, Mo in the 1830's.


 Originally from SW VA & NE NC

 Arrived Overton Co 1851

 David R Masters

Putnam County, after 1870- Some of family went to western TN, then some went to Texas-Interested in Chesley MALONE


 South Carolina - 1790s

 Texas - 1850

 Rebecca J. Faldon



 From Prince Georges County, Md, thru North Carolina

 Arrived Overton Co. 1803

 David R Masters

Still living in Overton and surrounding counties; and thru-out the United States.
Original family head was Hilery MASTERS. One descendent is Edgar Lee MASTERS



 Jackson County, TN after 1850

 Carole Lannom

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 Left Washington County, VA before 1841

After 1880 went to Sevier County, AR, then some went on to Oklahoma 

 Tami Ramsey

 See Ramsey Family Webpage


 Rockbridge and Botetourt County VA by 1785 to the French Broad Settlement

 Overton County 1801

 Leota Bennett

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 From NC btw 1806 & 1820
1830-Morgan Co.,TN
1840-Overton Co.,TN

 1860-Cumberland Co.,TN
1870 Hill Co.,TX
Iron & Howell Cos MO. abt 1880

 Dolores Melby Hibbert

William STEPHENS m Lavina SEWELL abt 1835 in TN and his sister, Rebecca m Nelson ADAMS s/o David ADAMS. They were all in Morgan Co.,TN in 1830.


 Migrated from NC about 1795 to Overton County

 1835 left Overton County and migrated to Johnson County Arkansas

 James Stewart

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 Left North Carolina in 1818 or 1819


 William Nash

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 Bedford and Fincastle County, Virginia moved to the French Broad Settlement by 1788

 Overton County by 1811

 Leota Bennett

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 Germany to Pennsylvania to Rowan County, North Carolina by 1769

 Overton County by the 1830s

 Leota Bennett

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 East tn





 Virginia to Buncombe County, North Carolina to Overton County

 Migrated to Carroll County, Arkansas about 1853-1854

 Leota Bennett

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 Scotland to Halifax and Pittsylvania, Virginia

 Overton County, TN about 1835

 Leota Bennett

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 North Carolina before 1820

 Johnson Co., Arkansas between 1844 & 1848

Joleen Streit  

William Fletcher WILMOTH family moved to Johnson Co., Arkansas between 1844 & 1848-Eventually part of his family including his widow ended up in Oklahoma 


 Shenandoah Valley of VA to the French Broad Settement by 1787 to Roane County, TN

 Overton County, TN

 Leota Bennett

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Robert WINTON from Bedford Co, PA and Elizabeth JONES from Randolph Co, N.C.


 Scott Jones




 Carroll County, Arkansas

 Sharon Wright

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The migrations were made by single families or groups of families. These migrations were supposed to have taken place over a period of years. I understand southern Illinois was swampy and the migrants went through a combination yellow fever and typhoid epidemic in the 1830's and 1840's. It has been told that many of the survivors returned to the homes of their kin in Overton County.

Gary Norris

There were many Confederate soldiers and their familes who migrated to Texas after the Civil War so they might escape the wrath of the Union men in the county. The Klan was also on the rampage and young men could not get land or jobs.

Gary Norris

 Many people migrated to railroad towns in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Before there were factory jobs there were busy rail centers. I have seen letters in old Overton County newspapers which talked of job opportunities in such railroad towns. Rockwood, Tennessee was such a center in Tennessee. Later on Overton Countians went to Cincinnati to make radios for Crosley.
Old Hickory was a dynamite factory town for DuPont in World War I. There are countless towns and cities that Overton Countians migrated to in order to find work.

Gary D. Norris


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