Polk County 1850 Mortality Schedule
Polk County 1850 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Ashley Olmsted Male 5 TN September Inflammation  
Bedwell Mary Female 75 NC May Dropsy  
Blackwell John Male 22 TN June Accident  
Bond Elizabeth Female 17 TN July Fever  
Brown Sarah Female 50 TN April Consumption  
Cain John Male 13 GA June Cholera  
Carter Easter Female 39 TN April Consumption  
Carter Fanny Female 92 VA April Old Age  
Carter James Male 16 TN March Consumption Farmer
Cloniger Phebe Female 6 mos. TN June Cholera  
Cowden John Male 28 TN April Fever Wheelwright
Crittenden George W. Male 1 mo. SC July Unknown  
Dockery Ulen ? Male 50 TN August Fever Farmer
Epperson R. P. Male 61 NC August Liver Complaint Farmer
Evans Mary Female 33 TN May Consumption  
Fair Infant Male 4 mos. GA April Croup  
Freeman Infant Male 1 TN June Cholera  
Freeman James Male 7 TN June Cholera  
Freeman James Male 5 TN June Cholera  
Gordon James Male 26 SC May Liver Complaint Farmer
Goss James Male 12 GA May Rheumatism  
Halderfield Infant Female 3 days TN April Unknown  
Hannah Infant of A. Female 5 mos. TN June Hives  
Hannah Infant of W. Female 3 mos. TN August Croup  
Harris John Male 12 TN November Pleurisy  
Hinnett Jane Female 7 TN April Burned  
Jenkins Hiram Male 4 TN October Worms  
Johnson Infant Male 1 TN June Flux  
Johnston Ann Female 40 TN June Fever  
Kerr Nancy Female 31 TN January Puerperal Fever  
Kimbrough Jane Female 34 TN March Unknown  
London Infant of H. Female 1 TN September Croup  
McFarland Mary Female 88 TN December Old Age  
Parris Susanna Female 25 TN November Fits  
Parson Infant Male 1 mo. TN September Ulcer  
Pearson Infant Male 1 mo. TN August Unknown  
Ramsey Jesse Male 7 TN August Croup  
Rodden Infant of T. Male 1 mo. TN March Hives  
Russell Jefferson Male 2 TN December Quinsy  
Russell William Male 6 TN December Quinsy Farmer
Skelton Infant of T. Male 1 TN September Cholera  
Smith Infant of James Female 7 mos. TN June Fever  
Stillwell Infant Male 1 mo. GA April Croup  
Washburn Elizabeth Female 4 TN March Colic  
Washburn Martha Female 67 NC April Asthma  
Weaver Mary Female 9 TN November Accident  
Williams Infant of E. Male 1 TN September Diarrhea  
Williams John Male 15 TN October Hemorrhage Farmer


Polk County 1860 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Chapman Sarah Female 13 TN March Chills  
Coggins Nancy Female 19 SC October Typhoid Fever Seamstress
Couch Sarah Female 38 TN April Cold  
James Charles Male 4 TN ? Liver Disease  
Jameson S. M. Male 25 NC July Consumption Merchant
Kerr William Male 1 TN May Croup  
King Nancy Female 13 GA May Eating Dirt  
McGill Rebecca Female 87 NC March Infirmity  
Moore Jacob Male 80 VA October Lung Disease Farmer
Moore Jesse C. Male 60 NC March Cancer Farmer
Samples Samuel Male 52 TN April Fever  
Stevens Elizabeth Female 20 England ? Child Fever Housekeeper
Stevens George Male 18 England ? Typhoid Fever Miner
Stevens Mary Female 4 England ? Typhoid Fever  
Taylor Mary Female 35 TN May Fever  
Thompson Victoria Female 3 TN December Scalded  

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