McMinn County 1850 Mortality Schedule



McMinn Mortality Schedule 1850  --  1860


McMinn County 1850 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age Born Month Cause of Death Occupation
Axly Nancy Female 3 TN June Pneumonia  
Balinger Jacob Male 80 NC June Old Age Farmer
Balinger Meredith Male 77 NC August Old Age Farmer
Ballew William Male 74 NC April Old Age  
Belcher John Male 1 TN June Hives  
Birch Thomas Male 6 Mos. TN December Unknown  
Boyce John Male 7 TN May Pneumonia  
Burnet Winefred Female 17 TN June Fever  
Campbell V. M. Male 41 TN January Consumption Bank Clerk
Cannon Samuel Male 1 TN February Worms  
Crutchfield Thomas Male 59 TN December Fever Brickmason
Davis James Male 3 TN July Fever  
Day Arch Male 1 TN July Unknown  
Day Rhoda Female 24 TN November Unknown Spinster
Dennis Crighton Male 20 TN August Fever Farmer
Dennis Coleman Male 23 TN June Fever  
Dennis Nancy J. Female 19 TN June Fever  
Dennis Ruthy Female 20 TN August Fever  
Ellis John Male 45 TN October Dyspepsia Farmer
Fleming George Male 9 mos. TN March Fever  
Gilbreath Elizabeth R. Female 45 TN October Fever  
Grissum Elizabeth  Female 52 TN April Consumption  
Guills Matthew H. Male 1 mo. TN June Unknown  
Hail Sarah Female 30 TN May Winter Fever  
Hale Jane Female 51 TN September Cancer Spinster
Hale Nancy L. Female 17 NC July Chills & Fever  
Hambright Benjamin F. Male 13 TN January Typhoid Fever Student
Hardy Martha Female 60 VA January Consumption  
Harris Beersheba Female 2 mos. TN March Fits  
Haynes Elizabeth Female 28 TN December Childbed Fever  
Hayes James Male 27 TN December Consumption Farmer
Hays Nimrod Male 13 TN April Worms  
Hays William Male 4 TN January Consumption  
Haywood Eliza Female 4 TN June Unknown  
Heaton Sarah Female 56 SC April Fever  
Hoil Nancy Female 5 mos. TN May Croup  
Lawson Infant Male 2 TN October Unknown  
Lea Catharine Female 23 NC March Consumption  
Long George Male 77 NC January Old Age Farmer
Lowry James Male 78 VA October Gravel Farmer
Marter Mary Female 58 NC August Lung ? Fever  
McSpoon Joseph H. Male 9 mos. TN June Cholera  
Melton Margaret Female 10 TN April Fever  
Morris Elizabeth Female 60 VA October Liver Complaint  
Newman Auther Male 27 TN October Fever Farmer
Otterly John Male 6 Mos. TN December Croup  
Owens John Male 52 NC December Drowned Farmer
Pettit Martha Female 50 NC January Unknown Spinster
Rector Sarah J. Female 9 TN August Enlarged Membrane  
Reynolds Salina Female 28 TN July Liver Complaint  
Rice Martha Female 53 TN October Liver Complaint  
Riddle Justina Female 1 TN October Croup  
Rutherford James Male 84 VA December Dropsy Farmer
Rutherford Mary Female 1 mo. TN January Unknown  
Search Margaret Female 5 NC August Unknown  
Sharp Turner Male 80 NC January Cancer Farmer
Shearman Mary Female 1 TN May Fever  
Shephard H. H. Male 11 NC August Worms  
Shook Jacob Male 1 mo. TN July Flux  
Slover Mary R. Female 1 mo. TN June Croup  
Smith Infant of Joe Female 9 mos. TN November Thrush  
Smith Pheba Female 83 VA November Heart Disease  
Stanfield Rolt Male 9 mos. TN March Cold  
Step Mary L. Female 36 VA October Liver Complaint  
Strullon Levi Male 22 TN July Fever Farmer
Terry Emily Female 19 TN November Fever  
Thomas Infant of J. Male 1 TN October Unknown  
Vandyke Rachel Female 30 TN November Consumption Spinster
Wallen Isaac Male 32 NC December Dyspepsia  
Walter James Male 13 TN September Scrofula  
Ward Charity Female 24 KY March Consumption  
Wheely Lavina Female 15 TN October Cold  
Willis Mary Female 30 TN October Suicide Spinster
Wood Susan Female 33 NC August Fever  
Wood Infant of Susan Female 1 TN August Fever  
Wood Mary Female 70 NC August Old Age  
Workman A. P. Male 7 mos. NC April Erysipelas  
Zigler Mary T. Female 7 TN March Unknown  


McMinn County 1860 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age Born Month Cause of Death Occupation
Amos Elizabeth Female 50 TN December Rheumatism  
Baldwin Adison Male 22 TN July Brain Inflammation Artist
Bales Solomon Male 68 TN October Dropsy Wheelwright
Ballew David Warren Male 11 mos. TN September Cholera  
Barnett John Male 15 NC March Killed  
Boggess Thomas M. Male 4 TN January Scalded  
Bonner James Male 52 NC December Dyspepsia  
Booker Martha J. Female 5 mos. TN October Croup  
Bradford May Jane Female 37 TN November Unknown  
Briant J. G. Male 22 TN March Thrown from Horse  
Brock Baby Female 0 TN December Stillborn  
Brock James Male 14 TN August Bowel Complaints  
Brown A. B. Male 57   January Suicide Cabinet Worker
Buckster James M. Male 1 TN July Cholera  
Bunch John Male 1 mo. TN March Croup  
Bunch Maranda Female 4 mos. TN April Fits  
Bunch Salina Female 3 TN December Croup  
Burk Infant Female 0 TN March Stillborn  
Buttram Mary Female 59 S October Neuralgia  
Calhoun Lucy Female 2 TN December Croup  
Cartwright William A. Male 3 mos. TN February Lung Colds  
Cates G. A. Female 23 TN October Child Birth  
Chambers James Male 17 TN December Killed  
Chamlee Infant   0 TN April Child Birth  
Coates William  Male 46 NC November Pneumonia Farmer
Cobb Orlena Female 4 mos. TN October Croup  
Conner Mary M. Female 37 TN September Family Sickness  
Creasmon Daniel Male 3 mos. TN May Unknown  
Cuningham John W. Male 1 TN July Brain Inflammation  
Dotson Howard M. Male 1 TN December Croup  
Downey Jane Female 5 NC March Scarlet Fever  
Eakins John W. Male 1 TN September Croup  
Engledon Ann E. Female 9 mos. TN June Brian Disease  
Everton Thomas  Male 31 TN March Rheumatism  
Farrel Mary C. Female 33 NC June Consumption  
Ford Ellen Female 2 TN June Brain Inflammation  
Fuqua Alvis G. Male 22 NC February Car Ran Over Railroad Worker
George Pinckney R. Male 17 VA July Fits  
Gibbs Mary E. Female 5 TN May Lung Inflammation  
Gilbert Infant Male 1 mo. TN February Suffocated  
Goddard John W. Male 1 mo. TN July Croup  
Green E. J. Female 14 TN January Burning  
Green Emily Female 2 mos. TN February Croup  
Green Jane Female 22 TN March Bronchitis  
Green Mary Jane Female 64 VA February Fever  
Griffith Hanah Female 40 TN March Dropsy  
Gunn Madison G. Male 3 TN April Breast Complaint  
Hackler Charity Female 48 TN September Dropsy  
Hale Caroline Female 1 TN April Fits  
Hamilton Daniel W. Male 9 TN June Tetanu  
Harper Sydney E. Female 20 NC July Typhoid Fever  
Harris Charlotta Female 25 TN March Child Birth  
Hicks Mary E. Female 4 mos. TN July Flux  
Horton James D. Male 1 TN June Flux  
Hoye Adalien Female 32 TN June Nervous Fever  
Huddleson Infant Male 1 mo. TN October Hives  
Huddleson May  Female 32 NC January Child Birth  
Huddleson Paralee Female 7 TN October Throat Effection  
Ingram Elizabeth Female 30 TN June Dropsy  
Ingram George W. Male 68 NC May Dropsy Farmer
Erwin Elizabeth Female 36 NC March Dyspepsia  
Jenkins Amanda Female 22 TN June Consumption  
Jenkins Arvenia Female 35 TN March Child Birth  
Jenkins Infant Male 1 mo. TN March Unknown  
John Baby Male 1 day TN October Unknown  
John Mary Female 26 TN Juy Scrofula  
Lowe Franklin Male 6 TN March Fits  
Lusk Rebecca Female 65 NC September Unknown  
Mathews William Male 48 TN July Consumption Farmer
McClain Hanah Female 66 SC August Falling  
McClary Syrous Male 27 TN March Dyspepsia  
McCluby Jane Female 36 TN August Child Birth  
McElhaney John A. Male 1 TN September Teething  
Million Emeline E. Female 6 mos. TN November Pneumonia  
Minett Nancy W. Female 38 TN April Consumption  
Moore Elizabeth Female 64 VA March Carbuncle  
Morgan Mary J. Female 1 day TN August Unknown  
Moss Harriet Female 19 TN May Consumption  
Myrick William Male 33   December Typhoid Fever Blacksmith
Neil Ellen Female 11 days TN July Croup  
Norvell Mary S. Female 70 NC September Neuralgia  
Pearce Infant Male 0 TN April Stillborn  
Pettett Infant Male 0 TN May Stillborn  
Pike Ellen Female 2 TN October Burnt  
Pugh Elizabeth Female 34 TN November Breast Complaint  
Ragan William S. Male 2 mos. TN September Brain Irritation  
Reed Clarissa Female 60 NC June Torpid Liver  
Reno William Male 38 TN November Typhoid Fever Wagon Maker
Renskey Sarah Female 2 GA March    
Reynolds John Male 11 mos. TN September Croup  
Riggins Nancy  Female 75 NC September Breast Complaint  
Rinsor Joseph G. Male 6 TN February Pneumonia  
Roberts Laura Female 20 days TN October Unknown  
Small Hester Ann Female 4 TN October Croup  
Small Wilbert J. Male 3 TN October Croup  
Smith William P. Male 23 TN April Killed Farmer
Stephenson Caroline J. Female 0 TN January Bowel Complaints  
Stepp Thomas H. Male 34 TN June Consumption Miller
Teague Isaac Male 8 mos. TN May Gravel  
Teague Mary Female 4 mos. TN January Croup  
Thurman Sarah Female 16 TN May Pneumonia  
Tunnell Carroll Male 11 mos. TN M Croup  
Underwood Samuel Male 83 NC March Unknown  
Vandergriff Infant Female 1 mo. TN July Hives  
Walker L. F. Female 33 VA May Consumption  
Walsh Lousinda Female 42 TN March Apoplexy  
Ward May Female 19 TN August Dropsy  
White Elisha Male 62 SC April Consumption Farmer
Willson Nancy Female 5 mos. TN March Croup  
Wilson John W. Male 4 mos. TN June Flux  
Woolsey Polly Female 25 TN June Dropsy  
Wyrick William Male 33   December Typhoid Fever Blacksmith

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