These miscellaneous clippings were submitted by:   Helen Row

ALIEU – See Matthews

ALLEN – See Deloach

ATKINSON – Married – On the 9th inst., by the Rev. P. T. Scruggs, Nath’L Atkinson, Esq., Sheriff of Fayette county, to Miss Ann E., daughter of Wilkins Hunt, Esq. of Hardeman county.  Memphis Enquirer, Sat., 11/25/1837.

BEASLEY – See Gray

BEDFORD – Died – On his plantation on Red River, Caddo Parish La. on the 14th of August, Robert White Bedford A.B. a graduate of the University of Nashville, aged 25 years, son of B. W. Bedford of this county.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 9/21/1839.

BELCHER – Died – In Bolivar, on the 17th inst., Adela Ann, infant daughter of E. R. Belcher, Esq. aged one year and six months.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 7/27/1839.

BLAND – See Taylor

BOOTHE – Married – In LaGrange, on the 20th inst., Mr. Danil Boothe to Miss Emily L. Jernegan.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 3/30/1839.

BOYLAN – See Brown

BROWN – We are authorized to announce Col. James Brown, as a candidate for the office of Trustee of Fayette County, at the next ensuing election.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 9/21/1839.

BROWN – Married – On Thursday the 14th inst., by the Rev. Sam’l M. Williamson, Judge William T. Brown, late of Nashville, to Mrs. Priscilla P. Boylan, of this county.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 3/16/1839.

BURFORD – (Died) In Fayette County, June 16(?), Philip T. Burford, a soldier of the Revolutionary War.  Randolph Recorder, 7/18/1834.

CARNES – We are authorized to announce James A. Carnes as a candidate for Colonel Commandant of the 127 Regiment, Tennessee Militia.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 8/31/1839.

CHAPMAN – See Williamson

COBB – See Walton

COLEBURN – We are authorized to announce Samuel G. Coleburn, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Fayette county, at the ensuing March election.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 8/31/1839.

CONNER – See Jones, Wm. A. B.

DELOACH – Matrimonial – In Fayette County on the 12th inst. Mr. Coxes C. Deloach to Miss Mary Ann Allen.  Randolph Recorder, 2/20/1835.

EASON – Land For Sale – I wish to sell the tract of land on which James Eason resides, lying ¾ of a mile south-west of Hickory Wythe, Fayette Cty, Tenn., consisting of about 100 acres, 40 of which is now in cultivation, three never failing springs, comfortable cabins, etc.  For terms apply to the subscriber 3 miles south of Somerville or to James Eason.   Q. T. Holloway.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 8/31/1839.

EVANS – Married – In this county, on the 21st inst., Mr. Benjan W. Evans of Mississippi, to Miss Margaret __. Whyte.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 3/30/1839.

FREEMAN – Married – Mr. __ncdly Freeman to Miss Eady Harriss.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 4/27/1839.

GALES – Died – On Wednesday afternoon, in the 79th year of her age, after a painful illness of several months’ duration, Mrs. Winfred Gales, consort of Joseph Gales, Esq., of this city (late of North Carolina) and mother of one of the Editors of the National Intelligence, of the wife of the other Editor of that journal, and of the junior Editor of the Raleigh Register.  She was a native of Newark, in England, and emigrated to this country with her surviving husband and her then living children in the year 1795; resided in Philadelphia until 1799 and the remainder of the intervening time, except the last six years in North Carolina.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 7/20/1839.

GOBAR – See Richardson

GRAY – Married – Mr. James M. Gray to Miss Louisa F. Beasley.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 4/27/1839.

HALLY – Married – In this county on Thursday the 18th inst., Mr. C. P. Hally to Mrs. Mary W. Spencer, both formerly of Va.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 7/20/1839.

HARRIS – See Williams

HARRISS – See Freeman

HOLLOWAY – See Eason

Married – On Wednesday evening, at the residence of Mr. John W. TYUS – by the Rev. Mr.
McNUTT, Dr. Henry G. JACKSON of Fayette county to Miss Araminta B. MALONE, late of
Sussex county, Virginia.  Memphis Enquirer, Saturday, 12/1/1838.

JARRETT – Married – Mr. David P. Jarrett to Miss Jane Newsom.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 4/27/1839.

JERNEGAN – See Boothe

JOHNSON – See Stedham

JONES – Married – In this county, on the 27th ult., at the residence of O. Conner, by Wm. D. Wilkerson, Esq. Mr. Wm. A. B. Jones of Oakland to Miss Mary E. Nejebet of this place.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 12/7/1839.

LANCASTER  - See Rhodes

LORING – Married – On the 28th ult., by the Rev. H. Warren, Dr. F. Loring of this place to Miss Susan T. daughter of Mr. John Ray of this county.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 12/7/1839.

LOWRY – Married – Mr. William Lowry to Miss Elenora __lington.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 3/30/1839.

MATTHEWS – Married – Mr. John H. Matthews to Miss Sarah B. Alieu.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 3/30/1839.

MERRIT – Married – Mr. James C. Merrit to Miss Nancy Thompson.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 4/27/1839.

MITCHELL – We are authorized to announce William H. Mitchell as a candidate for re-election for Clerk of the Circuit Court.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 8/31/1839.

NEJEBET – See Jones, Wm. A. B.

NEWSOM – See Jarrett

PALMORE – We are authorized to announce Wm P. Palmore, Esq., as a candidate for Sheriff of Fayette County at the ensuing election.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 9/21/1839.

PETERS – Married – In Hardeman county, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. Daniel Stephens, Dr. Geo. B. Peters of Bolivar, to Miss Narsissa, daughter of J. J. Williams.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 5/18/1839.

RAY – See Loring

RHODES – Married – Mr. Robert E. Rhodes to Miss E. H. Lancaster.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 4/27/1839.

RICHARDSON – Married – In this county, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. Wm. M. M’Ferrin, Mr. C. Richardson to Miss Eliza Gobar.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 7/27/1839.

RIVES – See Walton

SHELTON – Died – Wm. Henry Shelton, who died the 11th inst., of a short and severe attack of congestive fever, aged 25 years.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 7/27/1839.

SMITH – Died – In Moscow, Fayette County, Ten. on the 8th ult., Mrs. Margaret W. Smith, consort of Thomas B. Smith of this county.  In the death of this amiable woman, she has left a husband and daughter………Randolph Recorder, Friday, 7/15/1836.

SPENCER – See Hally

STEDHAM – Married – Mr. Anderson Stedham to Miss Jane C. Johnson.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 4/27/1839.

TAYLOR – Married – In this County, on Wednesday evening last, Mr. Wm. A. Taylor to Miss Martha W. N. Bland.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 4/27/1839.

THARP – We are authorized to announce Hardy W. Tharp, Esq., as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Fayette County, at the ensuing election.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 9/21/1839.

THOMPSON – See Merrit

WALKER – Died – In this county, on the 4th inst., at the advanced age of 82 years, Mr. Andrew Walker, late of Orange county, North Carolina.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 8/31/1839.

WALTON – Married – In this vicinity, on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. Henry A. Rives, Mr. Solomon R. B. Walton to Miss IsaLella T., daughter of Capt. John Cobb.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 4/27/1839.

WARREN – Married – In Shelby County, on the 20th inst by the Rev. Asbury Davidson, Mr. Samuel H. Warren, of this county to Miss Emily A. Kimbrough.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 11/23/1839.

WARREN – See Loring

WHYTE – See Evans

WILKERSON – Died – In this place on the 26th inst., Mary Louisa infant daughter of Mary Q. and Wm. D. Wilkerson, aged 8 months 21 days.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 6/1/1839.

WILKERSON – We are authorized to announce William D. Wilkerson, Esq., as a candidate, for Clerk of the Circuit Court.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 8/31/1839.

WILKERSON – See Jones, Wm. A. B.

WILLIAMS – Married – In this county on the 6th, inst. Mr. Alfred Williams to Mrs. Anabella Harris.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 8/10/1839.


WILLIAMSON – We are authorized to announce Benjamin W. Williamson of this county, a candidate for the office of Major General of the 4th Division of Tennessee Militia.  Somerville Reporter, Saturday, 3/16/1839.

WILLIAMSON – Died – In La Grange, on Sunday morning last, about ___ o’clock, in the 26th year of her age, Mrs. Mary A. R. Williamson, consort of the Rev. Samuel M. Williamson, and daughter of the Rev. Robert Chapman.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 9/14/1839.

WILSON – Died – In this place, on yesterday evening between 3 and 4 o’clock, Mr. Abel Wilson, formerly a merchant in Belmont, Fayette county.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 11/23/1839.

YELL – Died – In this place, on Thursday night last, a few minutes before 11 o’clock, Mr. Piercy Yell, after a short, but severe illness.  In the death of Mr. Yell, the community has lost a good citizen, who was beloved by all of his associates.  He was interred on yesterday with military honors, having been a member of the Somerville Volunteer Company.  Somerville Reporter, Sat., 1/18/1940.

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