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A Family Newsletter


15th Edition                                                   January 1994


          CORRECTIONS:  The Newsletter may become a book by retaining the editions as separate chapters. Therefore it is important to correct any data, which proves to be in error, and the start of the New Year seems the appropriate time to do so.

          2nd Edition:  Pages 2 & 4, show Mary J. Spake, as wife of John S. Hembree should be Mary J. Speck. (Mary J. Spake was the wife of Jim Hembree, brother to John) Since there is confusion among some on this matter, I will state for the record that I personally saw a note in the White County, TN. marriage record book which stated that Jim Hembree married Mary Jane Spake.  That note which was loose in the record book is now said to be missing and a copy of the license cannot be obtained. The license for John S. Hembree and Mary Speck is available to those who wish it. Some have Mary Jane Speck buried in the cemetery on the Spake family farm. That may or may not be correct. Both Jim and John were shot by bushwhackers near the end of the civil war and it is no easy effort to follow this line.

          5th Edition:  Page 4 Note #2 reads “Could be James b. 1812 or James b. 1790”.  Now know it was James b. 1790.

          7th Edition:  Page 5 middle of page, 2nd “Rachel Pettit was not the mother of Hannah Pettit, etc.” The statement is true for the Hannah I was speaking of but it is confusing. I have now proved out the generation problem that I had with this family. Turned out to be four generations of Joshua Pettit’s, instead of the three I knew about. This Joshua also had a daughter Hannah, and the mother of that Hannah was named Rachel. That also clears up the problem I had with Hannah having children at age 9, as it was Hannah’s aunt also named Hannah who married Joel Hembree.

          13th Edition:  Page 3 States “William b. 1755, m. Martha”. Think he married Orinah, and his son William married Martha. To many Williams, advise later.

          14th Edition:  Page 2 “He also had a land grant for 640 acres jointly with Joshua Pettit”. Statement is true but, now know it was Joshua Pettit #2, not #3 as I thought. The Pettit family was apparently short on names as each generation repeats several members.


          TRAVELS:  Sorry to inform you we did not travel to the California reunion in 1993. Am informed it had a lot of response but only about 35 confirmed reservations. Plans were made for a large group based on response. Projected costs and payments did not balance. Reunion canceled.


          We did travel to Oklahoma for the Land Rush celebration, where my brother and sister-in-law, Eddie and Wilma Hembree put on a celebration that would have made our grand parents proud. They had cleared and scrubbed a machine shed for meeting hall, and the entire homestead was, as they say in the Navy, spit and polish. The younger generation got a glimpse of what life was like for their ancestors, through demonstrations by attendees, of old time clothes washing machine, butter churn, knife sharpening on old pedal grinding wheel, drill press, tools, etc., all restored and appeared as if they had been catalog ordered. To make sure it was authentic they had wheelbarrows full of cow chips for a chip-throwing contest, which about 50 people participated in. Gary Burks won the cow chip medallion. On Saturday, 62 family descendents rode in the Centennial Parade at Ponca City, Oklahoma. The parade entry was a hay wagon with mules and a muleskinner hired for the weekend. They had hayrides all over the place and all ages participated. An uncle, now deceased, once owned the wagon, restored by Eddie and other family members. From Oregon, California, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, etc., 139 present and accounted for, and I had the pleasure of meeting first cousins that I had only heard about. How do you say thank you for all the time, effort and costs expended. Maybe it’s the knowledge that every one had a great time.

          HELP:  Georgia records may assist, in locating the parents of Obediah Andrew Jackson Hembree, usually shown as Obediah A.J. Hembree. 1850 Census Carroll County, G. shows born 1813 in S.C., 8 February 1838 Carroll County, he married Theresa E. Weir. Children, Cicero F., Elvina, Emily E., Obadiah A.J., Jr., Winston, George M., Mary, and Thomas J. Since he married in Georgia, it is likely that the Tax records will show his parents in that area. Anyone with access to those records between 1830 and 1839 please advise.

          Many of you are most anxious for the ancestral line back as far as I have it. As promised, when the Hannah Pettit problem was solved to my satisfaction you would see it in the newsletter, -- enclosed herewith. The original source of a portion of this work in unknown to me, and I take no credit for any part of it beyond the first arrivals in this country except to state that I have verified it with some published records of English royalty. To those who think the lineage is unique, be advised that a large percentage of early Americans can trace their heritage back to royal lineage. To those unfamiliar with royal names and early naming patterns, don’t look for surnames to follow each other as most often only one name was used, Kings choose their names, and in some cases history assigned names by which we refer to them, i.e., William the Conqueror. To accommodate those with bad eyesight, I try to publish in reasonable size type, however it’s necessary to reduce the type size for this work, so get out you magnifier.



Ancestral Line of


Born 13 July 1927

Married 20 July 1947

Dorothy J. Washington, b. 18 July 1925


Mayward G. Hembree          b. 8 March 1891                    d. 24 April 1953

          Married             m. 10 July 1912                    

Ludie Clemons Moss           b. 11 April 1891                    d. 25 March 1958


Hugh Lawson Hembree       b. 16 June 1850                    d. 23 February 1909

           Married                       m. 5 April 1871                     

Emily Jane Hubbs                 b. 27 March 1856                  d. 4 March 1938


Joel Bird Hembree, Jr.         b. 26 November 1804          d. 9 April 1860

          Married             m. 28 January 1830             

Sarah Willhite                        b. 20 March 1809                  d. After 1870


Joel Hembree                        b. 1755                                   d. 16 February 1825

     Married                              m.

Hannah Pettit             b. 1758                                   d. 11 October 1839


Joshua Pettit                          b. 1734                                   d. 1786

   Married                                m.

Rachel Monroe                      b. 1736                                   d. 1786


Joshua Pettit                          b. abt. 1706                           d.                                          

                 Married                              m.       

Sarah Carpenter                   b.                                             d.


Thomas Pettit, Jr.                  b. 1685                                   d.

        married                           m. 28 November 1898         d.

Cathrine Branch                    b.                                             d.

(La Barenche)

New England Marriages prior 1700 – Torrey


Thomas Pettit                                    b. 1610    living 1686 Exeter, NH

     Married                                          m.

Christian Mellowes (1st wife)            b. 1636       Ancestral Roots of 60 Colonists New Eng. 1623-1650

New England Marriages prior 1700 – Torrey

Thomas served Oliver Mellowes 3 ˝ years, received a grant of house plot from town (Boston) in 1637.

Signed petitions to Gen. Court of Mass. In 1645 and 1647. allowance to him in 1650 for attending Hampton Court as Constable. (Pioneers of Maine and New Hempshire – Pope) Bought 280 acres land 23 January 1656 from Frances Goare, S. Side of Rappa River on E side of Hodskins Cr. (Rec. Bk 2, 1637-1640), Lancaster County, Virginia.


Abraham Mellows                             b. 1570                                   d. 1639

        married                                       m. abt. 1635

Martha Bulkeley                                 b. 1572 England                    d.

New England Marriages prior 1700 – Torrey        Abraham came to Boston ca. 1596


Rev. Edward Bulkeley, D.D.            b. ca. 1560     Rector of Odell, Bedfordshire to 1610

            married                                   m.

Olive (Irby) Erby                                 b.                                             d.

Col. Clergy & The Col. Churches of New England


Thomas Bulkeley / Berkeley            The Buckeley Genealogy & English Origins on New Eng. Families

                married                               Note Change of Spelling

Elizabeth Grosvenor


Humphrey Bulkeley

            married                       Parents of Thomas Berkeley who m. Elizabeth Groxvenor

Cecila Moulto


Hugh Bulkeley                                    b.                                             d.

      married                                         m.       

Helen Woodley                                  b.                                             d.


John Bulkeley

     married                                          m.

Audrey Titley


Peter Bulkeley                                   b.                                             d.

     married                                          m.

Nicola Bird                                         b.                                             d.


Robert Bulkeley                                 b.                                             d.

     Married                                          m.

Anges Chedle                                   b.                                             d.


William Bulkeley                                b.                                             d.

       Married                                        m.

Maud Davenport                               b.                                             d.


Robert Bulkeley                                 b.                                             d.

       Married                                        m.

Jane Butler                                         b.                                             d.


James Butler                                     b.                                             d.

    Married                                           m.

Anne Elizabeth Darch                       b.                                             d.


James Butler / Boteler                      b.                                             d.

       Married                                        m.

Eleanor De Bohun                            b.                                             d. 7 October 1363

                                                            Note:  Spelling change – James Botler or Boteler was

                                                            The son of Edmund Le Boteler and Joan FitzThomas


Humphrey VIII Eof E. De Bohun       b. 1276                                   d. 18 March 1331

        Married                                       m. 1302

Elizabeth Plantagenet                      b. August 1282                      d. 5 May 1316


Edward 1 King of England               b.                                             d.

     Married                                          m.

Eleanor of Castile                             b.                                             d.


Henry III King of England                  b. 1 October  1207                d. 16 November 1272

     Married                                          m. 14 January 1237

Eleanor of Provence             b. 1217                                   d. 21 January 1291


John Lackland King of England       b. 24 December 1166          d. 19 October 1216

     Married                                          m. 24 August 1200

Isabella Angouleme                          b.                                             d.


Henry II King of England                   b. 5 March 1132                    d. 6 July 1189

     Married                                          m. 18 May 1153

Eleanor of Aquitaine             b. 1123                                   d. 3 March 1204


Matilda                                               b. 1104                                   d. 10 September 1167

     Married                                          m. 3 April 1127         

Geoffrey V.D. “Plantagenet”            b. 24 August 1113                d. 7 September 1151


Henry I Beauclerc King of Eng.        b. 1070                                   d. 1 December 1135

     Married                                          m. 11 November 1110        

Matilda of Scotland                           b. 1079                                   d. 1 May 1118


Wm. I (The Conqueror) K of Eng.         b. 1027                                   d. 9 September 1087

            Married                                   m.

Matilda of Flanders                           b.                                             d.


Robert I Duke of Normandy b.                                             d. 22 July 1035

            Married                                   m.

Herleve                                               b.                                             d.


Richard U Good Duke of Normandy        b.                                             d. 1027

            Married                                   m. 1000

Judith of Brittany                                b. 982                                     d. 1017


Ermengarde of Anjoy                        b.                                             d.

            Married                                   m. 980

Conan I Duke of Brittany                  b.                                             d. 992


Adelaide De Vermandois                b. 950                                     d. 957 / 958

            Married                                   m.

Geoffrey I Griagonelle Count           b.                                             d. 21 July 987


Adelaide                                            b.                                             d.

            Married                                   m.

Robert Count of Troyes                    b. abt 920                               d. 967 / 968


Ermengarde of Lorraine                   b. 835                                     d.

            Married                                   m.

Gleselbert Count of Darnau b.                                             d.


Ermengarde De Tours                     b.                                             d.

            Married                                   m.

Lothair I King of Italy              b. 795                                     d.


Louis I athe Fair Emperor                b. 778                                     d.

            Married                                   m.

Ermengarde (2nd wife)                      b.                                             d.


Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor      b. 2 April 747                         d. 28 January 813 / 4

            Married                                   m.

Hildegarde Husbia                            b. 758                                     d. 30 April 783


Pipin the Short King of Franks        b. 714                                     d. 768

            Married                                   m.

Bertha De Laon                                 b.                                             d.


Charles Martel                                   b. 689                                     d.

            Married                                   m.

Rotrou                                     b.                                             d.


Pipin d “Heristal”                               b.                                             d.

            By concubine



Pipin the OLD Mayor Austrasia      b.                                             d.

            Married                                   m.

Doda                                                  b.                                             d.


42 Generations – Abt. 1364 years – Average generation span 33 years




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