1800's Medical Terminology

Definitions of Medical Terms

Aortic Regurgitation- Blood flowing backwards through the aorta.
Aortic Stenosis- Narrowing of the aorta.
Apoplexy- Stroke caused by a vessel in the brain rupturing .
Asphixia- Suffocation caused by any number of things .
Bad Blood- syphilis
Blood Poisoning- septicemia (overwhelming bacterial infection)
Bloody Flux- Diarrhea or dysentery
Bold Hives- Raised itchy areas possibly caused by an acute allergic reaction.
Bowell Hives- Itching in the intestinal/colon system possibly an allergic reaction.
Bright's disease-glomerulonephritis (serious kidney disease)
Cholera- Diarrhea, severe muscle cramps, vomiting & exhaustion. Refers to any
disease producing these symptoms.
Colitis- Inflammation of the lower bowells that often prevents bowell
Consumption- A wasting disease often caused by  tuberculosis.
cretinism-hypothyroidism, congenital
Croop/croup- Inflammation of the respiratory system in children
Diptheria- A disease, usually in the throat, that causes obstruction, pain,
paralysis and death.
Dirt Eating-geophagy-pica-The eating of non-food items in the attempt to gain needed vitamins and minerals.
Dropsy- Edema or an accumulation of fluids .
Dysentery- Diarrhea- often bloody, and inflammation of the intestine or colon.
The victim dies from loss of fluids.
fatty liver- cirrhosis
Fibroid consumption- A wasting disease often caused by fibroid tuberculosis.
Flux-Diarrhea or dysentery
glandular fever- mononucleosis
Hemiplagia- Paralysis/stroke of one side of the body.
Hives- Itching in the  system possibly an allergic reaction.
Hydrocephalitis- Enlargement of head due to spinal fluid, "water", on the brain.
Ileocolitis- Inflammation of the lower bowels that often prevents bowel
jail fever-  typhus
La Grippe/Grippe - Respiratory or gastrointestinal disease such as the influenza virus.
lock jaw-  tetanus
lung fever- pneumonia
lung sickness- tuberculosis
Myocondritis (myocarditis)- Heart disease caused by an infection.
Pellagra- A niacin deficiency affecting the skin, digestion and tile nervous
Plague/black death- Bubonic plague
Pleurisy- Inflammation of the chest causing severe pain, breathing difficulties
and fever.
Podagra- gout
Pott's disease-  tuberculosis of the spinal vertebrae
Quinsy- streptococcal tonsillitis
Scrofula- tuberculosis of the neck lymph nodes
- Alzheimer's or any of the other disorders affecting the brain.
Suppurating tonsils- Severe infection of the tonsils.
Suppression of urine- A blockage of the urinary system
Toxemia of Pregnancy- eclampsia (high blood pressure & seizures)
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