Bledsoe County 1850 Mortality Schedule
Bledsoe County 1850 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Barger William R. Male 2 TN September Hives  
Barnet Robert F. Male 91 VA April Dropsy Farmer
Beaty Elizabeth Female 24 TN June Dead Palsy Housekeeper
Bowlin Virginia Female 8 TN February Dropsy  
Boyd Franklin Male 6 TN march Horse Kick  
Breaut? William L. Male 1 mo. TN September Fever  
Cartright Jane Female 18 TN May Dropsy Housekeeper
Clark Sarah Female 2 mos. TN October Unknown  
Clifton Joseph Male 7 mos. TN June Hives  
Coleman Myra A. Female 8 TN February Rheumatism  
Crawford Thomas Male 1 TN April Measles  
Faine Richard Male 1 mo. TN May Unknown  
Galbraith Eliza L. Female 40 TN November Pneumonia Housekeeper
Gentry Nancy Female 32 TN September Fever Housekeeper
Gentry Nancy Female 33 TN September Billious Fever Housekeeper
Godsey Hyram Male 32 TN April Executed Laborer
Greer Mary E. Female 16 TN September Inflamed Head  
Griffy Benjamin Male 75 GA March Diarrhea Miller
Hale William C. Male 9 TN February Fever  
Hall Mary E. Female 65 VA March Cold Housekeeper
Hamilton Catharine Female 1 TN August Flux  
Heard Rebecca Female 16 TN March Cold Housekeeper
Hisan Martha Female 9 TN April Croup  
Hixson James Male 1 mo. TN May Unknown  
Holaway Francis M. Male 7 TN March Unknown  
Houston Henry Male 11 TN June Eating Dirt  
Hunter Ephriam Male 11 TN February Unknown  
Johnson Aquilla Male 80 SC February Gravel Farmer
Keeton John Male 3 TN June Fits  
Mathis Susan G. Female 20 TN March Bold Hives Housekeeper
McClarrin Nancy Female 63 SC July Chronic ? Housekeeper
Moore Eliza J. Female 3 TN June Burned  
Morgan James B. Male 5 TN June Croup  
Myres James P. Male 26 TN September Lung Disease Teacher
Oxsher Mary  Female 2 TN July Croup  
Skiles David Male 35 TN February Consumption Laborer
Sky Mary Female 50 VA February Dropsy Housekeeper
Smith Daniel Male 3 TN January Burned  
Smith Larkin Male 8 TN January Measles  
Sutherland Alfred Male 12 TN May Dropsy  
Swadfrass ? Female 1 mo. TN March Unknown  
Swafford Nancy Female 60 TN April Pneumonia Housekeeper
Swafford Sarah Female 1 mo. TN December Unknown  
Swafford Teresa A. Female 10 mos. TN August Worms  
Tibby Gemima Female 9 mos. TN June Flux  



Bledsoe County 1860 Mortality Schedule          
Last Name First Name Gender Age State Born Month Died Cause of Death Occupation
Abbott William M. R. Male 1 mo. TN September Unknown  
Acuff Joseph Male 1 TN November Croup  
Atchley Cyntha Female 12 TN January Unknown  
Brown Benjamin R. Male 1 TN September Brain Disease  
Brown Wiliam S. Male 68 VA February Pneumonia Farmer
Clark Jonathan Male 48 TN February Unknown Farmer
Dye Seasman? Male 3 TN October Croup  
Goff Mary S. Female 1 TN September Croup  
Goodson Benjamin F. Male 6 mos. TN September Pneumonia  
Hamilton Benjamin Male 4 mos TN February Scarlet Fever  
Hixson Emma Female 85 NC June Unknown  
Hixson Emmit Male 1 mo. TN September Unknown  
Huntley Caroline Female 58 NC December Unknown Housekeeper
Laster Burwell Male 90 NC July Old Age  
Lea Martha Ann Female 17 TN July Lightning  
Loyd Elizabeth Female 74 TN August Spinal Aflection  
Mathews Charlote Female 25 TN January Consumption  
Oats Mary S. Female 70 NC March Dropsy Housekeeper
Owens Delia Female 4 mos. TN October Croup  
Pankey James S. Male 37 TN March Consumption Farmer
Rogers Amanda Female 25 TN February Dropsy Housekeeper
Rutledge Andrew J. Male 3 TN September Unknown  
Singleton Richmond Male 1 TN February Croup  
Singleton William  Male 30 TN February Dropsy Laborer
Smith John Male 1 IL July Chills  
Smith Mary Jane Female 1 mo. TN January Whooping Cough  
Swafford Angeline Female 7 TN September Typhoid Fever  
Swofford Angeline Female 7 TN September Typhoid Fever  
Tollin William B. Male 35 TN February Consumption Farmer
Vernon William Male 51 VA May Gastritis Farmer
Walker James  Male 4 mos. TN February Croup  

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