Green Bible Records

Green Bible Records

Most of the deaths are written by a different hand. Spelling as is in Bible. These pages are badly torn and have been pieced together. Note that 4 of these died in 1852.  Enoch and Elizabeth were born in North Carolina but moved to Overton County in the 1830's. They later moved to Putnam County where they are buried just south of Cookeville.

Contributed by Paula Stover

Enoch Green and Elizabeth Adams was married Nov the 20th AD 1831
Enoch Green was born February the 4th AD 1810
Elizabeth Green was born October the 17th AD 1813
Rachel Green was born Sept 10th AD 1832 (tombstone says "Betce")
John Green was born Jan the 10th AD 1834
Martha E. Green was born March ____ AD 1836
Alfred Green was born Nov the 1st AD 1837
Ester Green was born _________ (page torn off)
Henry L. Green was born March 19th AD 1842
Margaret E. Green was born March ___ AD 1844
Sarrah Green was born November the 5th AD 1846
Nancy Caroline was born January the 4th AD 1850
Pernina Catherine was born June 3rd 1852 (called Kate)
Rebecca A. Green was born on Tuesday August 1st 1854 (called Ann)
William B. Green was born on Wednesday May 27th 1857
Isaac H. Green was borned on Sunday the 4th day of Sept 1859


Enoch Green decest ___ Nov 1886
Elizabeth Green decest 18 March 1901
Rachel Green Hyder deceased Jan 1903
John Green deceased April 15th 1853
Alfred Green deceased 14th Dec 1852
Ester Green decest 28 April 1841
Henry L. Green deceased July ___ 1852
Sarah Green died Dec 8th 1852
Nancy Caroline died Dec 25th 1852

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