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A Family Newsletter


16th Edition                                                   June 1994


EMORY / HEMBREE:  Previously I discussed the variant spellings of our name, Embree, Emery, Emry, etc. and stated I did not think the Emory family was the same and had no proof of it being used as Hembree. I now know Emory was and is still used today by some descendents of the family. This is proven by records of the Philadelphia Baptist Church, Spartanburg, S.C., Census records, Death Certificates and by Deeds.

          Two Deeds, both effecting the same land and all parties are members of the family of Elegus Thomas Hembree, born ca. 1810, S.C. give us a sample of how brothers and sisters used the name, Emory of Hembree and proof that the ancestry is the same lineage.

          One Deed states “our father E.T. Hembree”. Anna Maria Hembree was Elegus wife, and his daughter’s married names are used, so we don’t know what name they liked, but one son is shown as J.P. Emory (Hembree), while another son Henry King Hembree, is shown as H.K. Hembree. On the other Deed, another son Isaac is shown as Isaac Hembree, but some of his descendents today use the name Emory. Isaac is referred to as Isaac Hembree in church records in most cases. The family lineage is shown below, but the parents of Elegus Thomas Hembree are still a mystery. Any help in finding his parents, will be appreciated.

          Most of the credit for proving this family out should be given to Thomas W. Emory. Tom is a descendent of Isaac Hembree / Emory referred to above. It should be noted that the County Clerk files this family as Emory / Hembree.


Elegus Thomas Hembree m. Anna Marie Woodruff b. 1820, N.C.


Daughter        Son          Son           Son         Dau.          Dau.            Son

Elizabeth       George W.     John P.       Isaac C.    Louisa J.      Eliza Anne    Henry King

     m.                                   m.               m.            m.                 m.               m.

  Riddle                             M. Fowler      F. Fowler     Bragg              Ware         R. Fowler         




          Obediah, at least during the later years of his life lived Northwest of Daysville, Morgan County, Tennessee. Today it is in Cumberland County near a community called Millstone. His home was almost at the crest of Millstone, Mt. About one-half mile from Waldensia Lake. I have yet to confirm his burial location, but at least one daughter, Aley (Anny) Jane, is buried is a small cemetery located on the property it is known as the Youngblood / Hembree Cemetery. While I still lack proof, it is reasonable that Obediah, his wife and most of his children are buried there as some claim. The property surrounding the cemetery (and possibly the cemetery property) is now owned by a Mr. Harris, and lacks any form of upkeep according to my information.

          A book entitled “Va. Soldiers in U.S. Army 1800-1815” lists Obediah’s birth date as 1812 and his place of birth as Halifax, VA, but that information is erroneous as to date of birth unless he was a one year old soldier, and we know he was more than nine years of age when he married. It is likely also in error as to place of birth as it is well documented the family lived in S.C. in 1790 the year of his birth, however, he could have been born while the family visited Halifax, but there is little to support that, other than that was the area where his grand parents once lived. Census and other records support his birth as 1790.

          Obediah was a son of Joel Sr. and Hannah Pettit Hembree, and undoubtedly moved to Tennessee with his parents and siblings in 1806. He entered military service in the War of 1812, and was discharged in 1817. On 15 March 1821 in Roane County, Tennessee, he married Martha Patsy Earl, and their family numbered eleven children. He is listed on the 1830, 1832, and 1834 Tax list in Lawrence County, Arkansas where he owned 160 acres, which he later sold to his brother Isaac Lyon Hembree, in Roane County, Tennessee. Ownership of the property where he appeared on the tax list does not mean he lived there, only that he owned land there. I am still checking to determine why he and his brother Zacheriah owned land in Arkansas but believe it was given them for military service in the war of 1812. Obediah was given a land grand but I do not know the location. He appears on the 1830 census in Roane County, Tennessee also on the 1840 census, in Morgan County, Tennessee spelled Himbre, so it is doubtful that he ever lived in Arkansas.

          On 22 April 1822 in Roane County, he and John Hembree were forgiven poll tax.

          Unknown to me who that John Hembree was, but it is likely the poll tax was forgiven because they no longer lived in Roane County, as Morgan County was formed in 1817. Obediah died 29 December 1849 but his wife Martha and family appear on the 1850 census Morgan County, Tennessee.

          One daughter, Dorinda Hembree married her 1st cousin Benjamin Hembree, son of Zachariah and Rosannah Hembree. Zachariah and Obediah were neighbors in Morgan County so it is easy to get the two families mixed up. Both had sons named James and William, and daughters named Dorinda.

          Information is sketchy, but it appears the property in Morgan County where Obediah lived was the same as that shown earlier on Roane County Tax records as the property of his father Joel Hembree Sr. on Casey Creek. If not the same, it was near by. That may account for the fact I have never found a disposition of the lands, which Joel Sr. owned at the time of his death. Maybe, his family lived on different parcels, and it was simply known as their land, but there is no record deeding it to them and the estate administration doesn’t give much help.

          A study of families of Zachariah and Obediah, shows and expression of the feelings and division of families during the Civil War. Zachariah’s sons James and William were reportedly bushwhacked & killed in Tennessee for Yankee sympathy, and we know from pension documents that Obediah’s sons James and William fled Tennessee to Illinois for safety. Zachariah’s son Benjamin witnessed the pension application in Illinois, so we can assume he also fled for safety, while other siblings supported the Southern cause. Some of Obediah and Martha’s descendents still live in neighboring counties in Tennessee. Obediah and Martha’s family were:


Dorinda                         b. 1824                d. 1899 m. Benjamin Hembree

Female                          b. 1825-30          d.

Nancy                            b. 1828                d.

Martha Caroline            b. 1829                d. 1903 m. Earl Percy BEDDOE

James                           b. 1836                d.          m. Eliza POWELL

William                          b. 1839                d.          m. Melvina KENDRICK

Female                          b. 1835-40          d.         

Isaac N.                         b. 1835                d.          m. Minerva CARTER

Katherine H.                  b. 1837                d. 1908 m.                BARNES

Aley (Ann) Jane            b. 1840                d. 1902 m. John F. KENDRICK

Elihu L.                          b. 1843                d. 1917 m. (1) Louisa POWELL

                                                                                 m. (2) Harriet HASSLER


Dorinda            James        William        Isaac          Katherine       Alley         Elihu         Martha C.

     m.                 m.             m.                 m.               m.              m.            m.             m.      

Benjamin          Eliza          Melvina       Minerva      Barnes          John F.     Louisa        Earl


Sharlot             Eli              Martha        Elihu            Bob               Mary L.     James      Malvine
Benjamin F.      William       Ruffus         John                                 Wm. H.      Sarah      Ann Eliza

Wayman           Francis      Nancy         Parthena                         John          Geo. W.    Verona

Delinda                        Anliza M.   William         Orlevina                           Nancy       Wm. G.     Philip

Andrew J.         Nancy L.                      Sarah                               Margaret   Martha    Albert

Joseph (Joel)                                                                               Samuel                     Theo.

George W.                                                                                    Walter    (2) Harriet   De Witt

William J.                                                                                      Homer        Oma        Josephine

Mary L.                                                                                                                        Mamie    Julia

James A.

George W.




          THANKS to Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Wilson 2907 Oaklane Drive, Austin, Texas  78704. I understand he did the research and she did the typing and editing for a book “The Descendants of David Hembree”. It reads clearly, and family members are easy to follow. The result is a fine work, which will certainly be appreciated. It would make a nice present for anyone who is a descendant of David Hembree born ca. 1728 and his wife Elizabeth. Information concerning costs and availability, should be referred directly to the Wilson’s.


          IN an earlier issue, I mentioned that John Hembree reportedly built a Fort at Hayesville, Clay County, N.C.  I researched this and like a lot of things I found the information was basically true but not accurate. A Chamber of Commerce publication, credits General Winfield Scott, with ordering Capt. Hembree to round up the Indians for transfer to Indian Territory. The fort was built by Capt. Hembree as a holding place prior to the start of what became known as the “Trail of Tears”. Military records discloses it was not John, but Col. Joel Hembree (then Capt.) who was ordered out of the Knoxville, Tennessee with others under his command, who built the Fort and rounded up Indians of the area.


          Each year the annual meeting notice, accompanied by a copy of the financial statement, of the Cedar Gap Cemetery, Stockton Missouri, contains something relating to the family lineage, a picture or some information of interest. Why not visit the cemetery this summer and see the outstanding job being done by one group of Hembree family descendents. Lawrence Hembree does custodial services and is deservingly proud to show off this beautiful location of a family’s eternal resting place. Phone (417) 326-5617 for information. The notice for 1992, contained a picture of Isaac Lyon Hembree’s 2nd wife and shows the point I make. I think you will agree it deserves recognition. See page 5.


          SPEAKING of cemeteries. Alvin Hembree recently informed me he had located the burial place on Isaac Lyon Hembree’s farm near Kingston, Tennessee where Isaac’s first wife Mary Blake Hembree was buried. Mary’s is the only stone, but there are six other graves there. It is now a wooded area, but the stone was located and cleaned by Alvin. He had been looking for this site for 17 years. I feel certain, but I still have no proof of it, that two of the graves there are those of Joel Hembree Sr. and his wife Hannah. (Isaac Lyons father and mother). Both died in Roane County, Tennessee before Isaac sold the farm and the exact location of their burial is uncertain. Happy you had success in the search Alvin, but hiking in those woods is better left to younger men.















































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