African American Links

Former Athens Aldermen and Councilmen

Athens Tennessee Mayors


Former Athens Mayor Dies-William "Bill" Rodgers


Athens-An article from 1941  "NO ONE KILLED IN CITY VOTING"

Athens Lion's Club elections of July 1941

Athens original plat map

Athens History

Battle of Athens


The Athens Post

An article dated October 3, 1862 " A CALL FOR A PUBLIC MEETING OF THE CITIZENS OF MCMINN COUNTY" Has a list of names of citizens.




Benton Banking Company Picture and info, Polk Co., TN

Bradley Co Landmarks by Roy G Lillard

Scanned pages of the JOHN BIGHAM Family Bible contributed by Ron Raburn


Bachelors of Clear Springs-Chestuee Community

Scarborough, McDonald, Lemons, Carver, Melton, Bishop, Osment, Smith & Eaves surnames




Cemetary Records

New Cemetery Index under construction


1900/1920/1830/1840 Census Indexes and pages online

Cherokee Trail of Tears Map

Chancery Court Lookups

Cherokee Research  Publications


County Schools--Now and Then



Cumberland Shed School Picture of 1902 in Polk County


Columbus - Polk's First town - A brief historical article

Cherokee Genealogical Data -  Overhill & Chickamauga town's leaders


Cherokee Indian Inhabitants - by Roy G. Lillard Polk County Historian


Applications for Cherokee Citizenship by surviving children of Madison Carothers Hawk in 1907

Recommended Reading on Cherokee Culture and People

A map of the path taken by the Grant Expedition against the Cherokee in 1761.


Cherokee People - Fivekiller & Nancy Ward

Clemmer, Jacob D.
(Clemmers of Polk, McMinn & Monroe Co.)
A brief biography

Co F of the 39th TN Mounted Infantry

General Wool and info about the Cherokee Removal

Casteel, Alexander, Disposition of Property

Clearsprings Bachelors

Coghill Mill picture


Claxton community, a 1974 article

The Childers/Childress Family research by Jo Sparks & Calvin L. Harkrader - Includes information of the families in McMinn County plus data on the Taylor's of this area.

The Calhoun Ledger  1822-1830

Originated near the Cherokee Indian Agency in the years prior to the Great Removal

Court of Claims Commission Letter from McMinn County by Return J. Meigs Only     28 July 1909...Hawks and Walker families mentioned.




A list of those missing from the 1850 census

with many research notes

A very valuable resource




Deed Book Information contributed by Pamela G Smith

Info available thru L.D.S.


McMinn County deed abstract copyright has been purchased by Southern Historical Press.  We at McMinn tnalhn regret that we can no longer provide these for your use.  We are willing to do look-ups for you by contacting us

Sharon McCormack

Joyce G. Reece

We are working toward other means of providing deed data to you.

Deaths from Regional Newspapers


Death Certificates-General Information


Decoration Day

Recent listing deaths starting May 19 2003

Buster Duggan
Index to the Book Legend of Buster Duggan by Jerald Rudolph Burke and Elizabeth S Howard


Daugherty, Cornelius

A letter to Captain Paul Demere at Fort Loudon written in 1757


Daugherty, Charles R. of Englewood, Tennessee...his Civil War Pension Certificate.  A copy of the original.



A 1908 letter from C.A. Dodson of Etowah to B.A. Edwards of Charleston, TN





Etowah - Future President Roosevelt stops by, 1932

Etowah - A day in the life of it's citizenry -May 20, 1938

A follow-up article concerning the new Miss Etowah


Etowah - A brief article concerning employment from 1938


Etowah High School Commencement circa mid-1950's

Etowah's L & N Trainyard circa 1910 - a photo

Etowah - 1928 "Zeke Dunn Killed in Auto Wreck - Was returning from Cleveland-Car Overturned Near Chesnutt Farms"


Etowah - Two  articles concerning residents and churches

Etowah "Election Up At Etowah Next Monday" a 1932 article

Etowah, Tennessee...a 1905 photo of Tennessee Avenue


L & N Railroad Yard Crew  

A 1907 photo



Current and past Funeral Homes
This includes online addresses if known

J Will Foster McMinn County Educator

Fort Cass

Charleston Cherokee removal stop
sketch from Kenneth Langley



Gaston Family of McMinn & Monroe County -Civil War era  letters(copyrighted)

Gaston, Joseph Leander, M.D. physician of Athens, McMinn Co., TN.  An article from Goodspeeds History of Tennessee submitted by a descendent.

"East Tennessee Galbraith and Gaston Families:  Some Early Letters & Written A Century Ago, Extracts from Letters Sent a Knoxville Man by an Ohio Relative"

McMinn County Historian

Mr. Joe Guy

A Series of articles.



Grand Army of the Republic

Articles on the GAR written and contributed by Mr. Larry Barker.

GAR Miscellaneous Info

GAR Obits

GAR Membership List

The History of the GAR

by Larry Barker

In early 1866 the United States of America--now securely one nation again--was waking to the reality of recovery from war, and this had been a much different (Civil) war. In previous conflicts the care of the veteran warrior was the province of the family or the community. Soldiers then were friends, relatives and neighbors who went off to fight--until the next planting or harvest. It was a community adventure and their fighting unit had a community flavor.


Hildabrand, Jack:  A photo and brief article

Hembree's of McMinn -Four Data Projects by Larry Petrisky


"ROOTS, BRANCHES & LEAVES"  by Bob D. Hembree - Hembree Family research.

Jack Hildabrand Testimony taken by JD Clemmer


Fred Hembree Book (The Uriah Hembree Family researched by the author and Mrs. Leota Bennett)


The Hiwassee Patriot Newspaper, Athens, Tennessee

Article from May 14, 1839

A list of Certified copies retaining by the Office of the Register of the Hiwassee District transferred to him by Nathaniel Smith the former Entry Taker, which the enterers would do well to attend to or the person to whom they have been transferred, as they have no legal title to the lands without them and the time for obtaining grants for them will soon expire.

Has a long list of local residents

For original copies and a complete list of available articles visit  ARCHIVES


Hiwassee Patriot Newspaper Article, A List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Athens, Tennessee on the 1st day of January 1840, which if not taken out before 1st of April, will be sent to General Post Office as dead letters.


For original copies and a complete list of available articles visit  ARCHIVES


The Hiwassee Patriot Newspaper

Athens, Tennessee

For original copies and a complete list of available articles visit  ARCHIVES




Debbie Ivens TN Science Teacher of the Year

Inns of East Tennessee





Journal of Cherokee Studies, Index to all copies available in print

Journal of Cherokee Studies: an Index to available copies




Index to King's Mountain Men by KK White




L & N Depot in Etowah. 1906       

A picture


Louisville & Nashville Railroad in Etowah History

Wild Bill Longley An outlaw with a McMinn County connection



Historic Places and Landmarks


Long, Maude - milliner of Etowah



Marriages from Regional Newspapers


McMinn County Courts-A 1941 article.  Has several names.

Organizations in McMinn County

The McNabb Twins of McMinn County

Governor Joseph McMinn

McMinn Civil War Monument

McMinn History Essays by Bill Bigham

McMinn County Marriage Licenses 1838-1934




McMinn County 1829 - 1836 Tax Lists & Information


Churches of McMinnCounty

Unidentified/Unknown Photos of McMinn County

McMinn Co. Chancery Court Record contributed by Janelle Swearingen, mentions surnames Callaway, Ross, McKenzie, Walker & McElrath.  The full transcribed record.



McMinn, Polk, Bledsoe, Monroe, Meigs, Blount Counties in Tennessee   

McMinn County Index of Wills in Will Book "G", Probated After 1879, With Date of Probate When Stated


In western McMinn County lay the community of Tranquillity.  View this information courtesy of Eula Rogers & Marvin and Samme Templin


McMinn County Wills and Estate Records 1820 - 1870

Index only

The book can be purchased at Southern Historical Press.

McMinn Community's Post Masters List's A - Z


Map of McMinn County 1832
courtesy of Kenneth Langley

Mt Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Records and some pictures by Samme and Marvin Templin.

McMinn District Map 1836

McMinn Historical Society Speakers

1820-1821 Marriage License.

 This is the first known copy of a McMinn County Marriage License.

Some of the very early McMinn Court Minutes  1820-1872

by Kenneth Langley

Athens Post Newspaper, Sam P. Ivins, editor -  A series of articles concerning deaths.  Not always local.


 Athens Post May 16, 1841 Vol.3 No. 138

Deed Book U

Excerpts abstracted by Reba  Bayless Boyer - transcribed by Larry Barker


McMinn Road Orders of 1831 - 1832

McMinn Marriage and Death announcements from area newspapers


Copies available

Deed Book V

Abstracted by Reba Bayless Boyer - Transcribed by Mr. Larry Barker



Newsletters and Family Associations

Native American Links

Old Neil Cemetery located





The Ocoee's- Parksville Dam projects, four dams, Caney Creek village, the flume line and their history

Old Federal Road --A route through Cherokee Lands--Its history and path.

Old Federal Road Workers Index


Obituaries from

South East Tennessee


Darius O'Neil Revolutionary War Pension Application


Postcards from Southeast TN

Some Post Offices of East Tennessee

Early Polk Officials - All court and county officials beginning in 1840 to 1960's.  Please allow time to load

Pleasant Grove Cemetery Update under construction

A photo of William L. Philpott & family


Parkstown School in Etowah A photo  of the early 1900's




Ronald Reagan's visit to Athens

The records of the Roberts family of East Tennessee as compiled by Darrell Roberts


Former Athens Mayor Dies-William "Bill" Rodgers

How Did They Live-A Look at Old Remedies

Revolutionary War Soldiers of Polk County

The Rogers Connection
A look at McMinn County's connection to Will Rogers


Photos from the collection of Ms. Diane Ricks.  This family lived in Riceville, McMinn County, Tennessee




Starr, Caleb
A bit of info on his plantation-picture!


Picture and info on the infamous Belle Starr by Kenneth Langley


Belle Starr, the  Bandit Queen


The Families of James Shelton of McMinn County, Tennessee and His Father Roderick Shelton of Buncombe County, North Carolina and Their Antecedents by Arthur Paul Shelton, August 1987

Starr, Caleb:  "The Counsel of Caleb Starr"  A speech given to the Cherokee in 1776

Caleb Starr, "The Mystery Indian Trader or the Evolution of a Legend"  by Linda Sparks Starr


Starr Mountain picture


Starr, Sam - a very good article on Caleb's descendents   




Shelton, Martin, Lawson & Wright data...compiled census information for the southeast Tennessee region



Tennessee Timeline

Trew's Cotton Ginn, South of Etowah, a popular trading center for farmers

TN Surveyors District Maps


Trews Store Picture


Deed to Tranquility Church

Courtesy of Marvin and Samme Templin

Tennessee Civil War Questionaries Federal AtoW

East Tennessee Genealogy Web. American Local History Network & American History and Genealogy Project web sites



Tennessee's World War I Distinguished Service Award Medal recipients


Tennessee's World War 1 who died in the war



Union Station Athens




Virtual Veterans Wall




Ward, Nancy, Cherokee Beloved Woman...a 1975 article--Ranked among the ten greatest Tennesseans

White Cliff Springs Motel with Pictures


Murder Trial of John "Chief Jack" Walker


Two photo's and articles concerning Rebecca Wheeler.  One when she was voted Miss Etowah and a short time later her wedding announcement to Robert Carden.  Thanks to Mr. Bob Barnes








Sharon McCormack Joyce Gaston Reece





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