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A Family Newsletter

28th Edition September 2000


For many years I have attempted to prove out the parents of Abraham and Drury Emory/Hembree but solid leads just didnít come along. At last I succeeded in documenting most of the problem, however there is conflicting data so TAKE NOTICE THAT A PROBLEM STILL EXISTS WITH THIS DATA. Hopefully, you can assist in the research to prove these questions beyond doubt.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that historians claim there were few if any white men in upper South Carolina before about 1765 yet we have the testimony of Drury Emory/Hembree in his Revolutionary War Pension Application that he was born in Spartanburg County, South Carolina on December 12, 1755. Also, records of Abraham Emory/Hembree gave his birth date as May 16, 1757, born South Carolina and we can be sure he was born there. Several records support that Abraham was of Indian blood, but evidence of Drury having Indian blood is another matter.

Other than records regarding Drury, Abraham and William #10 the earliest record I know of for an Embree, Emery, Emory, Hembree, etc. in South Carolina is for Land surveyed in 1767 for David Hembree and issued to him in 1768. David was in Granville County, North Carolina Militia in 1755, and we know from estate administration and other records the makeup of Davidís family and he was not the father of either Abraham or Drury. It should be noted that both Abraham and Drury were illiterate thus any and all records were written by others which usually results in less than exact records. We are fortunate to have the Rev. War Pension papers for each of them. But those records do not prove who their parents were.

Ever since I started researching the family line, I have picked up a note, a conversation, a question or whatever, of family lore which stated something about an old Scotch Indian trader, having a daughter who married an Emory/Hembree. Jerry B. Hembree from Florida has repeated the family lore of the southern Hembree lines that state the Indian Trader who married an Indian girl in South Carolina was a Hembree. Ultimately, I learned the traders name was Grant, and he traded around Tellico, Tennessee. Knowing that the Cherokee Indians were in the northwest part of South Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. I researched all I could find about them without much success. But recently, I ran across the "History of the Cherokee Indians" by Emmet Starr. On page 305 through page 466 he gives a genealogy of some of the Cherokees beginning with one Ludovic Grant whose daughter married William Emory an Englishman b. 1720 England.

Another search of South Carolina records and I learned that Ludovic Grant was a Scotchman, who gave a sworn statement on January 12, 1756 in the South Carolina probate court in Charlestown stating "it was about 30 years since I went into the Cherokee country and married a full blooded Cherokee woman of the long Hair Clan." Their daughter married William Emory, and Englishman. William and Mary Grant Emory had three children, all daughters.

Mary, who married 1st Rim Fawling, 2nd Ezekial Buffington.

Elizabeth, who married 1st Robert Due, 2nd John Rogers.

Susannah who married 1st John Stuart, 2nd Richard Fields, 3rd John Martin.

I shouted Eureka to soon, as it was only a partial pay off. I then knew that the Emory in South Carolina in 1755 when Drury was born was William Emory #10, but he and Mary only had daughters, so Mary Grant Emory was not the mother of Drury or Abraham. Assuming an 8 yr. Period for the birth of the 3 daughters, then Susannah was born ca. 1748-1750. Thus between 1750-55 one of the following events occurred.

William #10 wife Mary died,

William #10 & Mary divorced,

The date is incomplete & there were other children,

William #10 remarried to an Indian woman and had a second family, as we know Drury was born 1755.

Another long story, but I knew there were a lot of Susannahís in the family line so

I zeroed in on Susannah Emory and it was good luck, as I found Susannah Emory daughter of Mary Emory b. 1727 Cherokee Nation, East Tennessee and William #10 b. 1720 England. The right age, the right location, the right nationalities. No question that William #10 and Mary named their 3rd daughter Susannah and she was the Susannah Emory referred to above. Her husband Capt. John Stuart was one of the three men saved through the office of Attakullakulla, when the occupants of Fort Loudon were led to the slaughter by the Cherokee Indians near Tellico. I also learned the name of Ludovic Grantsí wife, was Elizabeth Coody, the full-blooded Cherokee of the Long Hair Clan.

While the information from the book will stand by itself, I still needed proof

of the date from other sources, and I learned the submitter of the information was a Robert B. Carlile, III. There was nothing about it to question except the records recited no authority.

After obtaining his phone number, a call to him to find a very delightful person, happy to help, but most of the work was by others, and he related the story giving full credit to others.

Happily for me, Mr. Carlile was (I suspect modest) well known to the Cherokee Capital in Tahlequah and the others referred to were the Mormon Church missionary team who came there to film the Cherokee records. IN the course of that filming, they started with some information furnished by Nannie Elizabeth Carlile Henshaw, Roberts aunt, researched the Carlile family and presented Robert with a book of the linage of his family. More to a delightful story, but Iíll stick to genealogy and say I feel certain that the other data was well proven since it was done by the Mormon Church genealogy team.

From all this it is now proven William #10 Emory/Hembree was in South Carolina married to Mary Grant, and they had 3 daughters, and all relates to the many stories about the Old Indian trader in South Carolina who married an Indian woman. The family lore was correct, even if not in the same order as related by many who had heard the story.

We also know the time and location was right, and we know from a statement of Abrahamís granddaughter, Mahala, "the family went by the name Emory except when signing their names hey used Hembree" (signatures would be 2nd generation as both Abraham and Drury used their (x) mark) also, from Abrahamís testimony (Pension Application) he was known as Emory, etal, and several records show Drury as Emory, thus it only requires reasonable logic to tie Drury and Abraham to William #10 Emory.




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