Meigs County 1850 Mortality Schedule
Meigs County 1850 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Alford Lucinda Female 0 TN October Fever  
Alford Enoch C. Male 1 TN April Unknown  
Blevins John H. Male 14 TN March Typhus Fever  
Blood Martha Female 7 TN May Pneumonia  
Branan William Male 22 TN May Typhoid Fever Farmer
Brown John Male 30 TN May Murdered Farmer
Butler Jacob M. Male 45 VA March Unknown Farmer
Carell George Male 14 TN July Pneumonia Farmer
Carington Ravina S. Female 1 TN February Unknown  
Cate Andrew R. Male 21 TN February Fever Farmer
Coffer James Male 0 TN September Croup  
Colbaugh Mary Female 2 TN October Flu  
Cook Martin Male 27 TN January Typhus Fever Farmer
Cowan James M. Male 0 TN July Unknown  
Day Rhoda Female 28 TN November Pneumonia Housekeeper
Edington Rhoda S. Female 0 TN April Unknown  
Elder John Male 1 TN April Croup  
Fairis Julis Female 11 TN October Fever  
Farnfro Elizabeth Female 19 TN April Fever Spinster
Farrar Polly Ann Female 21 TN November Pneumonia Spinster
Farrer James C. Male 18 TN November Pneumonia Farmer
Gamble Nancy A. Female 30 TN October Fever Housekeeper
Green Frederick Male 58 VA May Chills/Fever Farmer
Green Mary Female 24 VA February Consumption Spinster
Green Zackary T. Male 4 VA February Brain Inflamation  
Gregaby Elizabeth Female 32 TN May Consumption Housekeeper
Huff Uriah S. Male 32 TN March Unknown Farmer
Hunter Thomas Male 65 VA February Pneumonia Farmer
Johnson Andrew R. Male 7 TN September Fever  
Johnson Maddison B. Male 38 TN August Fever Farmer
Little Mary Female 80 VA October Fits  
McAllen Andrew J. Male 29 TN February Brain Inflamation Farmer
McAllen Mary A. Female 53 VA February Typhoid Fever Housekeeper
McDuffee John Male 1 AL February Unknown  
McKinzie Reuben L. Male 17 TN April Fever Farmer
McVincent John C. Male 11 TN November Pneumonia  
Mee Richard R. Male 9 TN December Horse Accident  
Moore Isaac Male 2 TN December Whooping Cough  
Moore John W. Male 1 TN November Whooping Cough  
Veil Sarah Female 15 TN June Vaccination Student
Pettit Mary Female 23 KY October Chills/Fever  
Pettit William J. Male 1 TN October Croup  
Prewet William Male 4 TN February Whooping Cough  
Prewet William Male 90 VA August Old Age Farmer
Price Plesant Male 11 TN October Croup  
Riddle Quintinena Female 1 TN November Croup  
Romines Catharine Female 5 TN September Fever  
Sampson Martha E. Female 30 TN February Unknown Housekeeper
Snider Mahala Female 24 TN November Pneumonia Housekeeper
Stokes Elizabeth Female 32 TN April Fever  
Stokes Louisa Female 18 TN April Fever  
Wade Thomas R. Male 20 TN April Pneumonia Farmer
Wells Mary E. Female 3 TN February Burned  
Wood George W. Male 22 TN April Fever Blacksmith
Young Elizabeth Female 65 NC April Dropsy Housekeeper



Meigs County 1860 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Airheart Elzira Female 49 TN December Consumption  
Blackwell William Male 45 TN December Pneumonia Farmer
Blevins Alabama C. Female 23 TN March Typhoid Fever  
Blevins Hardin Male 82 TN May Bowel ? Farmer
Bunch Ambrose H. Male 1 mo. TN July Unknown  
Carroll John Male 44 TN March Consumption Farmer
Coffer George Male 88 VA march Old Age Farmer
Calvin James H. Male 21 TN February Typhoid Fever  
Calvin Thomas Male 70 VA February Consumption  
Cunningham Malinda a. Female 32 TN April Eating Disorder  
Dake Mary Female 11 days TN December Unknown  
Dartnan ? John A. Male 6 TN July Fever  
Gettys William Linn Male 24 TN April Consumption Farmer
Givens John W. D. Male 10 mos. TN September Flux  
Grisham Maryline Female 1 mo. TN June Hives  
Hughs Mary A. Female 2 mos. TN November Unknown  
Hutchison Thomas C. Male 3 mos. TN July Diarrhea  
Lewis James M. Male 2 TN May Flux  
Martin Millard F. Male 4 TN January Scarlet Fever  
Mavity Jesse Male 1 mo. TN July Unknown  
McKenzie Mahala Female 4 days TN December Croup  
Miller Mary Female 74 VA May Cancer  
Muncey Susan M. Female 3 TN August Flux  
Nance? Without ? 3 weeks TN August Unknown  
Paul James S. Male 60 TN August Chills & Congestion Farmer
Pierce Elizabeth Female 1 IL May Diarrhea  
Robertson Malinda  Female 1 TN September Chills & Congestion  
Rose Melinda E. Female 5 mos. TN October Chills   
Shiflett Benjamin F. Male 20 TN January Typhoid Fever Farmer
Shiflett Elizabeth Female 3 TN August Flux  
Shiflett G. W. Male 26 TN August Typhoid Fever Farmer
Smith Maria Female 2 TN September Croup  
Stone John W. Male 4 VA March Scarlet Fever  
Tillery Mary F. Female 2 TN November Unknown  
Tillery Nancy Female 26 TN June Flux  
Tillery William Male 65 TN October Diarrhea Farmer
Walker Nancy Female 22 TN January Pneumonia  
Wassan Edward E. Male 51 TN May Intemperance Farmer
Welch Charles Male 65 NC October Pneumonia Teacher
Wetherly Albert Male 11 mos. TN July Croup  
Whitmore Nancy Female 54 TN August Cancer  
Wilson John Male 50 TN December Consumption  
Woods Margaret Female 6 TN July Flux  
Wright Dorcas C. Female 35 TN September Child Fever  

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