Allen Grant and Sara Belle Norrod Bible of Monroe, Overton County, Tennessee

Contributed by Roger D. Norrod

Births and deaths recorded in bible of Allen Grant Norrod (b. 14 Jun 1866, d. 13 Aug 1952) and Sarah Belle Smith Norrod (b. 16 Nov 1872, d. 1 Jan 1914) -- transcription by Roger D. Norrod, 2 Oct 2013

Overton County Tennessee

A. G. Norrod was born June 14th 1866

S. B. Smith Norrod wife of A. G. Norrod was born Nov the 16th 1872

Willie May Norrod was born Sept the 17th 1889

Nove Ellen Norrod was born Jan the 5th 1892

Ernest Lafayette Norrod was born Dec the 12th 1893

Nola Ann Norrod was born July the 9th 1896

Allen B. Norrod was born Nov the 15th 1898

A. G. Norrod professed the Christian religion Aug the 28th 1887 at the Hanging Limb church house on Cumberland mountain and was baptised in the waters of the East Fork sometime shortly afterward. This Sept the 5th 1897

Benton Sly Norrod was born June the 27th 1900

Mable Norrod was born July the 10th 1902

Thomas Herman Norrod was born Feb the 13th 1904

Walter Irvin Norrod born Oct 20 1906

James Theodore Norrod was born Feb 5 1909

Edwin Cordell Norrod was born Oct 22-1913

All births recorded on this page were born in Overton Co. Tenn.


Allen B. Norrod Son of A. G. Norrod and S. B. Norrod Died Feb 13th at half past one o'clock a.m. in the year 1899

Mable Norrod dauter of A. G. Norrod and S. B. Norrod died Aug the 28th 1902 at 5 minutes in the morning

Sarah Bell Norrod Wife of A. G. Norrod died Jan 1st 1914 at 11 o'clock a.m. She professed hope in Christ Aug 1, 1888. Joined the Christian Church and was baptised Aug 2, 1888. She lived a devoted Christian in that church until Aug the 14, 1910 when she joined the Missionary Baptist Church at Monroe in which she continued to live a devoted Christian till death.