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A Family Newsletter

29th Edition August 2001


Until recently, with very little exception, my research was limited to the Hembree’s in America, however numerous inquiries concerning the family name prompted me to visit some English records and thought it worthwhile to report on those efforts. I still plan to leave the earlier research to others. I am more interested in the spelling of the name, than the actual lineage, thus my efforts here are only a possible line and I make no claim as to a connection of any of the lines. Also, I ruled out anyone whose name did not start with an H but do not dispute that variant spellings occurred before coming to America.

The earliest Hembry I found was Willyam Hembry (c) February 20, 1563 in Ware, Hertford, England. A christening (c) generally occurred within a month after birth and unlikely to find exact birth date. Note: Hertford is N.W. of London and not to be confused with Hereford which is west of London and reasonably close to Wales, a point made since many times I have found the Hembree’s referred to as Welsh.

Although I found nothing on Edward Hembre, I did find the christening of two of his daughters, both at Mancetter Parish, Warwick, England (N/W of Hereford). Jane Hembree (c) February 24, 1582 and her sister Marget Hembre (c) April 19, 1584. Likewise the only mention of Roger Hembrye was that he was the father of Ales Hembrye and she was (c) July 20, 1595 at Kingsbury Parish, Warwick, England. Then my luck improved and I found both parents of Elizabeth Hembry (c) June 21, 1750, she was daughter of William and Sarah Hembry of St. Johns Parish, Coventry, Warwick, England. Again, no evidence of a connection but the time period, location, name spelling, and naming pattern was correct for William Hembry to be a grandson or great grandson of Elizabeth previously mentioned. The parents of William Hembry were Samuel Hembry and Emma Hembry and William was (c) April 6, 1857, Holt Trinity, Coventry, Warwick England.

From the IGI (British Isles) I found (Ann) Hannah Hembree (c) 1791 Sussex, England, her father was Frances Hembre. Also Martha Hembre (c) 1782 Sussex, England, her father was Francis Hembre. (Probably typo on Frances/Francis) and likely Hannah and Martha were sisters. The IGI lists 8 pages of Hembree’s with spelling using the H but you’re advised to prove them out. The only two I verified were the marriages John Hembree and Mary Hembree as indicated next.

YE CASTLE FROME, that’s where I found the first spelling as Hembree, where apparently siblings John and Mary were married. John Hembree m Mary Badham March 25, 1773. Her father was likely Francis Badham as he is listed as the Jolo (Church Warden).

Eight years later on February 20, 1781 Mary Hembree m. Joseph Nelms (Nolms), and the records state, both of Parish of Castle Frome. Castle Frome is in Hereford, England. The source given is Herefordshire Record Office, The Old Barracks, Harold Street, Hereford HR12QX. From the Internet maps I learned Castle Frome is south of Woodhampton.

Elizabeth Welch. David Elizabeth son Rev. James m. a woman named Asenath Felton and both of these lines had grand daughters name Ascenith. David and Elizabeth’s daughter Margaret Peggy Hembree Welch, also had a daughter named Peggy who m. John Vandiver, and they had a daughter named Tabitha Vandiver who married a Willis Hembree. The fun comes in because we all tried to use only the administration of David Hembree wherein Welch, Vandiver, & Butler were the most listed heirs, and it requires John’s lineage to be added to the pot to cook the stew. The stew would be ready to serve if we only knew who Willis Hembree ancestors were. If anyone has info as to any relationship between Nicholas Welch and William Welch, it would be most helpful. They likely knew the Hembree’s and the marriages may have occurred before moving to South Carolina.









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