Monroe County 1850 Mortality Schedule
Monroe County 1850 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Abernatha Adrian A. Male 1 TN July Diarrhea  
Alexander George Male 10 TN February Fever  
Alexander Jane Female 1 TN August Dysentery  
Alexander Nancy Female 49 VA January Consumption  
Alexander Sarah Female 41 SC April Consumption  
Allen Betsey Female 89 NC July Old Age  
Bandy William Male 10 mos. TN July Croup  
Berdit Alvira Female 24 TN April Fever  
Blair William Male 24 TN November Fever Farmer
Bright John Male 45 NC June Cholera Farmer
Brown Susanah H. Female 3 TN April Unknown  
Cartwright Samuel Male 28 TN April Fever Farmer
Cronder John W. Male 5 TN April Burned  
Day Infant Female 1 TN May Unknown  
Day Infant Male 1 TN May Unknown  
Day Thomas Male 11 mos. TN February Whooping Cough  
Doak Oliver Male 1 mo. TN July Heart Disease  
Doherty Robert Male 11 TN June Unknown  
Douglass Thomas Male 5 mos. TN February Croup  
Freeman Mary Female 2 TN December Croup  
Gipson Elizabeth Female 35 TN March Unknown  
Grubb Sarah Female 10 TN December Fever  
Hall Elendor Female 73 SC August Unknown  
Hargus Nabednego Male 29 TN July Billious Fever Farmer
Hartsell Joshua Male 2 TN October Worms  
Henderson James Male 70 Ireland April Diabetes Farmer
Hicks John Male 1 TN August Scarlet Fever  
Hinsley Henderson Male 17 TN October Stabbed Farmer
Hinson Elizabeth Female 1 TN March Unknown  
Jones Madison M. Male 29 NC October Stabbed Teacher
Kerby Sarah Female 7 mos. TN June Whooping Cough  
Kile James Male 3 TN February Diabetes  
King Eliza Female 8 mos. TN June Liver Disease  
Kirt George Male 3 TN November Croup  
Maddy Elizabeth Female 84 VA May Old Age  
McCoy Mary E. Female 3 TN September Fever  
Meek Lydia Ann Female 3 TN June Unknown  
Newton Henry Male 18 TN August Murdered Farmer
Parks Eliza Ann Female 21 TN April Black Lung  
Presly Richard Male 1 mo. TN November Croup  
Ragsdale Joseph Male 1 TN April Inflamation  
Roddy Samuel Male 52 TN September Fever Farmer
Scruggs George Male 3 TN October Brain Inflamation  
Selvage George Male 64 TN November Kidneys Farmer
Steel Ann G. Female 44 RI February Typhoid Fever  
Stokely James N. Male 5 mos. TN July Cholera  
Tailor William Male 24 TN June Billious Lung Farmer
Tailor William Male 3 mos. TN June Croup  
Thornburg Samuel Male 4 TN July Worms  
Tucker Rebecca Female 58 TN October Cancer  
Tucker James Male 91 NC November Old Age Farmer
Vann Phebe Female 2 TN July Liver Disorder  
Vinzant Houston Male 28 TN May Cholera Farmer
Walker James F. Male 6 TN October Palsy  
White Andrew A. Male 14 TN August Fever Farmer
Williams James F. Male 1 TN November Inflamed Brain  
Willson Infant Male 1 day TN October Unknown  
Witt Russell Male 1 TN November Drowned  
Woods John Male 1 TN July Head Disease  
Woolridge Jane Female 55 TN November Dropsy  



Monroe County 1860 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Allison Marion Male 1 mo. TN May Found Dead  
Aloy Mary Female 23 TN August Brain Inflamation Housekeeper
Bain Susan A. Female 6 TN June Fever  
Ballew Eliza Female 11 TN June Typhoid Fever  
Boyd Martha F. Female 9 TN January Burnt  
Browder Samuel Male 3 mos. TN March Croup  
Brown Samuel T. Male 28 TN May Dropsy Merchant
Builderback Martin Male 48 NC March Gravel Tanner
Cagle Alice Female 1 TN August Croup  
Caldicott Mary Female 80 VA April Palsy  
Carroll Martha  Female 38 SC October Dropsy  
Carter Cynthia Female 28 TN May Consumption  
Carter L. E. A. Female 24 TN June Miscarriage Seamstress
Cleveland Eli Male 79 NC November Heart Clergyman/Priest
Coffin C.T. Male 9 TN July Scarlet Fever  
Cooper Mary A. Female 1 TN March Brain Inflamation  
Cunningham F. M. Female 1 TN October Brain Inflamation  
Curtis Glatha J. Female 25 TN October Consumption  
Curtis J. B. Male 2 mos. TN October Unknown  
Divine G. H. Male 17 TN October Pneumonia Laborer
Divine Joseph Male 17 TN January Pneumonia Laborer
Drummons D. H. Male 2 TN June Flux  
Drumons Dolly L. Female 3 TN June Flux  
Dyer William Male 1 TN July Croup  
Ely G. H. Male 1 TN September Scarlet Fever  
Fisher Sarah F. Female 3 TN December Croup  
Forkner Jane Female 11 TN July Scrofula  
Forkner Mary Ann Female 2 TN July Scrofula  
Forkner Sarah  Female 1 mo. TN May Croup  
Foshee J. W. Male 2 TN November Bleeding in Throat  
Frank Martha Female 17 TN June Lung Cold Laborer
Gamble Evaline Female 1 TN June Unknown  
Gamble J. H. Male 2 TN May Drowned  
Gamble Louisa Female 1 TN June Unknown  
Gardner Margaret Female 20 TN June Lung Cold Seamstress
Gentry J. A. Male 18 TN June Drowned  
Givens James Male 63 TN June Gravel Tanner
Gregory Alma E. Female 1 TN February Teething  
Gregory Fanny Female 1 TN February Heart Disease  
Guire James M. Male 2 TN December Croup  
Harrell Lucy Female 2 TN February Croup  
Harrell Phillip Male 14 TN October Pneumonia  
Hawkins Susan  Female 1 TN October Diarrhea  
Henderson William Male 50 TN August Typhoid Fever Farmer
Hicks Sarah Female 4 mos. TN April Found Dead  
Hicks Siswell Female 1 TN June Typhoid Fever  
Hicks William Male 50 TN April Heart Farmer
Hix John Male 1 mo. TN February    
Horsley John Male 23 TN October Intoxication Laborer
Hudson T. E. Female 24 TN December Consumption  
Hutcherson William H. Male 15 TN June Brain Inflamation Laborer
Isble Martin Male 40 TN July Fever  
Kelsoe Harriet Female 3 mos. TN February Lung Cold  
Kelsoe Mary Female 1 mo. TN June Unknown  
Kenedy Lorena Female 38 TN May Neuralgia Seamstress
Kinser G. M. Male 14 TN May Typhoid Fever  
Kinser Mary S. Female 12 TN June Typhoid Fever  
Kirkland Ella A. Female 2 mos. TN July Hives  
Laney W. S. Male 3 NC February Burned  
Lenard M. R. E. Female 20 TN September Fever Laborer
Lillard Nancy A. Female 21 NC November Consumption  
Linsey Bettie Female 20 TN March Child Fever Housekeeper
Mason Nancy J. Female 7 TN September Typhoid Fever  
Mayo Valentine Male 92 VA August Old Age Farmer
McGuire James Male 4 TN September Scarlet Fever  
McLomore M. H. Female 3 mos. TN February Croup  
Miller J. R. Male 10 TN November Rheumatism  
Millsaps Casea F. Female 50 TN December Consumption Housekeeper
Millsaps Ervin Male 27 TN August Flux  
Morelock Mary Female 1 TN August Unknown  
Moser Benjamin Male 1 mo. TN November Found Dead  
Moser Laura F. Female 7 mo. TN April Heart Bleeding  
Moser Rachael Female 9 TN September Scarlet Fever  
Murry Robin Male 23 TN May Typhoid Fever Laborer
Parchall Anna Female 1 TN June Brain Inflamation  
Peeler Sarah S. Female 4 mos. TN January Liver Complaint  
Pettitt Joseph Male 2 TN November Pneumonia  
Phillips G. W. Male 1 TN July Flux  
Phillips Mary Male 55 SC May Womb Ulcer Housekeeper
Peirce Add Male 2 PA November Croup  
Praden Andrew Male 2 TN May Flux  
Ragan R. S. Male 1 TN February Sore Throat  
Ramsy William G. Male 25 TN February Fits Laborer
Raper Henry Male 16 SC July Dropsy  
Richards J. A. Male 1 TN February Brain Fever  
Roberts E. E. Female 1 TN May Flux  
Rodgers Luvenia Female 1 TN January Found Dead  
Roser Hettie A. Female 29 TN July Pneumonia Housekeeper
Rowan Elizabeth J. Female 26 TN May Brian Obstruction  
Stapp Thomas W. Male 4 TN June Scarlet Fever  
Stewart George Male 1 TN May Hives  
Swanner Evaline Female 14 mos. TN June Flux  
Tallant Samuel H. Male 1 TN June Croup  
Thompson Elizabeth  Female 38 NC July Womb Ulcer  
Vaughn David Male 1 TN September Unknown  
Vinsant Nancy Female 1 TN February Sore Throat  
Vinsant Nancy Female 26 VA March Unknown  
Walker J. L. Male 1 TN November Sore Ankle  
Wall Robert Male 2 mos. TN May Bowel Complaint  
Wasburn Alfred Male 29 TN February Consumption Tanner
White B. L., Jr. Male 3 TN March Scarlet Fever  
White E.  Male 2 TN October Unknown  
White Lucy R. Female 29 VA July Pneumonia  
Wilson John Male 1 TN January Croup  


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