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Hawkins County Veterans War Memorial

Hawkins County Veterans War Memorial
Dedication Plaque

The people of Hawkins County erected and dedicated the War Memorial to all who served in the Armed Forces and to those who gave their life while performing service for our country. This War Memorial was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 31, 1993.

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Army Corporal Samuel Carson Harris, Jr., 21, of Rogersville was a member of Company C, 65th Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.   He was listed as Missing in Action while fighting the enemy in North Korea on Nov. 27, 1950.   His company came under intense attack near Hill 222.   In 1998, Samuel was still MIA.   However, in 2000 his remains were found in a grave near the Kuryong River in P'yongan-Pukto Province.   Finally, after almost 60 years he was brought home and buried in Arlington National Cemetary on April 10, 2009.   His name was added to the War Memorial.

Etching of S.H.name image of S.C. Harris
Names from Vietnam Blank Stone

The last stone is unetched. Hopefully, and God willing, this stone will remain forever unmarred.

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