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A Family Newsletter

25th Edition April 1998


One of the most difficult problems in writing this newsletter is how to handle a situation when you have proven published information of other researchers to be erroneous. I can only say I hope not to offend anyone when I attempt to correct family records. You can be sure I do not do it until I am absolutely certain a mistake has occurred. It is easy to correct my own errors but I respect the work of others and benefit from and am thankful for their efforts and cooperation.

Previously along with other researchers I looked at the Georgia Census records and found a James of the right age, living with his son Humphrey and knowing that James Jr., son of Rev. James Hembree lived in GA., I took Humphrey as his son. While it is true that a James Hembree was Humphrey’s father, it was a different James Hembree. To make it easier to follow all the James, they’re numbered as follows:

#1 Rev. James

#2 Rev. James son, James Jr.

#3 Humphrey’s father, James Lee

#4 Humphrey’s son, James P.

#5 James M.

The proof that it was a different James is as follows:

James Jr. #2, died in 1867, three years before the 1870 census which shows a James #3, age 77, living with Humphrey in Murray County, Georgia.

The problem was that both James Jr. #2 and James #3 were both born in South Carolina, both were within a year or so of being the same age, and both moved to Georgia, so it was very easy to make the mistake, however a close study of the census shows that Humphrey’s father, James #3 was living in 1880. Thus, we have not one, but two census records after the know death of James Jr. #2, showing James #3 living with or near Humphrey in the Spring Hill Community of Murray County, Georgia. A study of the census shows:

James #3 & Humphrey James #2

1850 Murray County, Georgia (Humphrey) Anderson County, South Carolina

1860 Murray County, Georgia (Humphrey) Milton County, Georgia

1860 Hamilton County, Tennessee (James #3)

1870 Murray County, Georgia Deceased

1880 Murray County, Georgia Deceased

James Jr. #2 was in Anderson County, South Carolina in 1850, and moved from South Carolina to Milton County, Georgia before the 1860 census was taken. In the 1860 census James #3 was in Hamilton County, Tennessee. As further proof, he was the same James referred to in the book "Cherokee by Blood".

James #5 is shown only because he was listed on the 1860 Census of Murray County, Georgia in the same Spring Hill Community as Humphrey and James #3, but I have yet to prove out James #5.

We know from an article in the Murray County, Georgia Heritage that Humphrey was an active member of the Brakehill Methodist Church in the Spring Hill, Community. James #3, Humphrey’s father, died sometime in 1882, according to his daughter Mahala’s statement in a land claim application. Humphrey moved onward to Arkansas prior to 1880. We know from the Obit in the Arkansas Methodist Newspaper that Humphrey died in Arkansas. Other records show he died November 13, 1895 in Conway County, Arkansas. (OBIT: Arkansas Methodist January 15, 1896, he moved to Hall County, Georgia than to Arkansas about 1889 with 2 daughters, a daughter age 13 died in 1850. Wife & 4 children preceded him in death). Humphrey had both a brother and a son named William, which was a further aid in proving this out when followed through the census records.

We know without question that Rev. James #1 was a son of David Hembree, and the James Jr. #2 in Milton County, Georgia was David’s grandson.

That requires removing Humphrey and James #3 as descendents of David, since as proven above there were 2 James in Georgia and it is known that David only had one son, Rev. James #1 whose family is well documented. As shown in any earlier edition, James #3 was a son of Abraham, thus Humphrey was a grandson of Abraham.

Those who retain past newsletters should make the correction on page 5 of the 6th Edition, deleting Humphrey as a son of James Jr. & Winifred. Also, William H. listed directly under Humphrey should be changed to William. Others show James Jr. & Winifred had a son named William and they may be correct, but I had placed William H. there because he was shown on the census as a brother to Humphrey.

Also, on page 4 of the 5th Edition, Humphrey and William H. should be added as sons of James. The note on James in the 5th Edition is now proven as the James b. 1790.

In short – Humphrey was not a son of James & Winney; he was a son of James and Nancy. (Abraham’s line, not David’s line).


Thanks to Elesa Hembree, wife of James David Hembree, who obtained the papers from the Carroll County, Georgia Court House regarding the estate of Owen, I can now say without any doubt that Rebecca was the wife of Owen Hembree, the subject of the last newsletter. The administration papers did not contain a list of the heirs at law, which would have been convenient to us, but several family members were named and the rest I am still proving out, but I found nothing in conflict with his family makeup as previously listed. It should be remembered that Owen moved his family from South Carolina to Georgia about 1834, thus the older siblings of the family were likely already married and may have remained in South Carolina.

Those who are descendants of Obediah Hembree, b. 1813 that married Theresa Weir can now prove their linkage to Owen and Rebecca Hembree.


I am fortunate that the mail is full of interesting info from people who share this newsletter. Some items are your comments, others may be a clipping, a picture or document you enclosed. In this and future editions, I plan to include items I find most interesting. I will try to type or scan them exactly as I received them.

I Martin V. Hembree, upon oath says that I was shot on the 16th day of May, 1894, through the left leg, and from the cause of said shot amputation was said to be necessary by the Doctors, Smith & Nichols, I was shot by one of the Bank Robber’s on the day above given. I had went into Mr. Barkers place of business to see a man about doing some Stone work for him. I am a Stone Mason by trade, and while I was in there the shooting begun and I was then and there wounded, and the same was not due to vicious habits.

Signed Martin V. Hembree

Robbed by the Bill Dooling Gang.

(Martin Van Buren Hembree, b. 1841 Roane County, Tennessee, son of Isaac & Sarah Hembree, and grandson of Zachariah and Rosannah. It’s easy to confuse him with his first cousin b. 1840 White County, Tennessee, also named Martin Van Buren Hembree).

Dr. G. H. KING

The help of others such as the response from Elesa Hembree, referred to above has truly made this a family newsletter, so again I’ll cry for help.

For reasons unknown to me the Family History Library will not ship the film, which contains Dr. G. H. King’s Probate Administration. (Spartanburg County, Probate Estate Papers File No 2482, Roll No. AD1069 South Carolina Department of Archives and History). In addition to the Archives in Columbia, South Carolina I believe they are likely at the Spartanburg County Library, which has most Deed and Probate records on film. You should know that the Spartanburg Court House claims all older records are only available in Columbia. The state archives states the file contains 103 pages but if they do it the charge is $.35 per page plus other charges, which make it quite expensive. I would be happy to pay the self-service copying costs if anyone plans to be in the Columbia or Spartanburg areas. The only portion of the papers needed are those which show bequests to and establish the relationship of Henry King Hembree, and or other Hembree’s as I believe a sister of Henry King was involved, and likely would not exceed then pages.



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