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The following information is extracted from microfilm of the newspaper, “The Athens Post”, publisher Mr. Sam. P. Ivins.  All are dated between 1848 & 1868.  Most are articles dealing with the death of someone…not necessarily an obit.  Many thanks to Mr. John Forkner for extracting this data and making it available to us.  If you wish copies of this data please contact the Monroe County archivist.


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(AKA Morgan)                       Indian Nation                                         99

(AKA Polecat)                        Indian Nation                                         99

???, William                        McMinn County, TN                                  91

“Willis”, Mr.personal servant of Gen “Tige” Anderson Atlanta, GA       380

Aakin, Reverend George,    Abingdon,                                                 146

Abbott, J.M.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Abel, John, Memphis,                                                                          184

Abernathy, Col. John T.                        Leighton, AL                        384

Abernathy, J. L., Dr.                                Loudon                                 256

Abernathy, J.C.                        Rhea Co. TN                        389

Abernathy, J.L.                        Rhea Co. TN                        428

Abernathy, Jo. L.                   Hiwassee College                                   93

Abernathy, Jo. L.                           Madisonville, TN                            93          

Abernathy, John C.             Madisonville, TN                                       101               

Abernathy, John C.             Madisonville, TN                                       101     

Abernathy, Miss M.M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        417

Abernathy, Mr. J.C.                        Monroe Co. TN                        415

Abernathy, Mr. J.T.                        Monroe Co. TN                        415

Able, John,                                                                                          173

Abott, J.M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Abrahams, Miss C.A.                        Chattanooga, TN                        418

Acoff, Jasper S.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Acrofts, George                                                                                    318

Acrofts, Mrs.                                                                                        318

Adair, Andrew                        Cherokee(Flint Dist.)                             85

Adair, Andrew                                Cherokee Nation west                    85   

Adair, George W.                   Cherokee(Flint Dist.)                             85

Adair, George W. (Flint Dist.)        Cherokee Nation west                    85  

Adair, Wm. C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        418

Adams, B.M.                              CA                                                     60

Adams, Capt. Theo                        Memphis, TN                        402

Adams, Dr. Rob’t W.                        Loudon Co. TN                        426

Adams, Dr. Robert W.                        Loudon Co. TN                        226

Adams, Hon. J.M.                        Barborsville, KY                        336

Adams, J.C.                        Neponsett, Mass                        222

Adams, Mrs.                        Greenville IL                        397

Adams, no first name (man),                    Hannibal, IL,                       187

Adams, Samuel                      Lehigh County, PA                                82

Adams, Samuel                              Lehigh Co., PA                              82          

Adams, Wm. L.                              Decatur, Meigs Co., TN                  117                          

Adams. Mr. W.L.                        Hamilton Co. TN                        430

Adkins, Joseph                        Warren Co. GA                        374

Agnew, James                        ?                                                            99

Agnew, John             Madisonville, TN                                                 99, 102                     

Agnew, John                       Madisonville, TN                                       102                                     

Aiken, Amanda                                                                                   1

Aiken, J.N.                        Calhoun, TN                        390

Ainos, H.S.                        Roane Co. TN                        229

Albert, Catharine                Raleigh, NC/KY                                        145                                     

Aldread, Col. Caswell                        Overton Co. TN                        416

Alexander, Burwell              Texas/Louisiana                                        143                                     

Alexander, Charles M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        423

Alexander, Chas. M.                                                                            275

Alexander, David                                                                                 271

Alexander, Doc                        Murfreesboro, TN                        367

Alexander, Dr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        338

Alexander, G. W,                Maryville,                                                177

Alexander, Honorable Ebenezer,    Knoxville, TN,                                166

Alexander, J. M.                                                                                  295

Alexander, J. N, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                                             210

Alexander, J.H.                      Alexander’s Ferry, Hiwassee River          67

Alexander, J.H., Father          Alexander’s Ferry, Hiwassee River         67

Alexander, J.H., Lady            Alexander’s Ferry, Hiwassee River          67

Alexander, J.H., Mother         Alexander’s Ferry, Hiwassee River         67

Alexander, Maj. G.W.                        Charleston, TN                        420

Alexander, Mrs.                                                                                   322

Alexander, Mrs. J.H.                                                                            67

Alexander, Salina                                                                                 303

Alexander, Salina                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Alexander, T. A.                                                                                   322

Alexander, Wm W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        381

Alexander, Wm. W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        385

Alexander, Wm.                             Monroe County                              3

Alger, no first name (man), Madison, WI,                                            219

Allen, Amanda                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Allen, Chas. H.                                                                                    285

Allen, Dr.                                                                                             309

Allen, Geo Private                                                                                268

Allen, Lieut.                                                                                        258

Allen, M. S, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                                                   210

Allen, Robert                                                                                       273

Allen, William G.                        Rhea Co. TN                        424

Allen, Wm. D., Rev.                       VA                                                 30

Alley, A. K.                                    Savannah, GA                                275

Allison, Col.                        McMinn Co. TN                        250

Allison, R. B.                                                                                        268

Almonte, General                        Paris                        364

Alston, Mr. John                        Forest, MS                        366

Alvarez                                          Mexico                                           126               

Alvis, Wiley Private                                                                             269

Anderson, Bryant                                                                                86

Anderson, Bryant                   Calhoun County, ?                                 86

Anderson, Capt                        Lynchburg, VA                        255

Anderson, Capt                        Staunton, VA                        249

Anderson, Col Josiah M.                        Sequatchie Co. TN                        252

Anderson, Daughter 1            Botetourt County, VA                            60                 

Anderson, Daughter 2            Botetourt County, VA                            60

Anderson, Dr. Thomas A.                         Kalorama, Coffee Co., TN     109

Anderson, Eliza (Mrs. John)                                Tellico Plains, TN       106

Anderson, Gen Sumter                        France                        405

Anderson, Gen. ‘Tige’                        Atlanta, GA                        380

Anderson, James (& family)                                                                60

Anderson, James                 Simpson Co., KY                                      85          

Anderson, James                   Botetourt County, VA                            60

Anderson, James                   Simpson County, KY                              85

Anderson, Jo. Col.                                                                               18

Anderson, Louisa E.O.                        dau of Martin D. AndersonMcMinn Co. TN  420

Anderson, Maj-Gen.                                                                             294

Anderson, Mr. W.H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        421

Anderson, no first name (man), Hawkins County,                               183

Anderson, R.H.                        South Carolina                        244

Anderson, Robert M.  (Judge)        New Market, Jefferson Co., TN            127               

Anderson, Thomas A. (son of Dr. Thomas A.)      Coffee Co., TN           109     

Anderson, Thomas A.                     Kalorama, Coffee Co., TN              109               

Anderson, Thomas M.            Hawkins County, TN                              86

Anderson, Thomas M.                               Hawkins Co., TN                 86          

Anderson, W. P.                                                                                  16

Anderson, Wife of  James      Simpson County, KY                              85

Anderson, Wife                      Botetourt County, VA                            60

Andes, Martha M.                        Sevier Co., TN                        423

Andrews, Bell                        Wilderville, TN                        391

Andrews, W.                        Wilderville, TN                        391

Anthony, D.R.                        Leavenworth, KA                        232

Anthony, Rev. Samuel                        Andersonville, TN                        362

Apt, Joseph                                                                                          296

Arbuckle, Gen.                      Ft. Smith, AR                                        71

Arbuckle, Gen. (no given name)                          Ft. Smith AR            71          

Archer, A. W.                                                                                      295

Archer, J.J.                        Washington Territory                        238

Archer, W. A.                                                                                      272

Armbruster, Catherine                  Doylestown, PA                              135               

Armbruster, Jacob                         Doylestown, PA                              135               

Armistead (Major)                                    Levenworth, Kansas            119

Armistead (Mrs., Major)                                                                      122     

Armstead, Gen.                                                                                    294

Armstead, H. Wilson                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Armstrong, Addison                                                                             281

Armstrong, Allen, Polk County, TN,                                                    188

Armstrong, Dr., Barstrop, LA,                                                             168

Armstrong, Gen.                                                                                  291

Armstrong, Mr. R.H.                        Knoxville, TN                        404

Armstrong, Sarah A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Armstrong, Sarah, Polk County, TN,                                                    188

Armstrong, William Stokely, Polk County, TN,                                    188

Armstrong, William T., Meigs County, TN,                                          189

Arnold, Joshua,                                                                                    184

Arnold, Major (no given name)                 Hill Co., TX                         86          

Arnold, Major                        ?                                                            86

Arrants, W.D.                        Union, TN                        352

Arvine, Jesse, Estill County, KY,                                                         165

Arwine, Albartis, McMinn County, TN,                                                 172

Arwine, Marshall                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Arwine, Mrs.                                                                                        267

Arye, Dr. Benjamin                        Louisville, GA                        370

Asburn, G.W.                                 Lookout Mtn., TN                          93          

Ash, Colonel William,                                                                          171

Ashboth, Gen                        Missouri                        255

Ashburn, G. W.                      Look Out Mountain, TN                         93

Ashburne,                                                                                            309

Ashburne,                                                                                            315

Ashby, Capt.                                                                                        267

Ashby, Col.                                                                                          262

Ashby, H. M. Col.                                                                                 311

Ashby, H.M.                        Scott Co. TN                        234

Ashby, Henry M. Col                                                                            311

Ashby, Mr.                        Knoxville, TN                        363

Ashby, Mr.                        Knoxville, TN                        367

Ashby, Turner Gen.                                                                             279

Ashe, Wm. S., Hon                                                                              293

Ashley, Jonathan                Coffee Co., GA                                          127               

Ashley, Mary Ann                        McMinn Co. TN                        419

Ashworth (mulatto)                                                                              143     

Aspinwall, James                           Ware County                                 23

Atchley, Sarah                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Atkins, Joseph                        Warren Co. GA                        374

Atkins, Rev. J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        409

Atkins, Rev. J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        426

Atkins, Rev. J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Atkins, Rev. James                        Knoxville, TN                        421

Atkins, Rev. Jas                        McMinn Co. TN                        409

Atkinsin, Vilenia W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Atkinson, J.G.                        McMinn Co. TN                        372

Atkinson, Lieut.                                                                                  292

Atkinson, Wm. L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        411

Atlee, Dr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        338

Atlee, Edwin A.                        Meigs Co. TN                        415

Atlee, Margaret S.                        McMinn Co. TN                        423

Atlee, Rev Edwin A.                                                                             83

Atlee, Rev. Edwin A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        369

Atlee, Wm. L.                                                                                      295

Aublin, George, Philadelphia, PA,                                                        161

Austin, Dr.                        Dooly Co GA                        364

Austin, J.H, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                                                   210

Autrey, William “Dock”, Texas,                                                           148

Avery, I.W.                        Dalton, GA                        373

Avis, Captain, Charlestown,                                                                 213

Awles, Bill                        Rhea Co. TN                        228

Axley, Elijah                        son of Rev. James AxleyMonroe Co. TN                        422

Axley, James W.                        Monroe Co. TN                        425

Ayer, Dr. Benjamin                        Louisville, GA                        370

Ayer, Dr.                        Jefferson Co. GA                        374

B. Q., Col.                                                                                           31

Babb,                                                                                                   313

Bache, Lieut.                         California                                              69

Backman, Joseph B.                                                                            27

Bacon, Mr.                        Loudon Co. TN                        340

Bailey & Co. Circus            Columbia                                                  122               

Bailou, Mr.                        Bartholomew Co. IN                        361

Bailou, Mrs.                        Bartholomew Co. IN                        361

Baily, Rufus                        McMinn Co. TN                        388

Bain, A. R.                                                                                           273

Bain, Daniel                        Monroe Co., TN                                         104               

Bain, Susannah (Mrs. Daniel)                                                              104

Bain, Susannah                                         Monroe Co., TN                   104

Baines, J. McD, Sergt.                                                                          268

Baisely (Dr.)                                             Brooklyn, N Y                     141

Baker,                                                                                                 318

Baker, Arta M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        413

Baker, Calvin                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Baker, Dr. S.H.                        Ten Mile, TN                        432

Baker, Howard Mr.                                                                              290

Baker, Jackson, White’s Creek, Rhea, TN,                                          168

Baker, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        416

Baker, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        419

Baker, Jane                        Monroe Co. TN                        432

Baker, Jerry,                                                                                       169

Baker, Rev. Daniel                        Texas                        434

Baldwin, Geo. C., Rev.                                                                         10

Baldwin, J.W.H.                        Roane Co. TN                        425

Baldwin, John                                Camak, Ga                                     103               

Baldwin, John                                GA Railroad                                   103     

Baldwin, Mr.                        KY                        389

Bales, Mrs. Carter, Monroe County, TN,                                              206

Bales, Mrs.                        Sevier Co. TN                        363

Bales, Mrs.                        Sevier Co. TN                        364

Bales, Sarah C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Bales, Sarah C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Balfour, Charles C.                Athens, TN                                             97

Balfour, Charles G.                        Columbus, TX                                269

Balfour, Mrs. Nancy W. K.     Athens, TN                                             97

Balfour, Nancy W.K. (wife of Charles C.)  Athens, TN                          97          

Ball, Mr. G.T.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Ballery, Henry                     Longueil, Montreal, Canada                      142               

Ballew, Miss Lucea                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Ballew, Wm H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        229

Ballew, Wm. H.                              McMinn Co.                                   295

Bane, Wm.                          Dallas, Paulding Co., GA                           135               

Bankhead (?), Brig. General James,                                                     148

Bankhead, Col.                        Cincinnati, IL                        329

Baram, M.                                      Richmond                                       274

Barb, Rev. J.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Barber, Henry,                                                                                     147

Bare, George                        Smythe                        243

Barham, William P.                       Franklin, TN                                  24

Baring, John                       Madisonville, TN                                       141               

Barker, Elizabeth                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Barker, John                                                                                       310

Barkley                               St. Louis, Missouri                                    129               

Barkley, Rev. A.H.                        Loudon Co. TN                        420

Barksdale, I. G.                                                                                   292

Barksdale, I. G.                                                                                   295

Barksdel, B. F, Monroe County, TN,                                                     205

Barmore, Detective Mr.                        Columbia, TN                        357

Barnes,                                                                                                311

Barnes, Col. S.M.                        Barborsville, KY                        336

Barnes, Jno.                                             Buffalo, NY                         120               

Barnes, John M.                                                                                  17

Barnes, Mr.                        Pulaski, TN                        342

Barnett, Miss Annie                        Stewart Co. TN                        391

Barnett, Nathaniel                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Barnett, Wm                        Roane Co. TN                        427

Barney, Jonathan,                                                                                155

Barnitz, Colonel                        Kansas                        344

Barr, Mr.                        Nashville, TN                        361

Barrick, Maj. RJ.R.                        Atlanta, GA                        372

Barrick, Mr.                        Atlanta, GA                        373

Barron (Capt.)                                                     Norfolk, VA              119

Barron, Commodore James            Norfolk, VA                                   61          

Barron, Commodore Jas.       Norfolk, VA                                           61

Barry (Dr.)               London, Canada                                                   129               

Barry, Isaac E.                        Knox Co. TN                        409

Barry, John W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        410

Barry, Mike                        Cairo, KY                        377

Barry, William                        Hayneville, AL                        408

Barton, Rev. Isaac                 ?                                                                 68

Basinger, Eliza  (dtr of Dr. HD and Mary E)         Bradley Co., Tn       108     
Haynie, William S                          McMinn Co., TN                             108     

Basinger, Henry Clay (son Landon & Rosamund)           Athens, TN     108     

Basinger, Henry Clay          McMinn Co., TN                                        108               

Basinger, Joel C. (son of Landon & Rosannah) McMinn Co., TN      105     

Basinger, Joel C.                                      McMinn Co., TN                  105

Basinger, Landon B.                       McMinn Co., TN                             108     

Basinger, Landon P.                                  McMinn Co., TN                  105

Basinger, Rosamond                      McMinn Co., TN                             105, 108

Bass, J. I, Hancock County,                                                                  177

Bassinger, Mr. M.F.                        McMinn Co. TN                        363

Bassinger, Mrs. Cynthia, Bradley County, TN,                                  217

Bateman, Dr.                        Memphis, TN                        382

Bates                                             Bradley County                              33

Bates, Ed.                        St. Louis, MO                        364

Bates, J.M.                             McMinn County, TN                            96

Bates, Jefferson                             Autauga County, AL                      11

Bates, John M, W.M.                     Charleston, TN                               107     

Bates, John M.                    Charleston, TN                                          107               

Bates, John M.                        Charleston, TN                        417

Bates, Mr,                                                                                             184

Bates, Mr. T.J.                        Charleston, TN                        422

Bates, Thos. L.                        Charleston, TN                        428

Bates, W.H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        223

Baxter, Col John                        Cumberland Gap                        239

Baxter, Col                        Knoxville, TN                        224

Baxter, Jno                        McMinn Co. TN                        246

Baxter, Rev. J.J.                        Newton Co. MO                        225

Bayless, Louisa                   Madisonville, TN                                       102               

Bayless, Louisa                                         Madisonville, TN                  102     

Bayless, Mrs. Sarah               Madisonville, TN                                      99

Bayless, Sarah (100 years old)                   Madisonville, TN                  102     

Bayless, Sarah                     Madisonville, TN                                       102               

Bayless, W.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        419

Baylor, Col                        AZ                        242

Beadle                                            Humboldt, TN                                 284

Beadle                                            Humbolt, TN                                   280

Beal, Joseph                           Pughtown, VA                                         70

Beal, Joseph                                   Winchester, VA                             70          

Bealison, Malinda                        McMinn Co. TN                        414

Bean, Mr. W.R.                        McMinn Co. TN                        408

Bean, Mr.                        Chattanooga, TN                        346

Beard, J. W, Monroe County, TN,                                                         205

Beard, Jeannie                               Wayne Co., Ohio                            104     

Beard, Jennie                                                      Bristol, OH               104

Beard, Marydau of Welcome Beard         Monroe Co. TN                        408

Beard, Stephen, Monroe County, TN,                                                205

Beardon, Mayor                                                                                   311

Beatson                                                                                                114     

Beauregard, G. T., Gen.                                                                       263

Beauregard, Gen                        Fayette Co. VA                        243

Beauregard, Gen                        Manassa, VA                        250

Beauregard, Gen                        Mississippi                        251

Beauregard, Gen.                                                                                 257

Beauregard, Gen.                                                                                 263

Beauregard, General                                 Mobile                                 278

Beaverett, Virgil A.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Beaverett, Virgil A.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Bebb, William (Ex-Governor), Rockford, IL,                                        181

Beck, Mary D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Beckley, Robert                                                                                   318

Bedell                                                       South Carolina                    136

Beecher, Henry Ward                                                                          326

Beecher, Henry Ward                        Brooklyn, NY                        361

Beecher, Lieut.                                                                                    325

Beecher, Lieut.                        Cincinnati, IL                        329

Beecher, Lieutenant                                                                            326

Beecher, Mrs. Lydiamother of Henry Ward BeecherBrooklyn, NY                        361

Bego, John                                                                                           317

Belcher, Mrs.                                                                                       14

Beler, M.W.                           Athens, TN? (Eromathesean Hall     53

Beler, Milton W.                                                                                  65

Beler, Milton, W.                   Athens, TN? (Eromathesean  Hall          65                     

Belfour, Sarah C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Bell, Dr.                                         Memphis                                        260

Bell, Rev. Wm                        McMinn Co. TN                        425

Bell, Samuel W.,                                                                               152

Bell, W.H.                              Walden’s Ridge, TN                             85

Belle, Burgardas                                                                                  320

Belle, D. D.                                                                                          320

Belle, Mrs.                                                                                           320

Bellows, George C (son of M.R. and Sarah Jane) McMinn Co., TN           103     

Bellows, George C.                         McMinn Co., TN                             103     

Bellows, M. R.                                McMinn Co., TN                             103

Bellows, Sarah Jane            McMinn Co., TN                                        103               

Bellum, Mr.                        SC                        375

Belser, Honorable James E, Montgomery, AL,                                  188

Beman, John                        Memphis, TN                        229

Beman, W. C.                     Savannah, GA                                           104               

Beman, W.C.                                  Savannah, GA                                104     

Benjamin, J. P.                                                                                    256

Benjamin, Secretary                                                                            261

Bennett, C. C. Private                                                                          268

Benning, Henry I.                                                                                309

Benson, Isaac                                                                                      26

Benson, Mrs.                        Paducha, KY                        389

Bently, Mr.                        Louisburg, TN                        347

Benton, Colonel Thomas H, Washington,                                          184

Benton, Elmira                        McMinn Co. TN                        429

Benton, Frank                                                                                     324

Benton, Frank                        Fannin Co. TX                        387

Benton, J. E.                                                                                         295

Benton, Jas. F.                                                                                     325

Benton, John                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Benton, Lawyer, S.H.                        Springfield MO                        380

Benton, Miss Anna, Wapello, IA,                                                      214

Benton, Miss C.L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        433

Benton, Mr. E.H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        425

Benton, Mr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        348

Bentry, J.K.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Berger, Franklin                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Berger, Franklin                        Philadelphia PA                        426

Berry (Mr.)                                                                                          125     

Berry, A. H.                           Fayetteville, TN                                   55

Berry, A.H.                                                                                          55

Berry, A.H. Child of               Fayetteville, TN                                   55

Berry, Jas. (Maj.)                Bradley Co., TN                                         141

Berry, Mr.                        Barborsville, KY                        336

Berry, Nelson                        Barborsville, KY                        336

Bersheba, Matthew L, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                              194

Bersheba, Nancy A., Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                                 194

Best, Henry                         Brunswicker MO                                 76          

Best, Henry                            MO                                                             76

Best, Older Son                      MO                                                 76

Best, Wife                              MO                                                         76

Best, Younger Son                 MO                                                         76

Bething (?)               St. Louis, Missouri                                               117               

Bett, Cocker                        Monroe Co. TN                        359

Bevel, Mr. Stephen, Georgetown,                                                         167

Bewerman, John                                                                                  138     

Beyer, A.L. Lieut                                                                                 285

Bibbs,                                                                                                   315

Bicknell, Col.                                                                                       17

Bicknell, Col.                                                                                       31

Bicknell, Dr (no given name)         Madisonville, TN                             102     

Bicknell, Dr. W.N.                        Monroe Co. TN                        224

Bicknell, Dr.                                  Madisonville, TN                             102

Bicknell, Elizabeth                         Monroe County                              2

Bicknell, James, Col.                                Monroe County                   2

Bicknell, Mrs. Dr,                     Monroe County, TN,                         206

Bicknell, W. N.                      Madisonville, TN                                  97

Bicknell, W. N.                              Madisonville                                   35

Bicknell, W.N.                                                                                      65

Bicknell, W.N.                       Madisonville, TN                                  65

Bicknell, Wm. N.                                                                                 42

Big Nitts (Cherokee Indian)           Fort Smith, AR                              82          

Bigler, John                        Sacramento, CA                        407

Bigs,                                                                                                    314

Bill, Wild                        Puebla                        397

Billingsley, L.T.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Billingsly, L.R.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Birchett, James                        McNairy Co. TN                        374

Birchfield, J, Monroe County, TN,                                                 206

Birdon, Elijah                      Atlanta, GA                                           82      

Birdon, Elijah                         Atlanta, GA                                         82

Bishop, B. W. S, Madisonville,                                                         177

Bishop, Lord,                                                                                 197

Bishop, Nancy E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Black Woman                        Kent County, MD                        56                 

Black, Jeremiah S.                        York, PA                        402

Black, Nannie  dau of Jeremiah S. BlackYork, PA                        402

Blackburn, Benjamin                                                                    4

Blackburn, E. C.                  St. Louis/Gasconade River             128               

Blackburn, Ebenezer M.                 New Caseville, GA               4

Blackburn, Jno N.                        Polk Co. TN                        415

Blackburn, Rev. J.N.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Blackburn, Rev. J.N.                        Polk Co. TN                        412

Blackburn, Rev. John N.                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Blackburn, Sarah P.  dau of Rev. Jno. N. BlackburnPolk Co. TN                        415

Blackwell, Hon. J.W.              Athens, TN                                  55

Blackwell, J. W.                                                                           295

Blackwell, J. W.                                                                           300

Blackwell, J.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        229

Blair, Brother #1                        Columbus, GA                        365

Blair, Brother #2                        Columbus, GA                        365

Blair, Col.                        Washington, DC                        249

Blair, F.M.                        IN                        397

Blair, James Rev.                                                                        302

Blair, John                                                                                    279

Blair, Mary Jane                        dau of John BlairLoudon Co. TN                        420

Blair, Mr.                        Hamilton Co. TN                        237

Blair, Mr.                        Idaho City                        333

Blair, R.                                                                                        279

Blair, Rev James                        McMinn Co. TN                        421

Blair, Sarah C.                        dau of Thomas BlairMonroe Co. TN                        408

Blake, Bill, Angelina, TX,                                                             149

Blake, E. D., Col.                                                                        292

Blake, R. D.   LTC                                                                       303

Blakeman, Mr.                        St. Joseph MO                        399

Blakesley, Wm. A.                        Warren Co. PA                        371

Blalock, R., Mrs.                                                                           15

Blankenship, F. D, Monroe County, TN,                                   207

Blankenship, Fields D, Monroe County, TN,                           207

Blankenship, Jane                        Polk Co. TN                        419

Blankenship, Nancy Ann                        Monroe Co. TN                        423

Blankenship, no first name (man), Meigs County, TN,             194

Blankinship, C.                                                                             295

Blankinship, Martha                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Blankinship, Mr. Stephen, Polk County, TN,                             202

Blankinship, Mrs. Elizabeth, Polk County, TN,                             202

Bledsoe, Mr. L.A.                        Texas                        408

Blevins, Argyle                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Blevins, Charles H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        429

Blevins, Charles H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Blinn, Mrs.                        Plains                        356

Bliss, Col W. W.                    Mobile, AL                                      84

Bliss, Col.                              Pascagoula, AL                                    84

Bliss, Col. & Mrs. (no given names)          Washington, DC                  103     

Bliss, Col. W.W. (Mexican War)                          Pascagoula, TX         84          

Bliss, Colonel                                            White House                       103

Bliss, Mrs.                                                White House                       103

Blodgett, Wm. B.                                      Vicksburg, Mississippi           145

Blount, General William Battencourt, Wilmington, NC,                         166

Blow, Taylor                        St. Louis MO                        390

Blue Jacket, Charles and Sallie, Shawnee, Kansas Territory,             186

Blunt, Joseph, New York,                                                                     217

Bogart, Mr. Solomon                        Monroe Co. TN                        225

Bogart, Mrs. Ann Eve                        Monroe Co. TN                        225

Bogart, Sue C.                        Monroe Co. TN                        428

Bogart, Susan                        Loudon Co. TN                        418

Bogart, Thomas Cannon                                                                       303

Boggess, A. F.                                                                                      279

Boggess, L. C. Mrs.                                                                              279

Bogle, J. E.                                                                                           279

Bolding, Pierce                        Emanuel Co. GA                        338

Bolen, Jane                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Bolling, Rev. John                        Monroe Co. TN                        418

Bolton, James (Mrs.)                                Williamson Co., TN             123               

Bolton, Wade                        Memphis, TN                        382

Bond, Thos. E. (Dr.)                       New York                                       138               

Bonham, General L. N.  Brooks, Mr.,                                                     167

Bonham, Mr.                        Crittenden Co. AR                        365

Bonnie, Jacob                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Booker, Wm.                                                                                       268

Booker, Wm. P.                             Ft. Frazier, FL                                143

Boon, Daniel                                                                                        36

Boone, Capt, Samuel  g son of the famous Daniel Boon  Callaway Co. MO  398

Boone, Daniel                        McMinn Co. TN                        225

Booth, Lieut Col                        Bull Run VA                        237

Boring (Dr.)                        Atlanta, GA                                              139               

Boring, Lieut.                        McMinn Co. TN                        387

Borlands, Mr.                        Missouri                        337

Boteler, Mr.                                                                                         294

Bott, John Minor                        Culpepper Co. VA                        349

Bottles, J. B., Mrs.                                                                               279

Bottles, J. L.                                                                                        279

Boullement, virgil               New Orleans, LA                                       138               

Boutwell, E.B.                        Knoxville, TN                        238

Boutwell, Mr.                        Grandjunction                        346

Bowen, J.N.                        Florida                        222

Bowen, no first name (man),                                                                 174

Bower, George, Hummelstown, PA,                                                     211

Bowers, Fredrick,                                                                                     153

Bowie, Mr. James S, Aiken,                                                                 218

Bowles, C.                                                                                            314

Bowles, Mr.                        Overton Co. TN                        363

Bowley, Erastus                                                                                    295

Bowling, T. B.                                                                                       279

Bowling, Taylor                        Kingston, TN                        384

Bowman, Bersheba, Stockton’s Valley, Roane County,                     219

Bowman, Nancy                        Roane Co. TN                        425

Bowyer, Pembroke                        Lynchburg, VA                        228

Boyce, Hon. Ker                  Charleston, SC                                         90          

Boyce, Hon. Ker                     Columbia, SC                                      90

Boyce, Lieut G.G.                        Cumberland Gap                        238

Boyd (Mrs.)                         New York                                                  133               

Boyd, Andrew L.                                                                                  27

Boyd, Ann Penelope  (dtr Francis & Mary R)       Athens, TN            96      

Boyd, Bennett (Col.)                                 Benton, TN                          113

Boyd, Bennett                                           Athens, TN                          100     

Boyd, Bennett                                           Benton, TN                          100, 104

Boyd, Campbell                      Cleveland, TN                                          54

Boyd, Carolyn M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        415

Boyd, Cornelius                        McMinn Co. TN                        228

Boyd, E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Boyd, Elizabeth                                         Benton, TN                          104, 113

Boyd, Erby                                                                                           299

Boyd, Erby Jr.                                           Benton, TN                          103               

Boyd, Euclid Waterhouse (son Harriet & Erby, Jr.)Polk Co., TN           103

Boyd, Euclid Waterhouse               Benton, TN                                     103

Boyd, F., Esq.                                                                                       13

Boyd, Francis                         Athens, TN                                              95

Boyd, Harriet E.                             Benton, TN                                     103

Boyd, J.L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Boyd, John                                                                                           13

Boyd, John H.                                Polk Co., TN                                   115

Boyd, Lavinia J.                        dau of Tho. BoydKnox Co. TN                        414

Boyd, Louisa Jane               Benton, TN                                                104     

Boyd, Mary Ann                             Benton, TN                                     113

Boyd, Mary B,                        Athens, TN                                              95

Boyd, Mary J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        422

Boyd, Miss M, Monroe County, TN,                                                 206

Boyd, Mr.                                                                                             312

Boyd, Mr. Rob’t                        McMinn Co. TN                        421

Boyd, Mr.                        Grandjunction                        346

Boyd, Mrs. Elizabeth A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Boyd, Penelope Ann               Athens, TN                                          95

Boyd, Rev. Campbell                                                                            54

Boyd, Thomas Spencer                   Benton, TN                                     103               

Boyd, Waddy T.                        Polk Co. TN                        424

Boyer, Lieut.                                  Crossville                                       285

Boyer, S. W, Clarendon, Monroe, AR,                                               202

Boyle, Children                        New York                        393

Boyle, Gen J.T.                        Louisville, KY                        401

Boyle, Mrs. Sarah                        New York                        393

Boyles                                                                                                  111

Bozant, M.                           New Orleans, LA                                       136               

Brackett, Albert                        McMinn Co. TN                        416

Bradford,                                                                                             322

Bradford, A.P.                        Polk Co. TN                        412

Bradford, Capt. John                        Jackson Co. TN                        378

Bradford, Col. Henry              Polk County, TN                                  81

Bradford, Elijah,                                                                                     216

Bradford, Gen                        Tennessee                        253

Bradford, Patton A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        426

Bradford, Rachel                    Polk County, TN                                      81

Bradford, Rachel (Col Henry)         Polk Co., TN                                  81          

Bradford, S.                           Athens. TN? Temperance Hall,            54

Bradley, Gen                        Cincinnati, IL                        329

Bradley, Henry                                                                                     296

Bradley, Henry                        Monroe Co. TN                        422

Bradley, Mr.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Bradly, S. S. Private                                                                             268

Bradshaw, Rev. T.R.                        McMinn Co. TN                        418

Bradshaw, Rev. T.R.                        Monroe Co. TN                        421

Brady, James T.                        New York                        353

Bragg General                                                                                      303

Bragg, Gen Braxton                        Potomac                        244

Bragg, Gen.                                                                                          265

Bragg, Gen.                                                                                          286

Bragg, Gen.                                                                                          291

Branch, Gen.                                                                                        294

Branch, Gen.                                                                                        294

Branch, John, Col.                                                                               305

Brand, Andrew H.                                                                                21

Brand, Andrew                               Albany                                           43

Brandon, John                                                                                     295

Brandt, Andrew H.                         Daviess County                              14

Brannan, Maj.                        Clarksville, TN                        397

Branner, B.M.                        Knoxville, TN                        243

Branner, Col. Wm A.                        Dandridge, TN                        416

Branner, Mr. John Roper                        Knoxville, TN                        353

Branon (Sheriff)                            St. Louis, Missouri                         129

Braswell, J.L.                        Greenville, GA                        344

Braswell, Mrs. Susan R.                        Greenville, GA                        344

Bratcher, Mary Lee  dau of Gen. F.H. Bratcher  Campbell Co. TN                        420

Brazelton, Col.                                                                                     259

Breckenridge, Mr.                        New York, NY                        369

Breckinridge, John C.                               Amite River                        283

Breeden, Mr.                        Louisburg, TN                        347

Breft, A. M.                                                                                         295

Brennan, Walter T.                        Montgomery Co. TX                        342

Brenton, Honorable Samuel, Ft. Wayne,                                             164

Brett, J. M, Monroe County, TN,                                                        205

Brett, James M, Monroe County, TN,                                                 205

Brett, James M, Monroe County, TN,                                                 205

Brett, James M, Monroe County, TN,                                                 207

Brett, Miss Kate, Monroe County, TN,                                                 206

Brett, Mrs. J. M, Monroe County, TN,                                             206

Brewer, A. C. C. Private                                                                      268

Briant, A.S.D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Briant, Mr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        374

Briant, Wm. H.                                                                                    295

Briant, Wm. H.                                         Madisonville, TN                  93          

Brickell, Thomas L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        410

Bricknell, Amanda A.            Monroe County, TN                             77

Bricknell, Thomas Grant        Monroe County, TN                             77

Bricknell, Thos. L.                 Monroe County, TN                             77

Bricknell, Thos. L. (son of Thos L and Amanda A.)                              77

Bricknell, Wm. M.                                                                               45

Bridgeman, Miss S.F.                        Bledsoe Co. TN                        431

Bridges, E.J. (wife of John)                                                                   105     

Bridges, Esq. Jno. L.              Athens, TN                                              55

Bridges, G.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        360

Bridges, Geo W.                        Athens, TN                        418

Bridges, Helen (Mrs. Jno L.)                                                                55

Bridges, Honorable John L.,                                                                 190

Bridges, Hudson E.   St. Louis/Gasconade River                                   128               

Bridges, J. L.            Athens, TN                                                          106               

Bridges, J. S.                                                                                        295

Bridges, Jas. W.                        Knoxville, TN                        420

Bridges, Jno M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        421

Bridges, Jno. L.                                                                                    295

Bridges, John L.                  Athens, TN                                                105               

Bridges, John L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        413

Bridges, Martha W.H.                        dau of Jas. S. BridgesMcMinn Co. TN                        409

Bridges, Mrs. E. J.                          Athens, TN                                     105, 106

Bridges, Mrs. Helen E.           Athens, TN                                              55

Bridges, Mrs. Margareta A,                                                                 190

Bridgman, Capt J.M.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Bridgman, Capt John Marshall  Knoxville, TN                        232

Bridgman, Capt                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Bridgman, John M.                        Knoxville, TN                        243

Bridgman, John M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Brien, Honorable Jno. S, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                         210

Brient, Sarah E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Bright, J. B.                                                                                         269

Bringburst, Rev. Mr.                        Philadelphia, TN                        367

Brinkhurts, Rev. Mr.                        Philadelphia, TN                        368

Brinkley, W. E.                              Hickman, KY                                 8

Brisbin, General                        Cincinnati, IL                        329

Brisbin, James S.                        Cincinnati, IL                        330

Britt, Barney                        Portage City, WI                        397

Britt, I.                        Wilderville, TN                        391

Britt, Mr. H.A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Britt, W.                        Wilderville, TN                        391

Britton, Joseph                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Broach, Joseph, King and Queen County, VA,                                 216

Brock, A.B.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Brock, Henry J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        417

Brock, J. W. Private                                                                            268

Brock, Jerry                        Nashville, TN                        376

Brock, Miss Lizzie                        Nashville, TN                        376

Brock, Mr. T.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Brock, O. S. J. H.                                                                                 268

Broderick, Senator, San Francisco, CA,                                             211

Brogdon, no first name (man), Near Port Hope, NY,                         146

Brookner, Angis                        McMinn Co. TN                        429

Brooks, C.N.                                  Hill Co., TX                                    86          

Brooks, Capt.                                                                                       283

Brooks, Esq. C.N.                   ?                                                           86

Brooks, Honorable Preston S., South Carolina,                               154

Brooks, Lina, Blooming Grove, Orange, NY,                                     185

Brooks, Mr.                        Monroe Co. MO                        334

Brooks, Mr.,                                                                                         157

Brooks, Preston S.,                                                                                 156

Broom, A. C.                                                                                        289

Broom, Allen                                 Madisonville                                   12

Broom, Ann C.                                                                                     289

Broom, R. P.                                                                                        289

Brougham, G. (Jr.)                         Norfolk, VA                                   119     

Browder, Edward, Athens, TN,                                                             163

Browder, J.F.                        Barboursville, KY                        248

Browder, James                                                                                   292

Browder, Joseph                        Monroe Co. TN                        408

Browder, Miss M.J.                        Roane Co. TN                        421

Browder, Miss M.M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Browder, Sarah R.                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Browder, William J, Roane County, TN,                                             198

Browder, Wm. D.                                                                                 295

Brown, A.                                                                                             279

Brown, A. B,                                                                                         216

Brown, Alexander                        Polk Co. TN                        412

Brown, Bill                          Memphis, TN                                             129               

Brown, Captain,                                                                                     204

Brown, Charles H.               Salem, NJ                                                 123               

Brown, Col.                                                                                          17

Brown, Col.                                                                                          274

Brown, Cornelius                                                                                 295

Brown, David S.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Brown, David S.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Brown, Dr.                                                                                           19

Brown, E.                                                                                             295

Brown, E. G. Private                                                                             269

Brown, Edna                                                                                         4

Brown, Eliza                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Brown, Eliza,                                                                                         183

Brown, Esq. Duane, Madison County,                                                 161

Brown, Gen.                                                                                         263

Brown, George W.                        Monroe Co. TN                        232

Brown, George                        Monroe Co. TN                        224

Brown, George, Jr. son of Judge           BrownPulaski, TN                        364

Brown, Honorable Neill S, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                     210

Brown, Honorable W. J., Indiana,                                                     159

Brown, J.P, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                                               210

Brown, Jane M.  dau of Thomas A. BrownKingston, TN                        416

Brown, Jennie                        East Point, GA                        432

Brown, Joel K.                                                                                     49

Brown, John G. Dr.                                                                              270

Brown, John                        Lawrence, Missouri                                   143               

Brown, John,                                                                                             155

Brown, John, Charlestown,                                                                      213

Brown, Joseph                        Monroe Co. TN                        408

Brown, Judge                        Knoxville, TN                        364

Brown, Mary Ann, Orange County, NY,                                                 192

Brown, Miss M.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Brown, Mr. G.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Brown, Mr. J. M,                                                                                         174

Brown, Mr.                        Charleston, TN                        397

Brown, Mr.                        Franklin, TN                        345

Brown, Mr.                        Memphis, TN                        402

Brown, Mrs. Caroline                        dau of Gen James GambleRoane Co. TN                        409

Brown, Mrs. Eliza                        Rhea Co. TN                        376

Brown, Mrs. John, Charlestown,                                                             213

Brown, Mrs.                        Charleston, TN                        398

Brown, Needham                        Dooly Co GA                        364

Brown, no first name (man), Roane County, TN,                                 151

Brown, Parson                                                                                      261

Brown, Reuben                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Brown, Reuben                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Brown, Rev. T.                        McMinn Co. TN                        419

Brown, Rev. Thomas                        Kingston, TN                        423

Brown, Rev. Thos                        McMinn Co. TN                        418

Brown, Samuel                        Bradley Co. TN                        416

Brown, Squire                                                                                      276

Brown, T. B.                                                                                         279

Brown, Thomas Trower                                                                        4

Brown, Thos. A.                                                                                   4

Brown, Unknown                    McMinn County, TN                            82

Brown, Unknown                    McMinn County, TN                            82

Brown, W.M.                          Hiwassee College                                 93

Brown, Wm M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        230

Brown, Wm M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        232

Brown, Wm S.                        Rhea Co. TN                        376

Brown, Wm.                        Greenville, TN                        430

Brownlow,                                                                                            313

Brownlow, brute                                                                                   31

Brownlow, Dr.                                                                                      257

Brownlow, Gov.                                                                                    314

Brownlow, John Bell,                                                                             216

Brownlow, Parson                                                                                 261

Brownlow, W.G.                        McMinn Co. TN                        246

Brownson, John H,                                                                                 188

Brownson, O.A,                                                                                     188

Bruce, Wm., Private                                                                            268

Brumette, Penelope                                                                             39

Brummitt, John F.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Brunel, Isambart K,                                                                             203

Bruner, J. H, Hiwassee College,                                                         177

Bruner, Miss Mary, Monroe County, TN,                                         206

Bruner, President                        Monroe Co. TN                        422

Brunner, J. H. Rev.                                                                              321

Brunner, President                        Monroe Co. TN                        423

Brunner, President                        Monroe Co. TN                        424

Brunner, President                        Monroe Co. TN                        425

Brunner, President                        Monroe Co. TN                        425

Brunner, Prof.                        McMinn Co. TN                        387

Brunner, Rev. J.H.                        Monroe Co. TN                        433

Brunner, Sarah E.  Dau of President Brunner  McMinn Co. TN                        233

Brunor, Baron                                Russia                                            136

Bryan, Fairman P, Calhoun, TN,                                                         199

Bryan, James P.                                                                                   292

Bryan, Jas M.                        Nashville, TN                        360

Bryan, Joshua                                           Fayetteville, NC                   143     

Bryan, Morgan                                                                                     293

Bryan, P. L.                                                                                         295

Bryan, S. J.                                                                                          279

Bryant, Dr. Stephen, Tuscaloosa, AL,                                                 196

Bryant, Loduska                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Bryant, William, Tuscaloosa, AL,                                                        196

Buchanan, Jas R.                        Polk Co. TN                        409

Buchanan, Mr.                        Morgan Co. MO                        356

Buchanan, Mr., National Hotel Washington,                                     164

Buchanan, President                        Washington, DC                        372

Buchannan, James                        Washington DC                        226

Buchannan, President                        New York                        227

Buck, Mary E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Buckhart, George                          Harlan County, KY                        12

Buckhole, Major                                                                                  276

Bucklin, Daniel                   Blackstone River/Valley Falls                   94

Bucklin, Daniel                      Valley Falls                                             94

Buckner, John                                                                                     266

Buckner, John                                                                                     268

Bullard (Rev.)                                St. Louis/Gasconade River              128               

Bullock, Gov                        McMinn Co. TN                        363

Bulser, Catherine R.              York County, PA                                    78

Bulser, Eliza Ann                   York County, PA                                    78

Bulser, Jacob                         York County, PA                                        78

Bunch, Col M.J.                             Memphis, TN                                  92          

Bunch, Col. M.J.                    Aberdeen, TN                                         92

Bunch, Dr. F. M, Buena Vista, TN,                                                      203

Bunch, Dr. F. M, Mt.Vista, Henry County,                                         202

Bunch, Mrs. Marion               McMinn County, TN                            82

Bunch, Mrs. Marion                       Boling Green, KY                           82

Bunter, Louisa                               Polk Co., TN                                   127               

Bunter, W. (Esq.)                           Polk Co., TN                                   127     

Burbank, no first name (boy), Nicaragua,                                             151

Burch, James,                                                                                         183

Burch, John C,                                                                                         162

Burchfield, J. R,             Pikeville Circuit,                                              177

Burdell, Dr,                                                                                                 157

Burdell, Dr,                                                                                             170

Burdell, Dr. Harvey,                                                                                 175

Burdell, Mrs. Cunningham,                                                                         170

Burdwell, Capt. Thos W.                        Richmond VA                        349

Burge, George                                Louisville                                       118               

Burge, William                    Troup Co., GA/Missouri                            134               

Burger, Frank                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Burges, Eliza Ann                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Burgess, Hon.Tristan             Providence, RI                                    86

Burgess, Tristram                                     Providence, RI                    86

Burk, Andrew                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Burk, R.S.                        Knoxville, TN                        374

Burk, T.D.                        Ogle Co. IL                        231

Burke, F.                        Napoleon, AR                        393

Burkhart, John L.                                                                               48

Burkley, William H, King and Queen County, VA,                         216

Burks,                                                                                                 311

Burn, Mr. W.L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Burnes, Mrs. James, Waldboro, ME,                                                 198

Burnett, Berry, Rutherford County,                                                     212

Burnett, Margaret L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        416

Burnett, Wm A.                        Sevier Co. TN                        424

Burnham, Joseph                                                                                 306

Burns,                                                                                                  322

Burns, Mahala                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Burns, Malinda                                                                                    40

Burns, Mary Ann                        McMinn Co. TN                        413

Burns, no first name (man),                                                             186

Burns, S. C, Monroe County, TN,                                                     205

Burns, W. W, Bibb County,                                                                 179

Burns, William                        McMinn Co. TN                        410

Burns, Wm                        McMinn Co. TN                        359

Burns, Wm                        McMinn Co. TN                        360

Burns, Wm                        McMinn Co. TN                        367

Burns, Wm.                        McMinn Co. TN                        363

Burr, Edward B.                        Memphis, TN                        402

Burrow, Mr. N. R, Four miles from Cleveland,                                 177

Burt, Col                        Mississippi                        251

Burton,                                                                                                323

Burton, Henry S.                        Fort Adams, Newport, TN                        367

Burton, Sidney C.                          Cleveland                                       130     

Burum, H.                                                                                           45

Burwell, Dr. Harvey,                                                                             155

Bush,                                                                                                   323

Bush, John G., New Orleans, LA,                                                     151

Bushnell, Attorney Gen.                        Chicago, Illinois                        406

Busner, Eliza Ann (dtr of Jacob)                          York Co., PA            79          

Bussell, Amanda M.                                                                             277     

Bussell, Amanda M., McMinn County, TN,                                         190

Bussell, Caroline M.                       Kingston, TN                                  103, 113

Bussell, Caroline                    Athens, TN                                              90

Bussell, Eliza Jane (dtr William & Caroline)                                        90

Bussell, Eliza Jane                 Athens, TN                                              90

Bussell, Lucie Ellen, McMinn County, TN,                                             190

Bussell, Mary Rebecca (dtr Wm. B and Caroline M)       Athens, TN           103

Bussell, Mary Rebecca                              Kingston, TN                       103     

Bussell, William B, McMinn County, TN, 190

Bussell, William                     Athens, TN                                          90

Bussell, Wm.                                                                                       277

Bussell, Wm. B.                                        Kingston, TN                       103     

Buster, Minerva                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Butler Gen.                                                                                          272

Butler                                            Little Rock, Arkansas                    120     

Butler,                                                                                                 286

Butler, beast                                                                                        310

Butler, Ben.                                                                                         321

Butler, Benjamin F, Paris, France,                                                     187

Butler, F.A.                        Strawberry Plains                        255

Butler, F.A.                        Strawberry Plains, TN                        254

Butler, Francis A.                        Knox Co. TN                        408

Butler, J. E.                                                                                         279

Butler, John M.                   Little Rock, Arkansas                               121               

Butler, no first name (man), Tuscaloosa, AL,                                     196

Butler, Prof                            Louisville, KY                                     91

Butler, Prof.  (no given name)                  Louisville KY                   91      

Butler, Rev. G.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        416

Butner, Mr. T.M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Byington, Mr. A.R.                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Bynum, Hon. Jesse A.                        Louisiana                        328

Byrd, Colonel Bob                        Kingston/Loudon TN                        377

Byron, R. N. (Capt.)                       London, England                            137     

Cady, Fireman                        Bradley Co. TN                        230

Caflett, T. K, Cleveland Station,                                                         177

Cain, no first name (boy), Herkimer County, NY,                             151

Cains, Geo W.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Cairnes, Miss                        Hartford Co. MD                        369

Caldwell, A.                                                                                         295

Caldwell, A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        235

Caldwell, A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Caldwell, Alf                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Caldwell, Alf.                                                                                       29

Caldwell, David                        McMinn Co. TN                        229

Caldwell, G. A., Rev.                                                                            258

Caldwell, Geo A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        424

Caldwell, George A.                                                                             295

Caldwell, George Aiken                                                                       258

Caldwell, M. E.                                                                                     258

Caldwell, M. L., Mrs.                                                                            279

Caldwell, Mary A.                                                                                301

Caldwell, Rev. G.                        McMinn Co. TN                        413

Caldwell, Rev. G.A.                        Loudon Co. TN                pages 413 thru 426

Caldwell, Rev. W.E.                        Charleston, TN                        417

Caldwell, Rev. W.E.                        Loudon Co. TN                        422

Caldwell, Rev. Wm G.                        Polk Co. TN                        415

Caldwell, W. I.                                                                                     301

Calhoun, Colonel William L, Abbeville District,                                 167

Calhoun, General, Winchester, TN,                                                         181

Calhoun, Isaac T.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Calhoun, J. C.                                                                                      295

Calhoun, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        417

Calhoun, Jas. and Mary E,                                                                 215

Calhoun, John C, Abbeville District,                                                     167

Calhoun, Lucie Adaline,                                                                         215

Calhoun, Miss M.C, Abbeville District,                                              167

Calhoun, Mr.                         Sumter, SC                                         59

Calhoun, Mr.                                 Washington                                   26

Calhoun, Mr.                        South Carolina                        341

Calhoun, William H. (s/o James C. & Mary),                                 154

Callaghan, Patrick                        New York                        436

Callahan, Capt.                        Richmond VA                        379

Callahan, George W, Washington Circuit,                                     177

Callahan, Mr.                        Richmond, VA                        379

Callahan, Rev. C.W.                        Kingston TN                        426

Callaway, Col. Thos H.                        father of Lucy Johnson                        406

Callaway, Col. W. S, McMinn County, TN,                                 176

Callaway, John W.                 Clay County, MO                        98

Callaway, John W.                         Parkville, MO                                98

Callaway, John, Major                    Van Buren County, Missouri          3

Callaway, Sallie E.                        Knox Co. TN                        423

Callaway, Sarah A, McMinn County, TN,                                         176

Callaway, Thomas R, McMinn County, TN,                                     176

Callaway, W. S. Col.                                                                            285

Callaway, Wm. S.                                                                                 300

Calloway, James A                        son of W.S. Callaway  Knox Co. TN                        252

Cameron, James D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Camp, Adam S., Major                                                                         2

Camp, E. C.                                                                                         311

Camp, Mr.                        Knoxville, TN                        363

Camp, Mr.                        Knoxville, TN                        367

Camp, Wm.                                                                                         2

Campbell, Ann                        Knoxville, TN                        420

Campbell, Ben                        Huntington, TN                        372

Campbell, Brookins                                                                              86, 87 

Campbell, Daughter               ?                                                             86

Campbell, Dr. James Alexander, Concord, Knox, TN,                         219

Campbell, G.B.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Campbell, G.B.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Campbell, Henrietta M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Campbell, Hon. Brookins       ?                                                 86

Campbell, J.A.                        Loudon Co. TN                        226

Campbell, James Reeder, Chattanooga, TN,                                 200

Campbell, James                        Polk Co. TN                        346

Campbell, James                        TX                        436

Campbell, Jas. W.                                                                                18

Campbell, Jeff                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Campbell, Kate R. dau of Col. V.M. Campbell  McMinn Co. TN                        419

Campbell, Mr.                                                                                      18

Campbell, Mr.                                                                                      19

Campbell, Mrs. Brunette  consort of James Campbell  Roane Co. TN                        222

Campbell, Penelope H. (Mrs.)  Athens, TN/Chattanooga, TN                 145     

Campbell, R.B, Chattanooga, TN,                                                     200

Campbell, Sheriff, Charlestown,                                                             213

Campbell, T.J.                        Bradley Co. TN                        243

Campbell, Tho. J.                   Athens, TN                                          61

Campbell, Thomas J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        235

Campbell, Thos. J., Jr.                                                                         42

Campbell, V. M. (Col.)                   Athens, TN                                     145               

Campbell, Wife                      ?                                                                 86

Campbell, Willie                        Somerville                        380

Canfield, Capt.                       Detroit, MI                                                  91

Canfield, Capt. (no given name) (son of Gen. Cass)        Detroit, MI    91

Cannon, Emily Jane (d/o Guilford & Jane), Madisonville, TN,             146

Cannon, G. McGhee, Monroe County, TN,                                             205

Cannon, G.                                    Madisonville                                   35

Cannon, Guilford                   Madisonville, TN?                                72

Cannon, Nelson                                                                                   17

Cannon, Nelson                                                                                   19

Cannon, Pat (Indian)           Oregon                                                     139               

Cannon, William                        Roane Co. TN                        418

Cantrell, Alice                                          McMinn County                  6

Cantrell, David, Esq.                      McMinn County                             6

Cantrell, Elmira                        McMinn Co. TN                        418

Cantrell, Mr. M.D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        418

Cantrell, R.                                                                                          295

Cantrell, Sarah Ann                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Caowdus, Jane D.                        Franklin KY                        414

Capehart, Thomas J.                      Mount Meigs, AL                           139

Capers, Rev. Bishop            Columbia, SC                                         108     

Capers, Rev. Dr. (Bishop)              Columbia, SC                                 108     

Capps, A.F.                        Bledsoe Co. TN                        388

Capps, Col.                                                                                          267

Captain, Lieut, Strain, 169

Card, Andrew                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Card, Joseph A.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Carden, Anail                                East Tennessee                              93          

Carden, Ansil                         TN                                                           93

Carden, T. M.                                                                                       273

Cardwell, Mr. N.A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Carera, Don Pedro                 Laredo, TN                                              94

Carera, Don Pedro                         Mexico/Laredo, TX                         84          

Carlile, John                        Cambridge, MO                        352

Carlock, (infant son of J.C. & E.M.)         Nashville, TN                    86      

Carlock, Caleb                       ?                                                             86

Carlock, E.M.                         ?                                                             86

Carlock, Isaac D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Carlock, J. C.                                                                                      295

Carlock, J.C.                         ?                                                             86

Carlock, J.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        410

Carlock, J.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        413

Carlock, J.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        414

Carlock, J.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        416

Carlock, James C.                                                                               292

Carlock, Jas. C. Esq.                                                                            323

Carlock, Mary E.                        dau of J.C. Carlock McMinn Co. TN                        425

Carlock, Miss Kate                McMinn Co. TN                        387

Carlock, Mr. E.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Carlock, Mr. I.D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        429

Carlock, Mrs. E.M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Carlock, Nancy Jane                        dau of James C. Carlock McMinn Co. TN                        425

Carlock, Rev. L.L.H.                        Ten Mile, TN                        432

Carlock, Sallie, Miss                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Carlton (Lieut.)                                                                                   143

Carlton, Daniel                   Ft. Frazier, FL                                          143               

Carmack, J.                                                                                         268

Carmack, W. P.                                                                                   295

Carmack, Wm. P.                        McMinn Co. TN                        426

Carman, Mrs. Amelia                        dau of C. Tompkins Rensslaerville, NY                        225

Carmichael, D. L, Monroe County, TN,                                         205

Carmichael, Maydau of G.P. & M.E. Carmichael McMinn Co. TN                        222

Carnes, S.E.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Carnes, S.E.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Carnes., Joseph B.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Carney, John                                 KY                                                 25

Carney, Thos.                                           KY                                      25

Carpenter, Alexander, Utah, 212

Carpenter, Col.                        Cincinnati, IL                        329

Carpenter, Mr.                        Iowa                        396

Carpenter, Rev. D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        423

Carr, Young                        Belmont Co. VA                        378

Carrel, Levi                        Bradley Co. TN                        414

Carrigan, Hugh                   Westmoreland Co., PA                              145               

Carrigan, James                  St. Louis, Missouri                                    109               

Carrigan, James                                       St. Louis, MO                      109     

Carriger, John C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Carroll, Col                        Tennessee                        253

Carroll, Gen                        Knoxville, TN                        255

Carroll, M. J.                                                                                       299

Carroll, Wm.                                 Bedford County                              44

Carson, Kit,                                                                                         183

Carson, Mrs. Amos, Monroe County, TN,                                         206

Carson, Will                        McMinn Co. TN                        348

Carson, William, Texas,                                                                         148

Carson, Wm. C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Carter, Bud                        White Co, TN                        393

Carter, Chaplain                                                                                  261

Carter, David (alias)                                                                        58

Carter, David                         Between Washington &                   58      

Carter, James H.      Calhoun, Gordon Co., GA                                    136               

Carter, Lewis (Rev.)            Madisonville, TN (Hiwassee College)            126     

Carter, Mr. C.B.                        Monroe Co. TN                        427

Carter, Mr. O.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Carter, Richard, St. Lawrence Hotel,                                                 177

Cartright, Martha Jane                        Monroe Co. TN                        417

Cartwright, Arthur                        Memphis, TN                        353

Cartwright, H. H.                           KY                                                 25

Caruthers, Judge                           Lebanon, TN                                   269

Cary, Reverend and his son (no name), Bradford, ME,                     174

Casey, Mr.                        Louisburg, TN                        347

Casey, Wm. T. Dr.                         Kingston, TN                                  273

Cash, Eliza                        Rhea Co. TN                        428

Cashing, Courtland                        Punta Arenas                                 141

Cass, Capt.                        McMinn Co. TN                        348

Cass, Gen.                             ?                                                             91

Cass, John                                                                                           302

Cass, John                        Polk Co. TN                        409

Cass, Nancy                                                                                         302

Cass, Rev. M.A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Cass, Sallie E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Cassady, Etharilla A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        422

Casserly, Eugene, Hon.                                                                        307

Casteel,                                                                                               313

Casteel, Alexander                         McMinn County                             270

Casteel, Benjamin J.                                                                            74

Casteel, Benjamin J.              TX                                                           74

Casteel, Susannah                                                                               270

Caswell, Eliza M.  dau of Gen Wm R. CaswellDandridge, TN                        416

Caswell, Gen.                                                                                       280

Caswell, Gen.                                                                                       281

Caswell, Wm. R., Gen.                                                                         280

Caswell, Wm. R., Gen.                                                                         281

Cate, Claiborne R.                        Meigs Co. TN                        424

Cate, Daniel, Meigs County, TN,                                                     182

Cate, Ellen L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Cate, Gideon                                                                                        295

Cate, Gideon                        McMinn Co. TN                        376

Cate, Greenberry                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Cate, Henry                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Cate, J. A.                                                                                           292

Cate, J. N. (Col.)                 Dalton, GA                                                145               

Cate, Jackson                        Bradley Co. TN                        419

Cate, Jacob C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Cate, James                                   McMinn County                             16

Cate, Jno N.                        McMinn Co. TN                        411

Cate, John B.                                 Polk Co., TN                                   126     

Cate, Johnny son of John & Harriet Cate   McMinn Co. TN                        406

Cate, M.S.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Cate, Miss Martha                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Cate, Mr. H.                        Calhoun, TN                        431

Cate, Mr. J.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Cate, Mrs. Elizabeth                        wife of Gideon Cate  McMinn Co. TN                        376

Cate, Noah                        Meigs Co. TN                        415

Cate, Rev. S.H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Cate, Robert  J.                                        Dalton, GA                          145     

Cate, Samuel H.                        Meigs Co. TN                        425

Cate, T.L.                        Fountain Hill                        424

Cate, Tennessee                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Cate, W. M.                                                                                         295

Cates, Child 1                        Chattanooga, TN                             76

Cates, Child 2                        Chattanooga, TN                                 76

Cates, Child 3                        Chattanooga, TN                                 76      

Cates, Child 4                        Chattanooga, TN                                 76      

Cates, Child 5                        Chattanooga, TN                                 76

Cates, Child 6                        Chattanooga, TN                                 76

Cates, Wife                            Chattanooga, TN                                 76

Cates, William                       Chattanooga, TN                                     76

Cates, William                                          Chattanooga, TN                 76          

Catherine Guthrie  Athens, TN                            110

Caverno                              Geneva College                                         115               

Cawood, Capt                        Rhea Co. TN                        255

Centro, Achilles                     Laredo, TX                                              94

Centro, Achilles                             Laredo, TX                                     94          

Chabert, Dr. Julien Xavier,                                                                     202

Chace, J. Private                                                                                  268

Chalkley, P. A.,                                                                                     155

Chandler, Capt.                        McNairy Co. TN                        374

Chandler, Joseph, Neatsville, Adair County,                                         179

Chandler, Lieut. Col.                                                                           259

Chanlor, H.J.                        Quebec CA                        373

Chapman                               Carthage, TN                                       67

Chapman, General John G., Port Tobacco, MD,                                 150

Chapman, Rev. Wilson                        McMinn Co. TN                        408

Charles, James M.                        Polk Co. TN                        415

Charles, John H, Mound City,                                                         203

Chase, Mr.                        New York                        435

Chatfield, Mary                        Dover Ohio                        429

Chattin, Col. John D.                        Rhea Co. TN                        386

Chattin, John D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        395

Chattin, John D.                        Rhea Co. TN                        389

Chauez, Mr.                        Mexico                        363

Cheek, E. W.                                                                                       268

Cheek, E. W.                                                                                       266

Cheek, Rev. Dr. P.                        McMinn Co. TN                        413

Chesnutt, Nannie J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        423

Chestnut, J. R.                      Athens, TN                                      83

Chestnutt, J.R.                                                                                    83

Chestnutt, Raleigh                        McMinn Co. TN                        358

Cheves, Honorable Langdon, Columbia,                                                 172

Cheynie, A. K.                    Madisonville, TN                                       102               

Chief Shau-bee-nay, Grundy County, IL,                                                 200

Childress, Sam                        Huntsville, AL                        354

Childress, T. B, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                                             210

Chipman, Romolus Saunders, Guilford Co, NC,                                 168

Cholera Outbreak discussed                     Loudon Co., TN                  95, 96 

Chorinski, Count                                                                                 313

Chouteau, Henry                           St. Louis/Gasconade River              128     

Choynie, A.K.                                           Madisonville, TN                  102     

Christian, Henry D.                        St. Louis MO                        333

Christian, James                                      Charles city                         137

Church, A. Caroline]  sister of William F. Warren  Haydenville, MA                        422

Churchhill, Gen.                                                                                  259

Cirey, no last name (man), Carlinsville, IL,                                                 199

Claborne, Thomas (Maj.)                Nashville, TN                                  133     

Clack, W.R.                        Rhea Co. TN                        236

Claiborne, Col.                                                                                    20

Claiborne, D. R, Nashville, TN,                                                         174

Clarissa                                                    Columbia, SC                      125

Clark                                  Leavenworth, Kansas                                115     

Clark, E. H.                         Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska/McMinn Co., TN           124               

Clark, Frank                        nephew of Mr. Cooper  Mississippi                        251

Clark, Governor                                                                                  271

Clark, Henry T., Gov.                                                                          271

Clark, Malcom                               Kansas                                           113               

Clark, Mr.                                                                                           308

Clark, Mr. Jas W.                        Monroe Co. TN                        426

Clark, Mrs. S.A. (wife of James A.)          Monroe Co., TN                   96          

Clark, Reverend Martin L, Williamson County, TN,                         193

Clark, William M., Williamson County, TN,                                       193

Clarke, Gen.                                                                                        283

Clarke, Geo A.                        Monroe Co. MO                        334

Clatterbuck, John                                                                                61

Clatterbuck, John                  Harrisonburg, VA                        61

Clatterbuck, Son                    Harrisonburg, VA                        61

Clay, J. H.                                      Williamson County                        30

Clayton, Honorable Jonathan M., Delaware,                                         149

Clayton, Martin                                                                                   295

Clayton, Mrs.                                 Augusta, GA                                  104     

Cleage, A. & Co.                                                                                  116     

Cleage, Alex                                  McMinn Co.                                   295

Cleage, Alexander                                    Leavenworth, Kansas           115

Cleage, D.                              Athens, TN                                              74

Cleage, George                        McMinn Co. TN                        338

Cleage, Jemina (daughter)                        Leavenworth, Kansas           115

Cleage, Jemina (mother)               Leavenworth, Kansas                     115     

Cleage, Mr. S.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Cleage, Samuel                                                                                    37

Cleage, Thos. A.                                                                                   295

Cleary, John, Philadelphia, PA,                                                             161

Clementson, Charles A. Lieut.                                                             275

Clementson, Col                        Monroe Co. TN                        383

Clendenon, Rev. Mr.                        Rhea Co. TN                        430

Cleveland, Unknown              Upshur County, TX                             78

Clevenger, Mr.                        Knoxville, TN                        349

Cliborne, Jas                        Monroe Co. TN                        236

Clibourn, James, Monroe County, TN,                                             205

Clibourn, Madison                                    Madisonville, TN                  97          

Clibourne,                                                                                           42

Clibourne, Madison                ?                                                         97

Cliburn, James, Monroe County, TN,                                              205

Clifton,                                                                                                316

Cline, Mr.                        Montgomery Co. TX                        342

Cline, Mrs. Sarah A.                        Montgomery Co. TX                        342

Clingan, W. D, Monroe County, TN,                                                 205

Clingham, W. D, Monroe County, TN,                                             205

Clomer, Mr. J.K.                        Canton, MS                        338

Clontz, Rev. M.A.                        Dalton, GA                        421

Cloud, B. F.                                                                                          292

Cloud, Rev. Mr.                        Jasper GA                        414

Clousas, Capt                        St. Louis, MO                        350

Clyde, Mrs. Olive, Bristol, VT,                                                         177

Cobb, B.P.                                                                                            83

Cobb, B.P.                              Athens, TN                                          83

Cobb, B.P.                        McMinn Co. TN                        423

Cobb, Capt D.A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        228

Cobb, Capt D.A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        229

Cobb, Carter                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Cobb, Col. D.A.  husband of Presha Cobb    McMinn Co. TN                        231

Cobb, David J                                                                                       104     

Cobb, David J.                                          Monroe Co., TN                   104     

Cobb, Howell                        Georgia                        330

Cobb, J.B.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Cobb, J.B.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Cobb, Joseph                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Cobb, Joseph, Jr.                                                                                 292

Cobb, Mr.                        Knoxville, TN                        367

Cobb, Mrs. Joseph, Jr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Cobb, Mrs. Presh   consort of Col D.A. Cobb  McMinn Co. TN                        231

Cobb, Nancy                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Cobb, Rev. David A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Cobb, Rev. David A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Cobb, Texanna                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Cochran, A.                         Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska/McMinn Co., TN           124

Cocke, Leiut                        Cumberland Gap                        238

Cocke, Maj. F. B. S.               Grainger County, TN                           88

Cocke, Maj. F.B.S.                                    Grainger Co., TN                 88          

Cockrill, Mose                                                                                     322

Coffee, Colonel James. E., Near Pikeville, TN,                                 148

Coffee, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        343

Coffee, Jane C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        421

Coffee, Nancy K.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Coffey, A.B.                        McMinn Co. TN                        242

Coffin, C. W.                                 Madisonville                                   35

Coffin, C.W.                          Madisonville, TN?                                72

Coffin, Cornelius W.                        Greenville, TN                        409

Coffin, Hugh M.  son of James A. CoffinMonroe Co. TN                        255

Coffin, James A, Monroe County, TN,                                             206

Coffin, John G.                                                                                    311

Coffin, Miss Sue, Monroe County, TN,                                             206

Coffin, Mrs. J. A, Monroe County, TN,                                             206

Cohron, Joseph                                                                                    43

Coker, Mr.                        Tennessee River                        399

Cole, Isaac, Monroe County, TN,                                                     205

Cole, Margaret J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Cole, Mr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        345

Cole, Mrs. J. E, Monroe County, TN,                                                 206

Coleburn, Wm.                                                                                    45

Coleman                                        St. Louis, Missouri                         129     

Coleman, L. R. (Mrs.)                    Vicksburg, Mississippi                    145     

Coleman, Mr.                        Knoxville, TN                        384

Coleman, Thomas M.                        Goliad, TX                        423

Coleman, W. E.                                                                                    295

Colgate, Mr.                                                                                         305

College, Henry,                                                                                 216

Collens, M. W.                                                                                     282

Collier, Mr.                        Crittenden Co. AR                        382

Collins, Dr.                        Rhea Co. TN                        228

Collins, J. L.,                                                                                         189

Colms, Col. Stephen H.                        Bledsoe Co. TN                        388

Colonel, Davis,                                                                                         169

Coltharp, Andrew J.                        Monroe Co. TN                        419

Coltharp, G. H.                              Monroe Co., TN                              117               

Coltharp, J. H.                               Monroe Co., TN                              117               

Coltharp, Mrs. A. J, Monroe County, TN,                                         206

Colville, Capt                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Colville, Capt.                                                                                      268

Colvin, Esq.                            Covington, ?                                        66

Colyer, J. P. Private                                                                             282

Combs, Mrs. Leslie,                                                                             174

Comonfort                          Mexico                                                      126               

Condon, John Private                                                                           269

Conductor of train                        Mauh Chunk, PA                        224

Connelly, Wife                       Macon, GA                                              94

Connelly, William (murdered wife)                      Macon, GA               94          

Connelly, Wm.                       Macon, GA                                          94

Conoley, Annie E.  dau of Hon. John F. Conoley  Selma, AL                        431

Constant, Wm. B.                        Monroe Co. TN                        411

Conyer, Rev. Mr.                                                                                 276

Cook, Edward H.                        Hayneville, AL                        408

Cook, J. Private                                                                                   282

Cook, Lieut A.R.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Cook, no first name (man),                                                                 208

Cook, no first name (man),                                                                 214

Cooke, Burche                        McMinn Co. TN                        233

Cooke, Burcue                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Cooke, Capt                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Cooke, Capt.                                                                                        257

Cooke, Dr. (no given name)                      Madisonville, TN                  102     

Cooke, Dr. Rob’t F.                        Monroe Co. TN                        224

Cooke, Dr.                                     Madisonville, TN                             102               

Cooke, Eliza Jane                        McMinn Co. TN                        418

Cooke, Gen, John                          Grainger Co., TN                            88          

Cooke, J. B. and Penelope M.,                                                             183

Cooke, J. B. Col                                                                                   302

Cooke, J. B.                                   Morristown                                     275

Cooke, J.B.                        McMinn Co. TN                        233

Cooke, James B.                        McMinn Co. TN                        409

Cooke, Miss M.A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Cooke, Mrs. Sarah J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Cooke, Robert F.                        McMinn Co. TN                        423

Cooke, William                                                                                    295

Cooke, Wm.                                                                                        268

Cooke, Wm. H.                                                   Athens, TN               100

Cookston, Isaac                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Cookston, Isaac                        Meigs, Co. TN                        432

Cooper, A. G.                                 Calhoun, Gordon Co., GA               136               

Cooper, Cynthia Ann                        Bradley Co. TN                        414

Cooper, Elmira                    Athens, TN                                                100               

Cooper, J. A.                                                                                        285

Cooper, James                                          Athens, TN                          100               

Cooper, John L.                        Mississippi                        251

Cooper, Mr. W.P.                        Polk Co. TN                        420

Cooper, Mrs.                                                                                        20

Cooper, Mrs.                        Botetourt Co. VA                        402

Cooper, S., Gen.                                                                                   263

Copeland, A.C, Jasper Circuit,                                                                 177

Copeland, John W.                         McMinn County                             21

Copeland, Mr.                        Murfreesboro, TN                        352

Copeland, no first name (man),                                                                 208

Copeland, no first name (man),                                                         214

Copeland, W. J.                                                                                   273

Copenhaver                                   State Penitentiary                          103     

Copenhaver, (no given name)        TN State Penitentary                      103  

Copes, Olevia Melvina                        Polk Co. TN                        415

Coppee, no first name,                                                                         208

Coppie, no first name (man),                                                                 214

Cora, Charles                                San Francisco, CA                          130               

Corbett, Rev. Sidney                        Quincy, IL                        428

Correll, Wm.                                                                                       282

Correy, Mr. J.S.                        Dalton GA                        426

Corrie, no first name (man),                                                                 190

Cortenas (Mexican outlaw),                                                                 208

Cortenas (Mexican outlaw),                                                                 212

Corwin, Tom, Rockford, IL,                                                                  181

Cosden Family                                                                                     56, 64

Cosden, Mr.                           Kent County, MD                                56                 

Cosden, Mrs.                          Kent County, MD                                56      

Cosden. Mrs. Brother of         Kent County, MD                                57                            

Cosgrove, Charles, Little Rock, AR,                                                 191

Couglin, no first name (woman), Manchester, NH,                                 156

Couk, A.R.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Couleon, Elvira                        Morganton, TN                        423

Coulson, D. P, Monroe County, TN,                                                     205

Coulson, P. D, Monroe County, TN,                                                 205

Courtney, A. R.                                                                                   268

Cowan, Isabella                        Charleston, TN                        417

Cowan, Jas. H., Esq.                       Knoxville                                       7

Cowan, Lucinda D.                         Knoxville                                       7

Cowan, Lucy F.                        McMinn Co. TN                        423

Cowan, Martha J.                        Charleston, TN                        422

Cowan, Mr. J.L.                        Bradley Co. TN                        420

Cowan, Mr. Jas H.                        Knoxville, TN                        405

Cowan, Wm. M.                     Bradley County, TN                             88

Cowan, Wm.M.         (two entries)  Bradley Co., TN                           88      

Cox, A.W.                        Knoxville, TN                        367

Cox, Abraham                                                                                      312

Cox, Dr. Joseph H, Petersburg, VA,                                                 155

Cox, Dr., Petersburg, VA,                                                                 154

Cox, E.T.                        Roane Co. TN                        229

Cox, H. Talbot                                           Wytheville, VA                   45

Cox, J. Oscar                                                                                        110     

Cox, J. Oscar                                            Abingdon, VA                      110

Cox, J. W.                              Athens, TN                                  83

Cox, J.W.                                                                                            83

Cox, J.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        413

Cox, J.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Cox, Jack                        Baltimore, MD                        343

Cox, James, Meigs County, TN,                                                     182

Cox, John                                                                                            45

Cox, Madison                                                                                       45

Cox, Mr.                        Charleston, SC                        377

Cox, Mrs. Sarah, Meigs County, TN,                                             182

Cox, Nancy                                                                                          45

Cox, Nancy Jane                        dau of Co. A. Cox Meigs Co. TN                        415

Cox, Prof.                        McMinn Co. TN                        387

Cox, Rev. A.F.                        McMinn Co. TN                        419

Cox, Rev. A.F.                        Meigs Co. TN                        411

Cox, S. Thompson                                                                                45

Cox, T.E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        389

Cox, Williston                        Blount Co. TN                        404

Coxey, J. B.                                                                                         292

Coxsey, John B.                                                                                   273

Craig, Hugh                        Blount Co. TN                        382

Craighead,David, Esq.                    Memphis                                        4

Craigmiles, John H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        426

Craigmiles, Miss  dau of Mr. John Craigmiles  Bradley Co. TN                        405

Crandall,                                                                                              319

Crane, Col. J.C.                        Jackson, MS                        375

Crane, J. V.                                   Lexington, KY/CA                          130     

Crane, James M.                            California                                       130     

Crane, Jonas                                            Laray, Page Co., VA            130

Crawford, Col. John                     Athens, TN                                         77

Crawford, E. D.                                                                                    268

Crawford, Eliza                      Athens, TN                                          77

Crawford, Eliza A.                                                                                306

Crawford, Hannah Margaret (dtr of John & Elizaa)                             77

Crawford, Hannah Margaret      Athens, TN                                     77

Crawford, J. B. Private                                                                         269

Crawford, Jas. Corporal                                                                       268

Crawford, Jno.                                          Athens, TN                          128

Crawford, John                                                                                    284

Crawford, John                                                                                    295

Crawford, John Capt.                                                                           260

Crawford, John Col.                                                                             306

Crawford, John, Col.                                                                            260

Crawford, Martha Houston  Athens, TN                                                128     

Crawford, Martin J.                                                                             309

Crawford, Miss, Susan                        dau of Wm. H. CrawfordAthens, GA                        369

Crawford, Susan                            Athens, TN                                     128               

Crawley, Peter                        Memphis, TN                        364

Creach, Miss                        Madrid                        433

Creemer, George, Jamestown Circuit,                                             177

Crenshaw,                                                                                            310

Crippen, Wm. P.                        McMinn Co. TN                        246

Critcher, Col. Jas                        Guntersville, TN                        223

Crittenden, General                                                                             256

Crittenden, General                                                                             261

Crittenden, N.                                                                                      301

Crittenden, no first name (man),                                                             174

Crittenden, S.                                                                                      301

Crocker,                                                                                              322

Crockett, Col. Davy                        Hawkins Co. TN                        358

Crockett, Davy                        McMinn Co. TN                        340

Crockett, Mr. O.P.                        Polk Co. TN                        419

Crockett, N. M.                                                                                    295

Crockett, O.P.,                                                                                 175

Crockett, Thos J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Crockston, Sarah                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Cronk, Mr.                                                                                          317

Crook, Gen                        California                        403

Crookshank, Thomas H.                        Monroe Co. TN                        414

Cropper, Thomas A.                                                                             269

Cropps, no first name (man),                                                             190

Cross, Isaac G., Capt.                                                                           281

Cross, L. G. Capt.                                                                                282

Cross, Mr.                                                                                            272

Cross, Mrs.                                                                                          272

Crossland, Maria                            South Stenbane, PA                       108     

Crossland, Marla                            South Stenbane, PA                        108     

Crouch, Edwin, Sheriff                              Kent, Maryland                   56          

Crouch, L. W, Louisville,                                                                         177

Crouch, Sheriff Edwin            Kent County, MD                                56                 

Crow, A. H.                                                                                          116     

Crow, J. M.                                                                                          116

Crow, James L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Crow, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Crow, Minerva                        McMinn Co. TN                        421

Crow, Mr. Isaac N.                        McMinn Co. TN                        362

Crow, Mr. Thomas M.                        Toronto, Canada                        226

Crow, R. C.                                                                                          313

Crowder, James                                                                                   27

Crowe, Dr.                                                                                           319

Crowley, Private                                                                                  259

Crozier, Arthur R. (Mrs.)                         Nashville, TN                       137

Crozier, Arthur R.               Nashville, TN                                             137     

Crozier, Daniel                              Knoxville                                       48

Crozier, William, Monmouth, Warren, IL,                                         150

Crozler, A. R. (Esq.)                                                                             134

Crozler, Marion Frances                                                                      134

Crutchfield, Ed                        Louisville, KY                        346

Crutchfield, Thomas                                                                            25

Crutchfield, Willie  son of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Crutchfield  Hamilton Co. TN  223

Cullen, Sergt.                        Princess Ann Co. VA                        350

Cullins, Elijah C. (infant son of J.W. & Mary Ann)McMinn Co., TN           103

Cullins, Elijah C. J.             McMinn Co., TN                                        103     

Cullins, J. W.                                 McMinn Co., TN                             103     

Cullins, Mary Ann                         McMinn Co., TN                             103     

Culpepper, Joel  husband of Nancy Crawford Culpepper  McMinn Co. TN  242

Culpepper, Mrs. Nancy Crawfordwife of Joel CulpepperMcMinn Co. TN 242

Culton, James                                McMinn Co., TN                             128     

Culton, Margaret                McMinn Co., TN                                        128               

Culton, Marylina                        Charleston, TN                        428

Culver, Leiut.                                                                                      290

Cuming, Governor T. B, Omaha City, NE,                                         184

Cumming Col.                                                                                     272

Cumming, Alf., Col.                                                                             294

Cummings, Col                        Polk Co. TN                        252

Cummings, Col.                                                                                   264

Cummings, Col.                                                                                   265

Cummings, D. H., Col.                                                                         268

Cummings, Denny, Hudson, NY,                                                     152

Cuncuilo, Mr.                         New Orleans, LA                         72

Cuncuilo, Servant Girl           New Orleans, LA                         72

Cunningham, Abner                                                                            27

Cunningham, Col. Moses                        McMinn Co. TN                        410

Cunningham, Colonel Moses, McMinn County, TN,                         179

Cunningham, David                        son of Miles CunninghamMonroe Co. TN                        232

Cunningham, Elizabeth, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                         194

Cunningham, Hardin, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                         194

Cunningham, Henry Marshall, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,         194

Cunningham, J. H. L.                                                                          296

Cunningham, J.M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Cunningham, James Hastin, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                 194

Cunningham, Jane                        McMinn Co. TN                        410

Cunningham, John, Fork Creek, Monroe, TN,                                 196

Cunningham, Joseph, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                             194

Cunningham, Leroy, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                             194

Cunningham, M.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Cunningham, Margaret E, McMinn County, TN,                             179

Cunningham, Matthew, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                             194

Cunningham, Miles                        father of DavidMcMinn Co. TN                        232

Cunningham, Moses, Monroe County, TN,                                         205

Cunningham, Mr. J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        426

Cunningham, Mrs,                                                                                 168

Cunningham, Mrs, Burdell,                                                                 187

Cunningham, Mrs. (no first name),                                                 155

Cunningham, Robert Walker, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,             194

Cunningham, Robert, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                         186

Cunningham, S. H. Private                                                                  268

Cunningham, Sarah A, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                             194

Cunningham, William, Madisonville, Monroe, TN,                             194

Cunningham, Wm. A.                        Morgan Co. IN                        372

Cunnyngham, Mary                                                                             321

Cunnyngham, Rev. Jesse                        McMinn Co. TN                        411

Cunnyngham, Rev. W.G.E.                        Abingdon, VA                        411

Cunnysgham, John                        McMinn Co. TN                        417

Curtis, Gen                        Missouri                        255

Curtis, Gen.                                                                                         259

Curtis, Miss C.M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Curtis, Reverend Mr.,                                                                         190

Cushing, Honorable Caleb,                                                                     202

Cushman, H. M.,                                                                                         165

Cuson, Celia A.                   Madisonville, TN                                       102

Cuson, Celia A.                              Madisonville, TN                             102     

Cuson, Montgomery                       Madisonville                                   12

Cusong, G. M, Monroe County, TN,                                                     207

Cusong, William A, Monroe County, TN,                                             206

Custar, Gen                        Kansas                        344

Custar, Gen.                        McMinn Co. TN                        348

Custar, General                        Plains                        356

Custar, J.W.                        Kansas                        344

Custar, Mr.                        Kansas                        350

Cuthbert, Alferd (Senator)                       Jasper Co., GA                    145

Dacus, Isham W.                           Benton, Polk County                      5

Dacus, Susan A.                        Polk Co. TN                        412

Daens, Mr. P.H.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Daily, Rev. W.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Daily, Rev. W.G.                        Bradley Co. TN                        416

Dalan, John                        Tipton Co. TN                        379

Dallas (Miss)                                  London, England                            137     

Dallas (Mr.)                         London, England                                       137     

Dallas, George (Sir)             London, England                                       137               

Dana, James Private                                                                            269

Daniels, Judge,                                                                                     152

Danner, David S.                 Knoxville, TN                                            137     

Darden, Dr. G.W.                        Augusta, GA                        360

Darden, Mr. G.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        363

Daughtery, Mrs. A, Monroe County, TN,                                           206

Dave, Tinker                                                                                        313

Davenport,                                                                                           306

Davenport, Anderson                        Guntersville, TN                        223

Davenport, Mr. George                        White Co. AR                        343

Davidson, Dr.                        Columbia, TN                        357

Davidson, H.B.                        California                        238

Davidson, J.C.                        Lynchburg, VA                        252

Davidson, John         Blairsville, GA/Ellijay, GA/Monroe Co., TN           107               

Davidson, John                              Ellijay, GA                                      107

Davidson, Lieut                        Lynchburg, VA                        249

Davidson, Lieut                        Richmond VA                        231

Davis, A. H, Ohio,                                                                                     187

Davis, B. B.                           Athens, TN? (Eromathesean  Hall           65          

Davis, B.B.                                                                                           65

Davis, C. H.                                                                                         278

Davis, C.C.                            Between Washington &                       58      

Davis, Chas. D.         Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska/McMinn Co., TN               124               

Davis, Cravin S.                     Between Washington &                       58      

Davis, Gen.                                                                                          296

Davis, General John M, Allegheny County, PA,                                 187

Davis, Harriet, E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Davis, Honorable J. W, Carlisle,                                                         200

Davis, J. T.                                                                                           295

Davis, Jas. Private                                                                               282

Davis, Jeff                                                                                           278

Davis, Jeff C. Gen.                                                                               301

Davis, Jeff                        Bull Run VA                        237

Davis, Jeff                        Washington DC                        240

Davis, Jefferson C. Gen.                                                                      296

Davis, Jefferson                        Richmond VA                        241

Davis, John B.                                          Norfolk, VA                         119

Davis, John                        Mound City AR                        357

Davis, Leak                        Monroe Co. TN                        337

Davis, Margaret D, Independence County, AR,                                 218

Davis, Mary M.                                                                                    301

Davis, Miss M. C, Monroe County, TN,                                             206

Davis, Miss N. P, Monroe County, TN,                                                 206

Davis, Morgan                        Sevier Co. TN                        423

Davis, Mr,                                                                                                 184

Davis, Mr. H.P.                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Davis, Mr.                        New York, NY                        369

Davis, P.H. and M.M, Independence County, AR, 218

Davis, President                        Mississippi                        251

Davis, Rachel                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Davis, Robert                        Sequatchie Co. TN                        252

Davis, Tim                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Davis, Timothy                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Davis, Wm. R.                       Athens, TN? (Eromathesean Hall                 53

Davis. Mr.                              McMinn County, TN                    77

Day, Dr. Samuel H.                        Bradley Co. TN                        431

Day, Thos A.                        Roane Co. TN                        425

De Lave, Mr, Genessee Falls,                                                         201

de Tocqueville, M,                                                                             197

Deaderick, Anna Mary                        dau of Jas. W. Deaderick Jonesboro, TN                        423

Deaderick, J.G.                        Bristol, VA429

Deaderick, R.H.                        Quincy, IL                        428

Dean, A, Monroe County, TN,                                                             206

Dean, David                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Dean, Miss M.J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Dean, Mr. D.D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Deas, Geo., Major                                                                                9

Deatherage, Henry C.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Deatheridge, H.C.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Debar, George                                West Bend, Wisconsin                    119               

Deborne, Barron                        Paris                        396

Decelle,                                                                                                311

Deck, Mrs. Ann                        Memphis, TN                        392

Decker, George                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Deckson, Eli, Monroe County, TN,                                                     205

Deforrest, Adjuntant L.                         Galltopolis, VA                        243

Delaney, Dr.                                                                                        275

Delashment, Jane                                                                                1

Dement, T.J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        381

Dempsey,                                                                                             326

Denie, C. M,                                                                                         156

Dennis, Lizzie                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Dennis, William Private                                                                       262

Dent, Gen.                        Boston, MA                        385

Dentherage, B. O.               Fall Branch, TN                                         106     

Dentherage, Eliza Matilda   Fall Branch, TN                                         106     

Dentherage, Mary A.           Fall Branch, TN                                         106                          

Denton, James                                                                                     292

Denton, Miss Susan                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Denton, Mr. T.                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Denton, Rev. C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Denton, Rev. C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Depew L.                                                                                              268

Dephaw, Mr.                        Ringgold, GA                        394

DeSaussure, Daniel L., South Carolina,                                              165

Desmond, Catharine           Cincinnati, OH                                          100               

Desmond, Catherine Cincinnati, Ohio                                               100     

Detheridge, Mr.                        Roane Co. TN                        399

Devier, Miss, Harrisonburg, VA,                                                     216

Devine, John                        Mississippi                        251

Devine, Joseph, Monroe County, TN,                                                205

Dick, Francis            Yelleville, Marion Co., Arkansas                         103               

Dick, Francis                                 Dayton, Ohio                                    103     

Dickens, Colonel Tom                        Memphis, TN                        357

Dickens, Dr.                        Memphis, TN                        382

Dickerson, Charles                                                                              295

Dickey, Margaret M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        419

Dickey, Nancy E.                        Monroe Co. TN                        419

Dickey, Robert B.                          Little Falls                                     11

Dickey, Wm. W.                        Monroe Co. TN                        419

Dickson, Mr. O.M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        424

Dickson, Mr. W.G.                        McMinn Co. TN                        363

Dickson, Mr. William, Knox County, MO,                                         179

Dilke, Mr.                        Bedford Co. TN                        397

Dill, Capt Harry                        McMinn Co. TN                        409

Dillick, David N.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Dillingham                                                                                           30

Dillingham, John                   Aberdeen, MS                             78

Dillingham, John                                      Mississippi                           78

Dillingham, Joshua                Aberdeen, MS                             78

Dillingham, Joshua                                   Mississippi                           78

Dillon, E.                        California                        238

Dillon, Simon, Bowling Green, IN,                                                 167

Divine, M.                                                                                            258

Dix, Jno. A. Gen                                                                                  286

Dixon, Capt.                                                                                         288

Dixon, Eli                                                                                             295

Dixon, Jno.                                    Greenville, TN                                113     

Dixon, Jo. Captain                                                                               287

Dixon, John D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Dixon, Joseph                        Oregon                        238

Dixon, Lieut Joseph                        McMinn Co. TN                        242

Dixon, Maggie A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Dixon, Miram dau of Eli Dixon McMinn Co. TN                        420

Dixon, Mr. J.D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Dixon, Mr.                        Maury Co. TN                        360

Dixon, Mr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        374

Dixon, Mrs. Eli                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Doak, Dr. Samuel                  Greenville, SC?                           68

Doak, H. M. Sergeant-Major                                                                268

Doane, Bishop George W, Burlington,                                             196

Dobbin, Mr, Fayetteville, NC,                                                                 176

Dobbins, Jane, Tuscaloosa, AL,                                                             196

Dockery, Henry                        Polk Co. TN                        414

Dodd, Lang R.                        McMinn Co. TN                        417

Dodge, G. M. BG                                                                                  280

Dodge, G. M. BG                                                                                  284

Dodge, Henry L, 30 miles south of the Zuna,                                     165

Dodson, Angeline                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Dodson, Jesse W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        410

Dodson, Lazarus                        McMinn Co. TN                        409

Dodson, Maj. O.M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        352

Dodson, Mary                        Polk Co. TN                        409

Dodson, Mr. P.L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Dodson, O. M.                                                                                      257

Dodson, Rebecca C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        427

Dolan, Major, Honduras,                                                                             220

Dollar, Wm. J.                        Krew Co. AR                        332

Donahoe, Henry                             Monroe Co., TN                              92          

Donahoo, Henry, Monroe County, TN,                                                 206

Donahoo, Miss Dollie, Monroe County, TN,                                             205

Donahoo, Thomas, Monroe County, TN,                                                         206

Donaldson, Honorable A. J, Clarendon, Monroe, AR,                             202

Donaldson, Mr. J.C.                        Polk Co. TN                        420

Donehoe, Henry                     Monroe County, TN                                 92

Donelson, Brigadier General                                                                303

Donelson, Major A. J,                                                                             202

Donelson, Marshal              Hickory Point, Kansas                               142               

Donnelly, Ignatius                        New York                        341

Donnelly, no first name (man),                                                             176

Donoho, Ed. Dr.                                                                                   310

Donohoo, E., Private                                                                            268

Donohoo, Henry                                                                                   296

Donohoo, Jas, Corporal                                                                        282

Donough (Mr.)                    Evansville, IA                                           142               

Doran, Mr.                        Memphis, TN                        349

Dorety, T. A, Monroe County, TN,                                                 205

Dorman, Mrs. Bethany           Monson, MA                                    96

Dorn Van                                                                                             301

Dorothy, Jere                        Huntsville, AL                        354

Dorr, Gov. T.W.                     Rhode Island                                       88

Dorr, Gov. T.W.                             Rhode Island                               88      

Dorsey, Harry                                Camak, GA                                    103               

Dorsey, Harry                                           GA Railroad                        103

Dorsey, Mr, Smith County, VA, 204

Dorsey, Wm.                                                                                        295

Dotson, Raleigh/Rolla                        Franklin, TN                        345

Doty, Azariah                                                                                      47

Doublass, W.J.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Dougherty, Catherine                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Douglas (Mr.)(Senator)                  Washington, D.C.                           143               

Douglas, John W.                   Clay County, MO                        98

Douglas, John                        McMinn Co. TN                        348

Douglas, Johw W.                                     Parkville, MO                     98

Douglas, Mayor,                                                                                     173

Douglas, Mr. A.M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        416

Douglas, Rev. James                        Madison Co. IA                        228

Douglas, Stephen A.                        Morgan Co. MO                        356

Douglas, Wm                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Douglass, Capt                        Polk Co. TN                        252

Douglass, Jas. S. Dr.                      Hickman, KY                                 8

Douglass, John, J, South Carolina,                                                         219

Dousman, Hercules                        WI                        328

Dow                                     St. Louis, Missouri                                    129     

Dowell, Rev. Mr.                        Blount Co. TN                        427

Downey, Mr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        379

Downs (Mr.)                        Saltillo, Mexico                                         113               

Downs, Susan                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Doyl, ____                           Augusta, GA                                             104               

Doyle, James                        Philadelphia, PA                        355

Doyle, John, Charlestown,                                                                 214

Doyle, Mahala, Charlestown,                                                            214

Doyle, Mrs, Charlestown,                                                                     213

Doyle, Patrick (hung for murder)Naperville, IL                                    92      

Doyle, Patrick                        Naperville, Illinois                                   92

Drake, D. D.                                                                                        310

Drew, Dennis, Waushata County, WI,                                                     177

Drummond, Mrs, Shenandoah County, VA,                                             177

Drummond, Unknown            Queen Ann’s County, MD                       64

Duckworth, Hope                        McMinn Co. TN                        408

Duckworth, Thos. N.                                                                            295

Dudley, Elder                        Havenhill,                         436

Dudley, Ezra, Rev.                         NH                                                 25

Due, Mr.                        Maury Co. TN                        360

Duffy (no given name)                   New Orleans, LA                            109     

Duffy                                             New Orleans, LA                            109               

Dugan, Pleasant                                                                                       8

Dugan, Rev. Wm. H.H.                        Monroe Co. TN                        413

Duggan (Mr.-Sheriff)                     Sevierville, TN                                138     

Duggan, Rev. H.H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Duke, Old Ben (Negro)                  Louisville, KY/Maryland                 138               

Dula, T. M, Huntsville Circuit,                                                                 177

Duling, John A, Monroe County, TN,                                                         207

Duncan, Capt.                                           Morgan County, TN             258

Duncan, F. G.                                                                                       258

Duncan, H.L.                        Bradley Co. TN                        230

Duncan, Mr.                        Fairfax, VA                        247

Duncan, S., Private                                                                              268

Dunlap, Wm.                                                                                       268

Dunn, Col. Jno N.                        Bradley Co TN                        428

Dunn, E. H.                                                                                          300

Dunn, J. N.                                                                                          126

Dunn, L.                                                                                              273

Dunn, Silas                        Murfreesboro, TN                        355

Dunn, Thos.                                                                                         282

Dupont, Dr.                            McMinn County, TN                            91

Durben, Charles                        Zanesville, OH                        405

Durham, Mr.                        Henderson, TN                        371

Durham, O.P.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Durham, P.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Durham, Theodore                                                                               11

Dusenbery (Major)                         Santa Fe, NM                                 113     

Duval, Dr.                        Waupun, WI                        404

Dye, Betsey                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Dye, George                                   Fensterville                                    14

Dyer                                    New York, NY                                           121     

Dyer, Capt                        Galltopolis, VA                        243

Dyer, J.W.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Dyer, James J.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Dyer, Joseph                        Grainger Co. TN                        339

Dyer, Mary J.                        Monroe Co. TN                        413

Dyer, Mr.                        Grainger Co. TN                        339

Dyer, Wm                        McMinn Co. TN                        418

Dyer, Wm                        Monroe Co. TN                        418

Dyke, Charles                                   400

Dyre, Rev. James                        Monroe Co. TN                        432

Eaken, W.L.                        Monroe Co. TN                        413

Eakin, W. L.                                                                                        275

Eakin, W. L.                          Madisonville, TN                          97

Eakin, W.L.                                                                                         52

Eakin, W.L.                              Athens, TN? (Eromathesean Hall        53

Ealey, Mike                        Greene Co. TN                        238

Eams, C. A., Mrs. Col.                                                                         315

Earnest, Mary E.  dau of Felix W. EarnestKnoxville, TN                        410

Earps, A. L.                                                                                          268

Easley, Capt                        McMinn Co. TN                        250

East, James,                                                                                             157

Eastabrook, Joseph             Anderson Co., TN                                      113               

Eastabrook, Mrs. A.M.                        Kingston, TN                        428

Eastman, E. G, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                                             211

Easton, Ebenezer, Danville, VT,                                                            193

Eaton, Gerald                        McMinn Co. TN                        352

Eaton, John                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Eaton, Louisa                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Eaton, Mr. Jerry                        Philadelphia, TN                        368

Eaton, S.M.                        Hincklesville, KY                        377

Eaves, Violet                        Meigs Co. TN                        402

Eckel, John J,                                                                                             157

Eckel, no first name (man),                                                                      168

Eckel, no first name (man), New York City,                                         167

EcKenzie, W.G.                        Morganton, TN                        423

Edgar, Major                                  Lewisburg                                      275

Edgeman, Margaret                        McMinn Co. TN                        419

Edgerton, Mr.                                                                                       323

Edgerton, Olivia                                                                                   323

Edgman, Simeon G.                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Edmonds, Wm.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Edmunds, Wm                        McMinn Co. TN                        383

Edwards, F. P.                                                                                      268

Edwards, Jesse                        Rockbridge Co. VA                        376

Edwards, Lieut.                                                                                    278

Edwards, R. M., Esq.                                                                             270

Edwards, Ranson S.,                                                                             155

Edwards, Zachry                                                                                   315

Effendi                                Constantinople                                          134               

Elder, Rev. Mr.                        McMinn Co. TN                        416

Eldridge, J.                                                                                           279

Eldridge, James E, Canton, NY,                                                                 182

Eldridge, Mollie S.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Eldrige, Capt                        Bradley Co. TN                        243

Eli, Mr.                        PA                        373

Elk, Michael,                                                                                         185

Ellbeck, John G.                             Franklin, TN                                  24

Ellbeck, Thomas                             Franklin, TN                                  24

Eller, A. A.                                                                                           319

Elliot, Mr.                        Kansas                        350

Elliott,                                                                                                  316

Elliott, Major                        Kansas                        344

Elliott, s., Sergt.                                                                                   282

Ellis, Benedict, Sergeant                                                                      269

Ellsler, Fanny                        Portugal                        431

Emerson, Frederick, Boston,                                                             167

Emerson, Thomas B, Jackson, MS,                                                     186

Emmerson, Judge, Jackson, MS,                                                         186

En_ _ _ dow, Mrs. Margaret E.,                                                         161

Endledow, R. T.                              Athens                                           258

Engan, George                     Boston, Mass                                  .           137               

England, John M. Private                                                                     269

Engledow, Ann Eliza,                                                                             197

Engledow, Richard T. and Elizabeth,                                                     197

Engleman, Carl                        Macoupin, IL                        343

Enos (Canadian Indian)                  Oregon                                           139               

Ensinger, J. T.                                                                                      272

Ensley, John                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Ensminger, Mr. J.T.                        McMinn Co. TN                        433

Eply, Miss C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Epperson, Geo W.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Epperson, George                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Epperson, John L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        414

Epperson, Mr. T.N.                        McMinn Co. TN                        429

Erickson, Harriett                        McMinn Co. TN                        411

Erickson, Pamela                        McMinn Co. TN                        411

Erickson, Robert M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Eromathesean Society                                                                          65

Erskine                                          Gloucester, England                       115     

Erwin, John A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Erwin, Mr. A.J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Espedagana, Mr.                        Mexico                        363

Esq. King, Eli                         Bradley, TN                                 63

Estley, James, Toronto,                                                                             200

Etter, C. C.                                                                                          268

Evans, Bud                        Dyersburg, TN                        354

Evans, Gen                        Mississippi                        251

Evans, Gen.                                                                                          278

Evans, H. C.                                                                                         279

Evans, James                        Dyersburg, TN                        354

Evans, S.P.                        Roane Co. TN                        229

Evans, Samuel, Sr                                     Rev. War Soldier                 75          

Evans, Sen.                        Madison Co. MS                        251

Evans, Sr. Samuel                  McMinn County, TN                    75

Evens, Mr.                                                                                           15

Everett, John                         Penfield, TN                                54

Everette, Sarah A.                        Morganton, TN                        419

Everhart, Hid                        Chattanooga, TN                        339

Everson, John and Able, John,                                                 173

Everson, Mr. John,                                                                     173

Everton, Thomas                                                                                  295

Ewing, Dr.                                      Franklin, TN                                  24

Ewing, Hattie S.                        dau of Dr. J. Ewing  Rose Hill VA                        427

Ewing, Hon Thomas                        Ohio                        405

Ewing, Hon. Thomas            Ohio senator                                           105     

Ewing, Honorable Edward J, Nashville, Davidson, TN,                             210

Ewing, Thomas (Senator)                          Ohio                                    105               

Eysnisger, Virginia A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        417

Ezell,                                                                                                    312

F________. William             Germany                                        91      

Fagg, Col. Julius, C.                        Blount Co. TN                        401

Fagg, Rev Mr.                        Lagrange, TN                        417

Fain, John N.                        Sullivan Co. TN                        370

Faller, II. L.                        Nashville, TN                        406

Fanner, J.                           Wilmington, NC                                        139     

Fannin, Mr.                            Aberdeen, TN                              92

Fannin, Mr. (no given name)                    Memphis, TN                       92          

Fannin, Mr.                        Waco, TX                        364

Farlow, Capt.                                                                                       270

Farmer, Mr.                        Bradley Co. TN                        385

Farnham, Ralph, Union, NH,                                                                 172

Farrague, Lieut.                        Princess Ann Co. VA                        350

Farrebee, Capt.                                                                                    266

Farrell, John L, New York City,                                                             167

Farrell, T. L.                                                                                        292

Farris,                                                                                                 4

Farrow, Mrs.                        Mauh Chunk, PA                        224

Farrow, sister of                        Mauh Chunk, PA                        224

Faulkner, David, Sergt.                                                                        268

Fazy, John H.                                                                                       326

Featherston, Col                        Bradley Co. TN                        230

Felta, Mr. G.L.                        Wayne Co. VA                        429

Felts, William                                                                                      5

Fender, J. W. Capt.                                                                              282

Fenton, John                                                                                        307

Fenvey, William, Roxbury, MA,                                                         220

Ferdinand, Don                        Portugal                        431

Ferguson, Robert C.                        Polk Co. TN                        414

Ferguson, S.E.J.                        Polk Co. TN                        414

Ferguson, Thomas H, Utah,                                                                 212

Ferguson, W. G.                                                                                   285

Ferguson, William F.                        Roane Co. TN                        419

Ferrell, Colonel, Mound City,                                                             203

Ferrell, no first name (man), Hawkins County,                                         183

Ferryman                               Alexander’s Ferry, Hiwassee River         67

Fessenden, Mr.father of Senator  Fessenden  McMinn Co. TN                   363

Fessenden, Senator                        Maine                        393

Fetser, Louisa M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Fetta, J.F.                        Nashville, TN                        374

Fetzer, Isaac                                  Polk Co., TN                                   112     

Fetzer, Julia                        Polk Co. TN                        417

Fetzer, Nancy (Mrs. Isaac)             Polk Co., TN                                112

Fetzer, Nancy                      Polk Co., TN                                             112     

Fetzer. Isaac                                  Polk Co., TN                                108

Fevor, J.R.                        McMinn Co. TN                        233

Fields, Mrs,                                                                                         216

Fife, Henry,                                                                                         182

Fill, Mrs.                                        White House                                  103

Fillmore, John                                          London, England                  115

Fillmore, Millard                                                                                  32

Fillmore, Millard (President)                     Illinois/Ohio/Europe            115

Fillmore, Mrs (Millard, President)  Washington, DC                  103

Filmore, Martha (d/o James M. & Susan Yearwood),                         154

Findlay, Alexander                                                                               3

Findlay, George H.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Findlay, Kate K.                        dau of Alexander FindlayAbingdon, VA                        411

Findley, A. P, Monroe County, TN,                                                    206

Findley, William H, Monroe County, TN,                                         207

Fink, Dr.                        St. Louis MO                        386

Finley, Geo. H.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Finley, W. H, Monroe County, TN,                                                     206

Finley, W.H. Corporal                                                                          269

Finner, George                    Norfolk, VA                                              127     

Finney, A. T.                                                                                        315

Finney, Col.                                   Lewisburg                                      275

Firestone, Miss Permelia                        McMinn Co. TN                        249

Fisher, F. J.                                                                                         326

Fisher, John                        Nashville, TN                        343

Fisher, Mr.                                                                                           315

Fisher, Mr.                        Barborsville, KY                        336

Fisher, Mrs.                                                                                         311

Fisher, Rebecca                              Chattanooga, TN                            105

Fisher, Rebecca                              Chattanooga, TN                            105     

Fitch, Col.                                                                                            278

Fitch, Dr. Abel                       ?                                                             69

Fitzgerald                                       Oswego, NY                                    122

Fitzgerald, John                             Auburn, NY                                    140     

Fitzgerald, Mary A.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        411

Fleming, D, Cumberland District,                                                             177

Fleming, Henry John, Monmouth, Warren, IL,                                 150

Fleming, James P.                          Fort Donelson                                260

Fleming, Jno M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        246

Fleming, Rev. D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        416

Fleming, Rev. D.                        McMinn Co. TN                        417

Fleming, W. AKA Norton, W. P, Winchester, TN,                                 181

Flenigan, Robert                 Chattanooga, TN                                       105     

Flenniken, Harriett                        Knox Co. TN                        408

Fletcher, Capt. R.H.                        Dawson, GA                        374

Fletcher, Capt. Richard H.                        Dawson GA                        383

Fletcher, T.                                                                                          310

Flinn, Martha M.                        Independence Co. AR                        420

Flinn, Mr. E.M.                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Flournoy, Col. R.W.                        Walsh Co. GA                        375

Floyd, Col                        Fayette Co. VA                        243

Floyd, Gen                        Fayette Co. VA                        243

Flynton,                                                                                               323

Fonfe, Dr.                        Greenville, TN                        416

Fonte, Jerome                        Washington Co. TN                        331

Fooshee, J. R.                                                                                      293

Foote, George H.                 Macon, Mississippi                                    130               

Force, Dr.                                                                                            319

Ford, C.A.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Ford, C.A.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Ford, Mr.                        Kansas                        402

Ford, Sarah                        Portsmouth, VA                        328

Ford, Unknown                      Queen Ann’s County, MD                   64

Fore, Mrs. Nancy, Athens, TN,                                                             184

Forest, Rev. W.F.                        McMinn Co. TN                        410

Forgie, Sarah Jane                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Forkner, D. P, Monroe County, TN,                                                     207

Forkner, D. P, Monroe County, TN,                                                     207

Forkner, Mr.                        Monroe Co. TN                        383

Forner, J., Private                                                                                268

Forney, Col. John W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        403

Forrest, Gen                        Memphis, TN                        343

Forrest, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        245

Forrest, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        423

Forrest, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        426

Forrest, Maj. James                        McMinn Co. TN                        404

Forrest, Mr.                           McMinn County, TN                            62

Forrest, Mrs. Polly  wife of Maj. James ForrestMcMinn Co. TN                        404

Forrest, Wm F.                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Forshee, Martha J. dau of Rev. Joseph Forshee Monroe Co. TN                        422

Forshee, Mary Ann                        Monroe Co. TN                        424

Forsyth, Col                        Cincinnati, IL                        329

Forsyth, Col.                                                                                        325

Fort, Chief                             ?                                                             73

Fortner, Mr.                        Monroe Co. TN                        410

Foss, A. D.                                                                                           315

Foster                       Pontiac, Michigan/California                                106     

Foster, A. M.                                                                                        279

Foster, A. M., Mrs.                                                                               279

Foster, Amanda                                                                                   277

Foster, Andrew A.                        son of Wm. A. Foster, Jr  McMinn Co. TN                        365

Foster, D. L.                                                                                        272

Foster, Daniel L., Sergeant                                                                  277

Foster, Dr. J.H.C.                        McMinn Co. TN                        433

Foster, E. S. Maj.                                                                                 286

Foster, Frank                        Knoxville, TN                        404

Foster, Horace                                                                                     45

Foster, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        430

Foster, John B, Spencer, Miss. Circuit,                                                 177

Foster, O. P.                                                                                        271

Foster, W. R. Private                                                                           269

Foster, Wm                        McMinn Co. TN                        425

Foster, Wm., Esq.                                                                                30

Foust, Mr. Robb                        Williamson Co. TN                        401

Fowler, Capt.                                                                                       269

Fowler, Isaac                        New York/Chicago, IL                        397

Fowlkes, Dr. Jeptha                        Cumberland Gap                        239

Fox, Isaac                        Monroe Co. TN                        417

Fox, James                        McMinn Co. TN                        403

Fox, John                        Madison Co. TN                        353

Fox, Miss                        Belmont Co. VA                        378

Fraiser, Sarah Ann                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Fraley, J.M.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Fraley, James M.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Francis, E.                                                                                            268

Francis, James                                                                                     311

Frank, Sarah J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        413

Franklin, Dr.                        Artic                        398

Franklin, Ed                        Denver, CO                        346

Franklin, Sir John                                        393

Franklin, Sir John                        Artic                        333

Frazier, Beriah, Rhea County,                                                             185

Frazier, Col. T.N.                        Knoxville, TN                        232

Frazier, George                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Frazier, Henry                        DeKalb Co. TN                        387

Frazier, Henry                        DeKalb Co. TN                        391

Frazier, Henry                        DeKalb Co. TN                        391

Frazier, John C.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Frazier, John                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Frazier, Julian                        son of Rev. Robert FrazierMcMinn Co. TN                        407

Frazier, Mr, near Lexington,                                                             165

Frazier, Rev. Robert                        Jackson Co., AL                        407

Frazier, Samuel J.A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        433

Freeman, Dora A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Freeman, James N.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Freeman, James                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Freeman, L.A.                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Freeman, W. H.                             Winchester, TN                              256

Freench, Mr. J.L.M.                        Chattanooga, TN                        411

Freidenberg, Major                        Columbia, TN                        357

Frement, Mr.                        Washington, DC                        249

Fremont, Major General                        Washington, DC                        249

French                                           Wabash, Indiana                            111

French, (family of 7, no given names, killed by Hubbard) Wabash, GA           111               

French, George                                                                                    322

French, Hon. Richard                     Kentucky                                       92          

French, Rev. J.L.M                        Charleston, TN                        428

French, Richard                     Kenton County, Kentucky                   92

French, Washington (Mrs.)            Atlanta Co., Mississippi                  139     

French, Washington            Atlanta Co., Mississippi                             139               

Friend, Mr. Charles                        Prince George Co. VA                        401

Frier, Jerry                                                                                          306

Frier, Wm.                                                                                           306

Fritts, Mr.                        Tennessee River                        399

Fritts, Mrs.                        Greenville, TN                        380

Frost, Austin                                  Raleigh, NC                                    124     

Frost, Virginia                     Raleigh, NC                                              124               

Fry, Austin                                                                                          296

Fry, Capt.                                                                                            261

Fugate, Jerry,                                                                                     169

Fulkerson, A., Maj.                                                                              268

Fulkerson, Major                                                                                 264

Fuller, Officer                        Mobile                                                     91

Fuller, Philo C. (Honorable)                      Geneva, NY                         121     

Fulton, William, Detroit, MI,                                                                 203

Funkhouser, Capt.                        Burnt Prairie, IL                        371

Funkhouser, Mrs. Hattie A.                        dau of Col. John McGaugheyBurnt Prairie, IL  371

Gaba, J. B., Mrs.                                                                                  279

Gaba, J. R.                                                                                           279

Gaddis, B. F. Capt.                                                                               282

Gadsden, General James, South Carolina,                                         188

Gage, Captain, Gloucester, MA,                                                             217

Gaines, Edmund P., Maj. Gen.        New Orleans                                  13

Gaines, Father                       Monroe County, TN                             93

Gaines, Maj. G.W.                  Tellico Plains, TN                                 89

Gaines, Major General Edward Pendleton, Mobile,                          156

Gaines, Mr. W. S.                  Tellico Plains, TN                                 89

Gaines, W.S.                          Monroe County, TN                             93

Gains, Maj. G.W.                           Tellico Plains, TN                           89

Gains, W.S.                                    Monroe Co., TN                              93          

Gains, W.S.                                    Tellico Plains, TN                           89

Gait (Dr.)                                       Wythville, VA/Williamsburg, VA           127

Galbreath, Isabella P.                        dau of Rev. John GalbreathMonroe Co. TN  415

Galbreath, Joseph     (McMinn Co., TN)     Yamhill, Oregon                 90

Galbreath, Miss A.E.                        Knox Co. TN                        420

Galbreath, Miss L.E.                        Knox Co. TN                        420

Galbreath, Mrs.                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Gale, Liout                                                                                              44

Gallagan, Julia J.                        Marietta, GA                        416

Gallagher, Mrs. L. B, Westport, MO,                                                 185

Gallaher, A.H.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Gallaher, D. A.                                                                                     312

Gallaher, J.F.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Gallaway, Malinda                        McMinn Co. TN                        429

Gallaway, Marshall K.                        Loudon Co. TN                        415

Galton, Mr.                        Philadelphia, PA                        349

Galton, Sarah Jane                        Roane Co. TN                        425

Galvin, James                        Memphis, TN                        390

Galvin, Michael                              Boston, MA                                    130               

Galyon, Abraham                           Stockton’s Valley                           279

Gambel, Mariamne M.                        Blount Co. TN                        409

Gambel, P.L.                          Athens, TN                                  61

Gamble, Elizabeth                          Smith County                                49

Gamble, Gen. James                        Roane Co. TN                        409

Gamble, Leonidas A.                        Louisville, TN                        413

Gamble, M.                                                                                          258

Gamble, P. L.                                                                                       267

Gamble, P. L.                                                                                       295

Gambrell, Rev. J.A.                        Murray Co. GA                        425

Gammon, Capt.                                                                                    268

Gann, Washington, Hamilton County, TN,                                     163

Garbut, Jane, Wellburg, County York, England,                                 154

Garcia, Gov                        Mexico                        363

Gardenhire, E. L., Hon.                  Sparta                                            272

Gardenhire, Hon. E.L.                        Bledsoe Co. TN                        388

Gardiner, Awful                     ?                                                                 86

Gardiner, Dr (no given name)                                                              88

Gardiner, Dr.                         Washington, DC                                      88

Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Dr.,                                                 156

Gardner, Rev. James                        McMinn Co. TN                        424

Garey, Dr.                        Memphis/Arkansas                        374

Garnett, Gen.                                                                                       293

Garrett, Calvin Private                                                                        269

Garrett, Miss                                 Cherokee County, AL                    48

Garrett, Mr.                                                                                         48

Garrison, J.H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        415

Garrison, Unknown                Boone County, KY                              81

Gartrell, L. J.                                                                                       309

Gasanny, Ira.                                                                                       292

Gaston, Bertie                        McMinn Co. TN                        433

Gaston, Wesley                                                                                    295

Gate, J. A., Col                                                                                    260

Gatewood, Colonel William A, San Andreas, CA,                                 204

Gaut, Albert Coleman            Cleveland, TN                                          92

Gaut, Albert Coleman(son of Hon John C and Sarah Ann) Cleveland TN         92

Gaut, Hon. John C.                Cleveland, TN                                              92

Gaut, J. H.                                     Cleveland, TN                                 133

Gaut, J.H.                        McMinn Co. TN                        246

Gaut, Judge, Hamilton County, TN,                                                     163

Gaut, Martha Josephine                 Cleveland, TN                                 133               

Gaut, Minerva                        McMinn Co. TN                        421

Gaut, Sarah Ann                    Cleveland, TN                                          92

Gaut, Sarah E.                               Cleveland, TN                                 133               

Gay, Rev. Mr.                                Loudon, TN                                    117               

Gaylord, John (Capt.)                     Norfolk, VA                                   127               

Geanes, (no given name)                Pickins, SC                                    82          

Geanes, Mr.                           Picken’s District                                     82

Geanes, Step-son                   Picken’s District                                     82

Geanes, Wife                         Picken’s District                                     82

Geary, Governor, Lecompton,                                                             159

Gee, Martha                        McMinn Co. TN                        431

Gee, Milton                        McMinn Co. TN                        432

Geiger, Francis                        New York                        435

Geisell (Mrs.)                                 Oregon                                           139

Gennoe, David                        Meigs Co. TN                        411

Gentry, J.K.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Gentry, S.B.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

George (Negro), Wilson County,                                                         186

George, F. M.                                                                                       295

George, Isaac                        McMinn Co. TN                        254

George, John                        Fayetteville, TN                        343

George, Mary                        McMinn Co. TN                        417

George, S. Private                                                                                268

George, Wm.                                                                                       295

Gere, Lieut.                                                                                         290

Gere, Tho. P.                                                                                        290

Gettys, Eliza                        dau of Sam Gettys McMinn Co. TN                        413

Gettys, Jas.                                                                                          105

Gettys, S. F.                                                                                         295

Gettys, W. Lynn,                                                                                 216

Gewin, Thomas                      DeKalb, MS                                 73

Gewin, Thomas                                         DeKalb, MS                         73

Gewin, Wife                           DeKalb, MS                                 73

Gherkin, C.H.                        Norfolk, VA                                73

Gherkin, Mrs. C.H.                                                                              73

Ghesnutt, John W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        429

Gibbons, A. D, Kentucky,                                                                     196

Gibbons, Capt                        Conway Co. TN                        347

Gibbons, James, Covington, KY,                                                         189

Gibbs, Emily                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Gibbs, James E.                        Roane Co. TN                        424

Gibbs, John (son of  -?-Benjamin & Saphronia Ann)      Athens, TN           104

Gibbs, John                                               McMinn Co., TN                  104

Gibbs, M__jamon                                      McMinn Co., TN                  104

Gibbs, Mrs.                            Athens, TN                                              72

Gibbs, Saffronia Ann                                McMinn Co., TN                  104

Gibson Gen George                        Richmond VA                        249

Gibson, Charles F.                                    Athens, TN                          100

Gibson, Deputy Sheriff, Campbell County, TN,                                     208

Gibson, Elizabeth                                                                                 270

Gibson, Elizabeth                                                                                 276

Gibson, Elizabeth F.                                                                             271

Gibson, F. Eliza                                         Athens, TN                          100

Gibson, G. F.                                                                                        116

Gibson, George Albert                                                                          276

Gibson, Inft  son of Charles F. & Margaret Ann Gibson  McMinn Co. TN  231

Gibson, Jno. D.                              Knoxville, TN                                 135               

Gibson, Joseph W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        420

Gibson, Margaret Ann                    Athens, TN                                     100               

Gibson, Miss Sarah Jane        Boston, MA                                         76

Gibson, Mr. J.H.                        Cedar Valley GA                        421

Gibson, Mr. T.F.                        McMinn Co. TN                        414

Gibson, Mr.                        Madison Co. AR                        353

Gibson, Sarah Jane                                                                              76

Gibson, T. F.                                                                                        116

Gibson, T. F.                                                                                        270

Gibson, T. F.                                                                                        271

Gibson, Thomas William (infant s/o T.F. & E. F.), McMinn County, TN, 163

Gibson, Thomas                             Camak, GA                                    103               

Gibson, Thomas                                        GA Railroad                        103     

Gibson, Timothy F.                                                                               276

Giddens, R. A, Charleston Circuit,                                                     177

Giddeons, Jas. Lieut.                                                                            282

Gilbert                                           Louisville, TN                                 119               

Gilbert, Dr. Edwin D.                        Meigs Co. TN                        415

Gilbert, G. S.                                                                                       45

Gilbert, J.W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        428

Gilbert, Mr. Bernhart                        McMinn Co. TN                        333

Gilbreath, Child 1                  Yawmill County, OR                   90

Gilbreath, Child 2                  Yawmill County, OR                   90

Gilbreath, Joseph                   Yam Hill, OR                              90

Gilbreath, Joseph                   Yawmill County, OR                   90

Gilbreath, Miss Isabella H, Roane County, TN,                     198

Gilbreath, Samuel L.                        McMinn Co. TN                        412

Gilbreath, Wife                      Yawmill County, OR                   90

Giles, William                        Roane Co. TN                        425

Gill, Mr.                        Louisburg, TN                        347

Gillaspie, Alexander Cleage           Sulphur Springs, Rhea Co., TN           134

Gillespie                                                                                                       116

Gillespie (Mr.)                     Burlington, NJ/Lebanon, TN/Baltimore            122               

Gillespie (Mrs.)                   Burlington, NJ/Lebanon, TN/Baltimore           122               

Gillespie, Alex.                                                                                            45

Gillespie, Capt                        Knox Co. TN                        243

Gillespie, Capt.                                                                                        267

Gillespie, Dave E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        233

Gillespie, David E.               Sulphur Springs, Rhea Co., TN                  134     

Gillespie, Geo. L.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Gillespie, George L.                        Campbell Co. TN                        244

Gillespie, James W.                        McMinn Co. TN                        255

Gillespie, Major Thomas J., Rhea County, TN,                                 172

Gillespie, Mr.                        Polk Co. TN                        252

Gillespie, R.D.                        Madisonville, TN                                  99

Gillespie, Sarah                   Sulphur Springs, Rhea Co., TN                  134               

Gillespie, Sgt                        Cumberland Gap                        238

Gillespie, T.J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        394

Gillespie, T.J.                        McMinn Co. TN                        395

Gillespy, Jno. F., Esq.                     Maryville                                       29

Gills, Malcolm                        Lumpkin Co. GA                        399

Gilman, John                                 Dexter, NY                                     121     

Gilmer, Ex-Governor, Lexington,                                                     208

Gilmer, Jonathan B, Washington City,                                             196

Gilmore, Col.                                                                                       294

Gist, Richard R.                        Monroe Co. TN                        233

Given, Lewis                        Memphis, TN                         346

Givens (Mr.)                        New Orleans, LA                                       125               

Givens, G. W.                                New Orleans, LA                            125               

Givens, Mr.                                                                                          14

Gladden, Gen.                                                                                      263

Glascock, Mr.                                                                                      22

Glass, Dr. William               Madisonville, TN                                       101, 102        

Glass, Dr. Wm.                   Madisonville, TN                                       101, 102        

Glaze, Nancy E.                        McMinn Co. TN                        426

Glen, Austin, Rev.                                                                               1

Glenn , Child 1                       Monroe County, TN                     92

Glenn, Child 2                        Monroe County, TN                     92

Glenn, Esq. S.                        Monroe County, TN                     92

Glenn, Geo. T.   &