The Lard Bilbrey Cemetery listed in the "Overton County Roll Call" by Norris is located off Spring Creek Road near Rickman, TN




The Lard Bilbrey Cemetery listed in the "Overton County Roll Call" by Norris is located off Spring Creek Road near Rickman, TN.  The cemetery is unfenced and located in a cow pasture. Several trees have grown up among the graves. Graves include those of Lawrence Lard Bilbrey and wife, and Barbara Belk Bilbrey Williams and Hansford Williams (my gg-grandparents, included in the unknowns below), and several others as listed by Norris:


Icam Hansford Bilbrey     9/23/1863            8/6/1901

M. J. Bilbrey                   3/5/1859              6/20/1890

Etty May Williams           8/19/1883            11/18/1884

Samantha A. Williams       4/22/1863           2/10/1890

M. B. Williams                 1/7/1853               10/24/1879

Early Burr Bilbrey           10/13/1879           6/23/1881

Vercel Billbrey                1/12/1882             8/7/1883

Edney Billbrey                 12/29/1886          3/15/1887

Bessey Violey Billbrey      10/12/1884           1/18/1891

Georgy Bell Billbrey        2/6/1889              8/21/1893

Edy Billbrey                    12/16/1818            10/12/1863

Lard Bilbrey                    6/27/1803            7/1/1876

There are about 15 unknowns at this site on the upper part of Spring Creek.  The site is in the Netherland area.

Lard Bilbrey Cemetery (November, 2000)

The cemetery measures about 50'x105'.  Exact dimensions are not clear because of difficulty identifying field stones from stone grave markers for the unknowns.

Efforts are underway to reclaim the cemetery and prevent further damage. The trees are currently being cut out, and plans are to install a fence around the cemetery, install tombstones for Barbara Belk Bilbrey Williams and Hansford Williams, construct an access road, erect a sign, and other miscellaneous improvements.



Cost Estimate


Clear Trees


Expected expenditures were unnecessary because the tree cutters agreed to do the work for the wood.

Fence (abt 50’ x 150)

- chain link fencing 4’ high


Tombstones – (2) granite about 20” high, 26” wide, 6” thick on 6” base.



Access Road- gravel

To be determined

We have permission from the land owners to construct an access road to the cemetery.  Work is in process to procure gravel.

Sign – to identify the cemetery.

To be determined

Inscription:  “Lard Bilbrey Cemetery” We may want to include other information such as the date of the reclamation project and those who participated.



To date: $50 for gate.


Donors & Commitments:Richard Williams, Ross Swallows, Ross E. Williams, Jack Gill, Meikel Bilbrey, Bill Buck, Don & Helen Sloan, & Marion & Deltha Williams.


We will need funds, work teams, and other skills to complete this project.  Please contact Ross Williams or me if you would like to participate through donations and/or services.

Ross E. Williams              Jack W. Gill

151 Third Avenue             4022 Seven Springs Road

Algood, TN 38506           Cookeville, TN 38506

931-537-9532                931-526-4650