Overton County Records 1852-1862

Overton County Records 1852-1862

DEATHS 1852-1862
TAYLOR, Moses died intestate 5 July 1852. John TAYLOR, admr.

FANCHER, James filed August 1853

COPELAND, William, no will. Jefferson COPELAND and Mark COPELAND appointed administrators.

RAY, Benjamin B, filed December 1852. Catherine RAY, widow. Benjamin RAY owned 6 slaves. Heirs, John M. RAY and C.P. HAMPTON and wife, Nancy.

CHOWNING, W.B. filed January 1853.

JACKSON, John B. filed December 1852.

CAPPS, Doak filed November 1862. Lucinda CAPPS, dower.

STEPHENS, William filed December 1862. Parthena STEPHENS, widow.

COPELAND, Jefferson filed February 2, 1863. Mark COPELAND, admr.

REEVES, David P. filed August 1862. Mary J. REEVES, widow.

MARTIN, Milton filed August 1862.

HUDDLESTON, S. W. filed September 1862.

LEE, Alexander filed September 1862.

COPE, Thomas 24 November 1852. Children: James A. COPE and Valentine SUBLETT and wife, Rebecca.

JOHNSON, Jeffrey filed April 1853. Children: Nancy Jane JOHNSON and Joshua WAITS (at law).

NASH, W.W. filed March 1853.

CHANDLER, William filed April 1853. No will.

FLEMING, William filed June 1853. Polly FLEMING, widow.

GREEN, William filed May 1853.

GALTING, David filed May 1853.

ARMSTRONG, Hugh F. died 1 June 1848, filed October 1850. Delilah ARMSTRONG, widow. Children: Amanda (married Thomas PAYNE), and minors: Frances, Melvina, Nancy, Elizabeth, Landen, William T. Thomas and Amanda PAYNE were appointed guardians of minor children.

FINLEY, Thomas Milton filed June 1851. Letitia, widow.

HANCOCK, James W. filed June 1851.

MITCHELL, Isaiah filed October 1850. Heirs: Asa LYNN and wife, Polly; William TINSLEY and wife, Sally; William A. WILLIAMSON and wife, Polly; Nancy Mitchel. Minors: Permelia, Jane and Denton.

WILSON, Reuben filed November 1862. Lawrence MATTHEWS, Thomas MAXWELL, George MCGHER (?), Stephen WELLS are to lay off 1 years maintenance to Martha WILSON, widow. Manor house and 195 acres on Roaring River. Minor children: William, Malvina, Alzada, Mary Ann, John, Margaret, Alexander, Overton, Thomas, Rebecca Elizabeth and Martha Jane.


Nancy J. GAVIS vs William DALE filed July 1852. Ordered to pay $90.00.

Surrena STOVER vs William PARROTT filed August 1852. Ordered to pay $20.00 by 2nd August 1853, $10.00 by 2 August 1854 and $5.00 by 2 August 1855.


William REYNOLDS and Hanah REYNOLDS filed February 1852. Charged with 27 January 1849 murder of Jeremiah GRAY. Witnesses: Green COMBS, Nelson HOWARD, Marah ROBBINS, Sylvester ROBBINS, Henry B. CRAVENS, Richard LEE, Sally LEE, Westley SELLS, Henry NATIONS, Jordon SHOEMAKE, John SMITH, Elizabeth SMITH, Catherine CRAVENS. NOT GUILTY.

Rebecca GAMEWELL filed June 1850. Charged with killing her newborn, bastard female. NOT GUILTY.


Mary M. BILBREY vs Isham M. BILBREY filed 2 Feb 1852. Married in Overton Co, TN 4 Aug 1850. Adultery with Aliza SIMPSON.

Abner ALLRED vs Jane ALLRED filed June 1852. Married 4 years ago in Overton Co, TN. Charges of adultery.

Thomas I. CATE vs Mary CATE filed 31 May 1852. Married 9 November 1830 in McMinn Co, TN. Children but not named. Charged with uncontrolable tember and ungnetlemanly language.

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