Following is a letter concerning Monroe County families

Following is a letter concerning Monroe County families

Eve Mill is in north west part of the county.  It was written by Ida Vincent to her brother Jake Vincent.


Eve Mill, Tenn.

Dec 28, 1891


Dear Brother Jake:

    As it has been about a year now since we have heard from you.  I thought I would write you a few lines.  Although I haven't much to tell you.  Christmas has been somewhatly dry here this year.  I suppose it is owing to so much sickness in the community.  We have all been down hear - or they rather with the Grippe with which I guess you are very much acquainted.  Liza and I have never taken it yet.  Huse and High were awful bad awhile but Huse is better and I reckon High is improving a little.  Grippe has become a terrible epidemic in this part of the world.

    Well, I have been going to school this fall at Tulogahler and have been having a splendid time.  "Old Tulo" is on a boom again.  You just ought to be here.  They are having a might good school there now.  I don't guess I will go this spring for I am tired.  Say!  Did you know this was my birthday.  Guess how old I am.  Well I'll not wait for you to guess.  I'm 21 years old.  It don't seem hardly reasonable but I reckon it's so - and am as ''gray as a rat'' - you may not believe it but I am nearly as gray headed as mother.  It was sickness though = not age that caused it.

    We heard that Mr. Jim Clemmer landed in these parts the other day, but none of us have seen him.  I presume you have seen Bill Brakebill and "Phillip" since they have been out there: and heard all the news: so there isn't much left for me to tell.

    I guess you have heard of uncle Howell's death.  He died the 8th of this month of lung disease.

    The most important event that has happened in this part of the country was the uniting in the holy bonds of matirmony of John Cline and Mattie Lowry.  His other wife's tracks were still to be seen in the yard (so they say) when they were married.  Her people are awful mad about it.  I seems neighborhood the toher day that was rather amusing.  In the first place Martha Gaston, Jim's widow you know, married a widower with three boys, and so her little girl 14 years old and his little boy 16 or 17 were married the other day.  What akin do you say they are?  Solve it if you please.  There have been other weddings too numerous to mention and will still keep coming off I reckon as they seem to never tire. 

    We had a spendid time at the closing exercises of the school.  I write the history of Tulogahler and read it.  You may know it was grand!  Prof. wanted me to get up an essay and I didn't have time to write one that was any account, so I wrote that instead.  There are scarcely any going to school there now that used to go afore but some that were kids when you left.  Solow Mayo is still going to school but he is at Maryville.  He is studying for the Ministry.  Don't you know he will make a pert preacher?  Joe Clemmer and also Sam Kittrell are studying medicine.  Joe is attending the lectures now.  There will be plenty of life and soul savers in this part of the country after while.

    Well I guess it is time for me to stop.  As I have written enough of this uninteresting stuff. 

    Now wee here!  I am going to expect an early response.  We have been looking for a letter from you for quite a spell and haven't received any as yet.  So please write soon.  Excuse bad writing and all errors.

    I don't hardly know where to direct my letter, but I will send it to Rhea's Mills and I reckon if you are not there, they can forward it on.  I am feeling very much like I was going to take the Grippe this evening - Well if I don't soon quit you will think there is no end to my pen nor tongue either. 

    Hoping to hear from you soon, I ever remain your affectionate sister.