Blount County 1850 Mortality Schedule



Blount County 1850 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Aiken Sarah Female 50 TN May Dropsy  
Aikman Thomas Male 26 Al July Consumption Teacher
Barker George W. Male 11 mos. NC July Diarrhea  
Bayless Sarah Female 38 TN December Dropsy  
Black Charles Male 10 mos. TN September Croup  
Cochran James Male 8 mos. TN June Fever  
Goodman Ruth Female 60 VA September Apoplexy  
Greenway David Male 55 TN June Fever  
Hackney Mary Female 1 TN August Flux  
Hicks Henry Male 21 TN July Congestive Fever  
Hooper Moses Male 55 NC July Brain Inflamation  
Hamontree Hannah Female 27 TN June Consumption  
Humphreys Alex Male 55 TN June Pneumonia  
Humphreys John Male 5 TN May Croup  
Humphreys Robert Male 8 mos. TN May Liver Aflection  
Jones Delilah Female 21 TN August Fever  
Jones Lavinia Female 37 TN January Fits  
Kegley Jacob Male 40 VA June Typhoid Fever  
Kegley Kathrine Female 17 VA June Typhoid Fever  
Malcoms Mary Female 26 TN May Cold  
McCall John Male 44 TN August Dropsy  
McGhee Elvira Female 4 TN March Fits  
Orr Elijah Male 82 PA November Old Age  
Pugh William Male 77 TN January Fever Mechanic
Robinson Albert Male 22 TN October Typhoid Fever  
Saffell Samuel Male 72 TN September Poison  
Shanks Jane Female 84 VA January Old Age  
Spate Chaney Female 44 TN July Fever  
Sterling Malsina Female 43 TN June Consumption Farmer
Stone Claiborn Male 19 TN July Congestive Fever  
Stone Tailor Male 1 TN March Inflamed Bowels  
Taylor Elim Female 30 TN June Consumption  
Williams Joel Male 7 mos. TN March Unknown  



Blount County 1860 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Allen Elizabeth Female 16 TN October Typhoid Fever  
Anderson Sarah Female 28 NC January Typhoid Fever Farmer
Blackburn Andrew Male 31 TN August Consumption Concert Musician
Blackburn Sally Female 1 TN April Lung Inflamation  
Blaug ? George Male 45 Ireland June Liver Disease Butcher
Brakebille John Male 61 TN October Erysepilis Farmer
Brooks Sarah Female 68 VA August Dropsy  
Brown Joseph M. Male 22 TN April Typhoid Fever Farmer
Burnham William L. Male 1 TN June Cholera  
Burns Crooson Male 3 TN December Sore Throat  
Carney Patrick Male 45 Ireland January Brain Inflamation Stone Cutter
Caston Lucinda Female 91 VA July Old Age  
Cenje Martha Female 67 TN August Old Age  
Chapman Joseph M. Male 2 TN June Flux  
Clark May Female 24 TN October Consumption  
Claudpet John Male 40 TN May Typhoid Fever Laborer
Cochran John F. Male 2 TN March Typhoid Fever  
Cohom John F. Male 2 TN February Typhoid Fever  
Conner Alexander Male 2 mos. TN October Sore Throat  
Conner Margaret Female 87 Ireland February Old Age  
Cowan Jane Female 70 TN May Bilious Fever Farmer
Cox Rose Female 27 SC May Consumption  
Culton Mary Female 78 CA June Bowel Inflamation  
Cunningham Leander H. Male 2 TN January Worms  
Daltiny Amanda J. Female 32 TN March Consumption  
Davis Malindy Female 24 TN April Breast Disease  
Davis Martha Female 28 VA July Consumption  
Dawson Mary Ann Female 9 mos. TN July Croup  
Deabney Richard Male 21 TN September Typhoid Fever  
Dunlap William  Male 47 NC October Unknown Farmer
Dunlap Thomas Male 37 TN May Typhoid Fever Farmer
Easley Elizabeth Female 3 TN June Flux  
Edmonson Mary J. Female 21 TN February Bronchitis  
Emmett Betsy Ann Female 49 TN November Consumption  
Everett Eliza Female 28 VA February Consumption Housekeeper
Farr James Male 36 TN September Bilious Fever Farmer
Farr Samuel G. Male 2 TN June Flux  
French Cepha Male 5 TN June Typhoid Fever  
Gardner William A. Male 6 TN June Brain Disease  
Garner William Male 87 NC May Dropsy  
Goset John Male 6 TN July Unknown Farmer
Gillespie Will G. Male 64 TN March Intemperance  
Grather Lusinda Female 12 TN July Typhoid Fever Show Maker
Grather William G. Male 44 AL June Typhoid Fever Show Maker
Grissum Sarah E. Female 12 TN February Unknown  
Garner Elizabeth Female 43 TN June Consumption  
Gundstaff Peter Male 9 TN February Typhoid Fever  
Hackney Molly Female 10 mos. TN August Brain Inflamation  
Hackney Nancy E. Female 4 TN May Typhoid Fever  
Haddof Augustine Male 1 TN March Sore Throat Tenant Child
Haddof Betsy A. Female 9 TN March Sore Throat Tenant Child
Haddof James N. Male 4 TN March Sore Throat Tenant Child
Hamill John M. Male 16 TN May Liver Disease  
Hamill Margaret E. Female 1 TN June Brain Inflamation  
Hammer Jesse L. Female 9 mos. TN June Cold  
Hammer Polly Ann Female 27 TN May Consumption  
Hanner John A. Male 9 mos. TN August Croup  
Harris Eleanor Female 75 VA May Old Age Farmer
Harris Eleanor Female 75 VA May Palsey Farmer
Henry Margaret Female 29 TN March Consumption Housekeeper
Henry Thomas Male 1 week TN May Unknown  
Hicks Margarett Female 60 NC January Pneumonia Nurse
Hicks William Male 69 NC April Congestion Shoemaker
Hoyt Samuelt Male 11 mos. TN May Unknown  
Johnson Mary Female 19 TN September Sevralized ?  
Johnson William Male 1 mo. TN January Hives  
Jones Samuel Male 84 NC September Dibility ? Farmer
Kerby Narcissa Female 43 TN September Consumption  
Kerr Naoma Female 9 TN August Brain Infection  
Kidd Sam Houston Male 1 mo. TN September Unknown  
Kizer Ann Female 57 TN November Chills  
Lingenfelter Josephine H. Female 3 TN November Croup  
McClure Clementine Female 23 TN May Fever Laborer
McConnell Margaret M. Female 12 TN July Measles  
McGinly Margarett Female 26 TN August Consumption Housekeeper
McGinly Ebenezer Male 57 TN June Consumption Farmer
McKechan John Male 1 mo. TN April Unknown  
McLair Margaret Female 6 TN March Tonsillitis  
McLin John B. Male 75 CA April Unknown Carpenter/Joiner
McNabb William Male 73 SC May Consumption Thread Baler
Meiser John Q. Male 3 TN November Unknown  
Mitchel William Male 20 TN August Pneumonia Laborer
Montgomery Elizabeth Female 70 PA July Dibility ?  
Montgomery John Male 48 TN January Intemperance Laborer
Moore Elizabeth G. Female 1 TN October Croup  
Morton James Male 59 NC July Typhoid Fever Farmer
Moss Mary Female 26 VA September Breast Cancer Factory Worker
Murreu Margarett Female 28 NC August Consumption Orchard Keeper
Nipper Child Male 1 mo. TN October Typhoid Fever  
Odum Theophilus Male 49 NC February Pneumonia Laborer
Parsons William N. Male 1 TN September Thrush  
Phillips Pleasant H. Male 36 TN February Consumption Farmer
Phillips William Male 1 mo. TN January Croup  
Phinney Matthew Male 5 mos. TN March Brain Inflamation  
Rankin Penelope Female 11 TN October Sore Throat  
Rawlston George Male 79 VA September Rheumatism Farmer
Rawlston Mary Female 10 mos. TN November Dropsy  
Richards Elizabeth Female 73 TN February Unknown  
Rogers Martha Female 29 TN October Fits  
Sineerly Isaac Male 9 mos. TN January Brain Inflamation  
Sineus John Male 12 TN February Congestion  
Spradlin William P. Male 1 mo. TN October Unknown  
Stallion Apsley Female 55 NC February Consumption  
Steel Jordon Male 1 TN June Brain Inflamation  
Stone Joel Male 69 NC December Tetnous Painter
Stout Sarah Female 74 VA March Unknown  
Swaggerty Mary Female 5 mos. TN August Unknown Tenant Child
Talbot James F. Male 1 TN June Bowel Inflamation  
Terry Melinda Female 1mo. TN June Unknown  
Thea Leonard Male 55 NC January Consumption Miller
Thompson Elizabeth A. Female 6 mos. TN October Liver Disease  
Thompson John Male 56 TN March Internal Laborer
Thompson Moses Male 11 mos. TN November Sore Throat  
Tillispie ? Telaua Female 9 mos. TN September Brain Inflamation  
Toole William Male 69 TN May Old Age Saddler
Waddle Mary E. Female 7 mos. TN June Cold  
Wayman Charles Male 1 mo. TN May Unknown  
Wesley Tolbut Male 2 mos. TN July Bowel Inflamation  
Whitehead Lucy Female 6 TN March Burned  
Whittinberry Sarah M. Female 6 mos. TN March Croup  
Wilson Ann Eliza Female 70 TN June Flux  
Wilson Lorenzo Male 6 TN October Teething  


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