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Schools of Marion County

These school photos represent our heritage in Marion County.

We are proud to have a part in its history and to be descended from its Pioneers.


Battle Creek Institute Burroughs Chapel School Foster Falls School
Fayett Caldwell School    
Grammar School Basketball Champions 1950 Griffith Creek Kindergarten Sunday Class 1923 Griffith Creek School 1946
Guild Elementary School, Mrs. Ford Guild Elementary School, Mrs. Hinch  
Guild School 1936-37   Guild School - First Grade - 1946
Guild School - Second Grade - 1947 Guild School UK1 Guild School UK2
Guild School UK3 Guild School UK4 Guild School UK5
Hales Bar School 1939 Hicks Chapel School Hicks Chapel School 1933
Kimball School 1934-35 Knox School at Caroline Chapel Looney Creek School
MCHS Juniors 1914 MCHS Girls Basketball Team 1916 MCHS Class of 1927
1940 MCHS Football Team MCHS Sophomores 1941-42 MCHS 1946 Thanksgiving Classic Program
MCHS Football Team 1947 MCHS Freshman Class 1948-49 1949 MCHS Girls Basketball Team
MCHS Boy Scouts 1952 MCHS Beta Club 1957-58 MCHS Lettermen of 1957
MCHS Class of 1958 MCHS Class of 1958 - 20 Year Reunion  
Pine Set School-1950's Red Brick Schoolhouse Students - 1922 Richard City School- 1935
Richard Hardy Memorial School Photos Richard Hardy Memorial School Richard Hardy Memorial School Play Cast
Sequatchie Elementary School Sunnyside School South Pittsburg High School - Roll of 1924
South Pittsburg High School Banquet 1926 (Article) South Pittsburg High School - Class of 1944 South Pittsburg High School - Class of 1944 - 35th Reunion
Unknown School Walden Ridge School Whiteside School - Mayday
Whiteside School - King & Queen Whiteside or Guild School Group First Whitwell High School Year Book - 1949
Whitwell Grammar School 4th Grade -1951    


Many thanks to all of you who have contributed your photos.
If you have photographs of school groups in Marion County that you would like to add to this Photo Album let us know. The easiest way to get photos to us is to scan them, then e-mail them to us in jpeg format. If this is not possible, you can send the photo to us and we will return it to you after it is scanned.

Please identify all photos with names, the area and date photo was taken (if you know the date), and any other information you would like to add about the picture.

Your Marion County Coordinator is

Betty McBee

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February 17, 2009