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A Family Newsletter

27th Edition 10 April 2000


Other matters have occupied my time, but in response to inquiries as to possible mail delivery problems I figured it was time to litter up your mailbox. I thank you for your concerns and the fact you enjoy my efforts re our family genealogy.

Little did I know that the Internet would require the amount of time involved to share my research. Nor that so many were looking for the Hembree lineage. It is quite a challenge to overcome some of the confusion of family lines on the Internet, however, with one possible exception, all appear to be serious in their efforts and it is a real joy to meet all the kinfolk. I always knew we belonged to a great family and the more of you I meet the more I know that to be a fact. As some of you know I have spent years in my research and have enjoyed doing it, but it is a special blessing to find the work important to so many of our family lines. Not everyone is lucky enough to find his or her hobby to be useful. THANK YOU. Please remember, sharing of information benefits everyone involved.


As a child I heard those words often in a loving tone from my mothers mouth. I have always been a quick learner but probably a poor listener. Had I listened to some of you a little better when I first heard it, I likely would not have overlooked the evidence.

Anyway, many of you have asked if I knew of any Indian blood in the family of William #1 and I advised that I did not nor did I know of any support for it. Within the past year or so I learned different. While there are others to write about and the Williams of the family were previous subjects of this newsletter, I am revisiting this line because of the number of requests received concerning the family line of William #1. The wife of William #1 was Orinah who was either Ĺ of full blooded Cherokee Indian (I donít know if she fits any of the stories that every family line has about an Indian Princess), I should have known that from the spelling of the name but I took it simply as a spelling error as I have seen it spelled different ways. Testimony given to the Dawes commission (a listing of those claiming Indian blood) states that Johnson Hembree, Sr. (son of William & Orinah) was a 1/4 th Cherokee Indian, in another section testimony was given by Caleb Hewitt that he knew the applicant children of Elihu Hembree, (named in application) and that Elihu was a son of Johnson Hembree, Sr. who he also knew personally and that Johnson, Sr. was a 1/2 Cherokee Indian. Thus, Orinah was either 1/2 or full blooded Cherokee Indian. The application names children, grandchildren, spouses, etc. and is tremendous help in defining this family line. But like many records it leaves questions. i.e. 1/4 or 1/2 Indian blood for Johnson Sr. (Sr. was used meaning the elder Johnson. Grandfather of Johnson H. Hembree). You should be aware that Johnson Sr. was married 3 times and only the family of Elihu, son of Johnson and Rachel Hembree Davis Hembree were involved in the application referred to above. Indian Blood, so what? Well, that


2. Johnathan J. b. April 15, 1808 m. Katherine Cathcart b. 1814

Jefferson J. b. November 26, 1833 m. June Howard b. 1830

Cornelius B. b. October 15, 1835 m. Elizabeth T. Newman b. 1839

3. Elihu Newton b. 1810 m. Eunice Mary Wofford b. 1815

Mary b. 1838 m _______ Owens

Jane/June b. 1838

Isaac Newton b. April 4, 1841 m. 1st Mary Brown 2nd Sarah Evans

Rial b. 1843 name may be Rayford known as Rial???

Sarah Ann b. April 23, 1844 m. 1st _____ Jones, 2nd George W. Custis

James M. b. July 11, 1846 m. Caroline C. Stewart b. 1849

Johnson H. b. July 1848 m. Malinda Wallace b. 1856

Merrick W. b. 1849 Unknown if married, believe he had a son???

4. William M. b. January 5, 1812 m. Casandra b. 1819

Hester b. February 1, 1840

Jefferson b. 1852

Lavinia b. 1853 m. Olinthus Gregory

Eliza b. October 20, 1850 m. ________ Duncan

Andrew b. 1857

5. Susan b. 1813

6. George W. b. ca. 1815

JOHNSON and SUSAN b. 1790/1800

7. James/Joseph b. May 7, 1818 m. Luiza Howard b. 1822

(Likely James was son of 2nd wife???)

8. Bird Hembree b. 1822 m. Harriett b. 1826/30

9. Lee 1825

10. Edward Fowler b. July 7, 1823/27 m. Elizabeth Mayfield b. 1827/1835

11. Orinda C. b. 1829

12. Ann C. b. 1830

Like most families there is always some doubt about some part of a family makeup, any help to confirm this one will be appreciated.


As many of you will be receiving this newsletter for the first time its seems appropriate that I make a few comments. There is no cost for the newsletter but the demand for it far exceeded my original expectations, with use of e-mail I will no longer attempt to keep the number of copies down to 100 or so per issue. Editions are published on a time available basis, so if and when. Also, the requirements to receive the newsletter are:

That you are a Hembree or a descendant of a Hembree.

That you agree to share whatever family information you have on other family members.

No publication of any data without my written permission.

Back Copies are not available, at this time. Some editions used older computer programs, which I need to find time to convert, afterwards they will be available on disks. I research and retain files on every Hembree/Emery, Embree, etc., in America including their descendents, so ask if you think I may be able to assist you. Since it is my hobby, I answer all genealogical correspondence, although sometimes more delayed than I would like.





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