The following marriages and information are the information of and contributed by

The following marriages and information are the information of and contributed by Phil Stucker.  His contribution is very appreciated!


This is the lineage of “Old John” Hembree (Emory, Emery) son Peter Emory


These were sons and

grandsons of Michael Emery/Emory/Hembree/Embry/Hambry

b. 1785 (suspected son of ole John Hembree) in

Cherokee Nat ion


l838 William Emery to Mary Hart


 1840 William Markham to Lucinda -Burress-nee Emery/Emory,


l841 James Emery to Eliza Vann Armstrong,


1842 John Emery to Celey Ann Jones


1847 Mikiel Emery to Elizabeth Snider


1847 Peter Snider to Susan Emery


1850 Michiel Emery to Elizabeth Williams


1852 John Hogg to Sarah A Emery


1859 John Younger to Lucinda Emery


1866 G.W. Hogg to N.L. Emery   


Michael Emery moved about in TN settling in

Henry Co 1834 four years before the Trail of Tears. He

died in Henry Co sometime after 1850. During 1850

(the older Michael was 65 living with William)




The following Emery's were on the Henry Co, TN Census:

Lucinda Emery (18) -that married John Younger in 1859

was listed at the Brown & Worthen's Cotton Factory


 James M Emery (27) who m. Eliza A

Armstrong(26) in 1841 with kids: Lafayette (7-m),

Catherine (5-f), Socrates (4-m), Easton (2-m), (f



 Willaim M. Emery (29) that m.

Mary Hart (33) in 1838 and kids: Green W (5-m), Alfred

K (3-m), a Martha M Whitehead (21) and son Thomas M

5/12,  Michael (65-the original from Cherokee Nation),

2nd wife Luretha (55) from VA, and Bryan T (16-m) {maybe

a grandson}


 Squire Emery (38) wife Christy

(36), Partheniy (16-f), Sarah A (15) m John Hogg 1852,

Nancy L. (14-f) that m G.W. Hogg (1866), Harriet E(13-f), Wm

Wiley (12-m), Geraldine/Jereline H. (10-f), Sophia/Squire

Luther (8-m)??, Missouri (3-f), (f Cristen C is

either this one or the previous Missouri) (1/12), three

years later on they had a boy named



 William Markham (37) , wife

Lucinda (Burress 1st marriage) Emory (31), Jackson

Marion (7-m), Wm Jasper (5-m), three years later they

have a girl named Cordelia A, also living with them

is a Mary Freeman (20), and Lucinda's sister Susan

Emily Emery (40) and her children Jefferson (15-m

ggg-grandpa), Merrill (12), Serila (11-f), Seana

(8-f), Elijah (7-m), Peter Snider (67) Michail Jr

Emery (21)


Elizabeth Emery (18), Jon T

(2) living next to a Riley and Nancy Snider


Christy (44) has with her only a Lavina (18-f), Henry

(17-m) and Mahala (2-f)



Land deed records mentioned:


 Susanah Emery (1858) (1860), Michael

Emery (the orginal to Henry Co and -son of ole John

Hembree -1744-(whose mother was 1/2 Cherokee) (SC) and

a Cherokee woman (TN) to WM Markam 85 acre 3/14/1850

and it is told to be on line with William Emery and

Susan Emery,


James M Emery to Catherine Armstrong

(1859), William Emery (1859), Milton Emery, Michael

Emery JR to Jackson Emery p94


After that Susanah

(dau of Michael Emery and 1st m. Puss Latham-part

Cherokee) Emery takes her family to Johnson Co in South

Illinois where she is only found in the 1860 census and no

known burial place


At the out break of the civil war

where none of the sons joined either side, those that

remained in Henry Co went with the South,


After the

War Between the States, Wm Markham took his family to

MO (east of Poplar Bluff-Wayne Co) some of his sons

were confederate soldiers


Some other Hembree

descendants went to Stone Co MO. The family seems to

have lost touch with each other after those moving

generations passed on. But all have passed down oral

history of being from the Cherokee. They had originated

in the Cherokee Nation where Michael was born 1785. He

had wandered through TN after being raised by his

father Ole John Hembree at his trading post and into

KY as a scout before going to Paris TN.  His mother

(Susan) most likely was killed or ran west to Missouri or Arkansas

(Cape Girardeau area) after the murderous night of

Terror inflicted on the Lower Cherokee by the SC

Rangers in the late 1780's or after the murder of old

Chief Abram by the militia during a peace caucus at

his house in 1788; as she might have been his

niece/daughter of late age that was named Susannah of



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