Norrod Bible Records

Norrod Bible Records

Bible Record of Asa Wade and Martha Ann Whitehead Norrod
Contributed by Bobbie Farley

*Births Register (from Bible dated 1875):

Asa Wade Norrod Dec. the 15th 1841
Marthy Ann Norrod February the 15th 1843
John Calvin Norrod June 21st 1861
Tennessee Jane Norrod April the 20th 1864
Lee Ann Norrod November the 28th 1867
Leucinda Matild Norrod Nove the 18th 1869
Fletcher Alexander Norrod March the 23rd 1872
Bertha Lois Norrod October the 17th 1874
Wilis Paris Norrod Feb the 25th 1877
Milton C. Norrod July the 17th 1878
Millard Norrod March the 21st 1881
Mary Jane Hargus(now Norrod) Nov. 1st 1863 [NOTE: This date is incorrect, her correct Birth date is 15th NOV.1862]
Mitchel Green Norrod September the 21st 1879
Dory Lee Norrod March the 2nd 1881
Florence Norrod August the 16th 1883
Ova Qualls Born September the 27th 1889
Davey Lon Norrod December the 31st 1894
Luther Parson Norrod June the 18th 1897
Jonna Rosenbaum March 29th 1924


**Marriages Register:

John Calvin Norrod to MS Mary Jane Hargus September the 26th 1878 by J.A. Allred (jp)

Fletcher Alexander Norrod and Rosie France (were-by L.A. Key JP) married Oct 21st 1900

[NOTE: The following Births are listed in this Marriage section of the Bible]
Artie Jane Norrod were Born Sept 26th 1902
Marthy Ann Norrod was born April 6th 1905
Hershal Lee Norrod were born November 9th 1911
Lurline Norrod were born Aug. 31st 1913
Arbie B Norrod was born Feb. 11th 1921
Amie Jeanine Norrod Born Jan 25th 1933
Gearl Alexander Norrod Aug. 17th 1937

***Deaths Register:
Willis Paris Norrod Dec this life October the 19th 1877
Mitchael Green Norrod Deceased this life Nov. 25th 1879
Florence Norrod Dec. this life Aug. 20th 1883
Davey Lon Norrod October the 5th 1897
J.C. Norrod Dec. this Life Nov. 3rd 1933
Lurline Norrod was Killed in a Car wreck near Crossville Aug. 9th 1936
Gerald Alexander Norrod Died Oct. 9th 1939
M.C. Norrod Died At Johnson city Sept. 28th 1945
F.A. Norrod Died March 27th 1950
Rosie Katherine France Norrod Died March 14th 1966
Earl Rosenbaum Died Jan. 14th 1986
Harshel Lee Norrod Died Nov. 25th 1987

[NOTE: There is one Birth listed in this Death section of the Bible as follows]
Winnie Norrod was born Nov 30th 1898

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