1890 Census of Union Veterens and their Widows, Hancock TN

1890 Census of Union Veterens and their Widows, Hancock County, TN

This document was generously donated by Hallie Garner

1890 Special Census of Union Veterans and their Widows, Hancock County, TN, NARA M123, Roll 95 

Extracted by Hallie Price Garner for Our Mountain Heritage 

“Shot by Revenue Agents” The 1890 Special Census of Union Veterans and Widows HANCOCK COUNTY, TENNESSEE National Archives and Record Administration, Record Group M123, Roll 95 Extraction by Hallie Price Garner, Dallas, Texas 1996 Most of the 1890 census of population was burned in a fire in the Commerce Dept. building in Washington, DC in 1921. None of it survives for Tennessee, leaving a great gap in our knowledge of our ancestors in that time period. However, a special census was taken in 1890 to enumerate the Union Veterans and their widows, and that does survive for Tennessee and many other states. This schedule does not include those men and their widows that fought on the Confederate side, or those who were dead by 1890 without surviving wives. In this time period there were no death records being kept in Tennessee and most courthouse records in Sneedville burned in the two fires at the courthouse since 1890. Therefore, any records that give additional information about your ancestor are valuable. Some of the information in the Remarks column will not be found in any other extant records. Wouldn't you love to know if your ancestor had been "shot by revenue agents," as one widow reported. And don't you admire the bravery of the person who was a prisoner for eighteen months and still reenlisted? Many gems of information are found herein, sometimes including former and later marriages of women that are so hard to find in a county which has no marriage records before 1936.

Because their service was often in units formed outside of Tennessee, you know that some of these men either a) wanted to fight very badly, or b) moved into Hancock Co. after the war. Because of space limitations, the actual dates served have not been extracted, but can be found on the microfilm and in the actual service record. Many men tried to register in this census but their names were marked through because they were found to be Confederate veterans. I have not copied those at this time. Some blanks are left empty because they were empty on the schedule. This census was taken 25 years after the end of the war and many memories, understandably, had faded. If you have a relative on this list, it is usually worthwhile to see if they had a pension application, because much valuable information is given in pension applications. Sometimes a complete list of children is given, as well as dates of marriage, maiden names, and residences. I will print a short excerpt from a pension application at the end of this article to show what kind of information might be gained. Note: The page number is in the order within the county. The ED #is the Enumeration District number, a Census Bureau geographic code.

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co. Unit Remarks

1 110 1 Wolf, Nathaniel Brays Pvt I 8th TN Inf stiffness of hips

Givens, William " " G 7th TN Inf reenlisted, neuralgia

Jackson, James " Sgt K 9th TN Cav rheumatism

Larkin, John Brays Pvt L " dislocation of arm and shoulder joint

Medlin, Henry Ball Point, Grainger Co. " E 3rd NC Inf

Wolfe, Wiley Treadway " I 8th TN Inf

Wolfe, Greene B. " " I "

Heck, Nathaniel R. " " G 1st Tn Cav

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co. Unit Remarks

Lidia Jones, widow of Jones, William Treadway Pvt 7th KY Inf died in service

Johns, Joseph " " L 8th TN Cav

Simpson, George (col.) " " H Miss Inf

Manerva Holt, widow of Holt, Pryor Luther " G 8th TN Inf killed at Indian Creek, Grainger Co. TN 9 Oct 1863

2 110 1 Johnson, Pleasant " " L 8th TN Cav Asthma

Greene, A. J. " " B " Diarrhea

Royston, Robert A. " " I 8th TN Inf

Martha J, widow of McGinnis, James M. Treadway " I " died in service

Manis, Edward " " E 1 TN Cav

Ruth E. Ogan, widow of name marked through Blackwater no info given

Trent, Madison " no info given

3 110 2 Short, William Treadway Pvt L 8th TN Inf

Harris, Jackson " " L 8th TN Cav

Jemima, widow of Harris, Thomas " " L "

Cope, William A. Luther 1st Lt E " served 6 mos, got separated from co. before discharge

Allie E., widow of Thomas Jones " Pvt G 1st TN Cav

Trent, Wiley R. " " G 9th TN Cav

Trent, William R. Mitchburg " B 1st TN Cav

Jones, John " " H 24th Ky Inf collarbone broken and shoulder joint dislocated, fell off "Wildcat Cliff" in a night march

Seal, Frederick " " A 47th KY Inf Rheumatism

Winstead, Mack Lee Valley, Hawkins Co. " L 8th TN Cav

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co Unit Remarks

Drinnon, John Treadway Cpl L 8th TN Cav nasal catarrh & rheumatism

Minerva, widow of Helton, William J. " Pvt L "

Catherine, widow of John Odom " Cpl G 8th TN Inf

Seal, Anderson Michburg Pvt A 47th KY Inf

4 111 3 Carter, Herd Upper Clinch 1st Sgt L 8th TN Cav

Polly Smith, widow of Smith, James " Pvt no info given

Fields, Richard " " 49th KY Inf

Isom, Edens " " G 1st TN Cav

4 111 3 Sarah L. Snapp, formerly widow of William H. Shanks Upper Clinch no info given

Begley, George R. " Cpl E 1st TN Cav

5 111 3 Susan Ford, formerly Susan Albright " no info given

Fields, Shadrach " Pvt E 1st TN Cav

Kilgore, James " " F "

Jones, Joseph " " K 13th TN Cav

Fisher, William " " E 1st TN Cav

Bowen, William H. Kyles Ford " A 1st TN Lght Artlry

McMillan, Abraham " " B 49th KY Inf

Herd, Wiley " " L 8th TN Cav

Cantwell, John " " G 5th TN Cav

Elizabeth Harris, wife of Harris, Nathan " no info given

6 111 3 Matilda Seal, widow of Seal, William Maness, Scott Co.,VA disability

Arrington, Leroy Address not given Pvt E 1st TN Cav

Herd, James " " E "

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co Unit Remarks

Mary Fisher, widow of Fisher, Shadrach Address not given no info given

Gowen, Zachariah [prob Goins] " Pvt G 1st TN Cav

Minor, Alfred " " E 8th TN Cav

Wallen, Alfred " " C 8th TN Inf

Willis, Leonard " " G 1st TN Cav

Willis, William " " " "

Fleenor, John " " E "

Willis, Thomas " " G "

Wallen, Joseph " 1st Sgt L 8th TN Cav

Mary A. Wallen, widow of Ivan Wallen (or Alvin?) " no info given

7 111 3 Bailey, John B. Upper Clinch Pvt B 3rd TN Inf

Edens, George " Cpl E 1st TN Cav

Mary Tignor, former widow of Wooton, Robert " no info given

Wallen, Inda, formerly Inda Fields " no info given

Smith, John F. " Sgt A 1st TN Cav

8 112 5 & 10 Pridemore, Wiley Blackwater Cpl E 8th TN Cav

Davis, George W. " Lt. E "

Collins, Bailey Datura Pvt A 1st TN Cav

Brooks, Joseph " 2nd Lt A "

Nancy, Widow of Trent, James G.. " Pvt B " gunshot wound through lungs

Pratt, John Blackwater " L 9th TN Cav

Mullins, Hezekiah Datura " J 1st US Inf

Nancy, widow of Lawson, John M. P. " " B 1st Tn Cav

Trent, William K. " " A 1 Tn Lt Art

Testerman, William P. " Capt E 8th TN Cav

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co Unit Remarks

Davis, William B. Blackwater Maj E 8th TN Cav

Mahala, widow of Cody, William Daturga Pvt no info given

9 112 5 & 15 Cope, Alfred Shortburg Pvt A 47th Ky Inf

Cody, Thomas " " L 9th TN Cav

Eliza Rogers, formerly widow of Brooks, Architbald T. Blackwater " B 1st TN Cav

10 113 6 Anderson, George H. Sneedville " Potomac Fleet couldn't give vessel or dates

Collins, Simeon " " A 1st TN Cav

Turner, Francis M. " Lt. E 8th TN Cav

Turner, William " Pvt " "

Baker, Wallen W. " " G 19th Ky Inf

Sargeant, Stephen G. " Cpl D " reenlisted

Maness, Howard " Pvt G 1st TN Cav

Collins, Conoway " Cpl H "

Goins, John " Pvt A "

Goodman, Madison " " " "

Gilbert, Daniel " Corp E 8th TN Cav

Collins, Calaway " Pvt A 1st TN Cav

11 113 6 Mays, Rollin " " B "

Wilbourn, Stephen " " G 8th Tn Cav

Ferguson, Wesley " " E "

Greene, Joseph " " B 1st TN Cav

Emeline, widow of Carter, Winfield " " F "

Melvina, widow of Moles, Joseiah " " B "

Seal, Alfred " " E 8th TN Cav

Mathis, John C. " Sgt B 1st TN Cav

Harris, James " Pvt A "

Givens, Thomas B.. " Sgt E 8th TN Cav

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co Unit Rank

Melissa, widow of Stubblefield, John Sneedville Pvt B 1st TN Cav died in service

Greene, Sebert " " G 8th TN Inf

Lizzie, widow of Campbell, William Y. " Sgt E 8th TN Cav

Jarvis, Lewis M. " Capt E "

12 113 6 Rogers, A. L. " Lt L 10th TN Cav

Jarvis, George W. " Pvt 8th TN Cav

Mitchell, John d. " Lt D 19th KY Inf

Orpha, wife of Simeon, widow of Collins, Silas " Pvt A 1 TN Cav died in the Army, Apr/May 1864

Givens, Joshua 6th Civ Dist no info given

13 114 7 & 8 Bradfore, Marion D__phi or De--mophone 1 " C 2nd NC Inf

Leedy, Joe " " D 1st NC Inf

Foley, Horton C. " Sgt E 1st TN Cav

Cloud, William W. " Pvt C 1st TN Inf

Loon, David H. " " D 9th TN Cav

Waddle, Rhebecca " Cpl C 7th TN Inf

Ferguson, Gerry " Pvt D 5th TN Cav

14 114 7 & 8 Moore, Hubbard Henry's Sgt H 12 KY Cav

Willis, Matthew " Pvt not confirmed

Seal, Enoch Pvt C 9th TN Cav cannot get further information

Claxton, Fernando Yellow Spgs. Pvt C "

Claxton, Nancy " Pvt couldn't get info

Mathis, Anderson " Pvt H 1 TN Inf

Hopkins, Arthur New Cedar " D 3rd TN Inf

Ramsey, Josiah Yellow Spgs " I 12 TN Inf

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co Unit Remarks

15 114 7&8 Stubblefield, Allex Sneedville Pvt H 1st TN Cav

Williams, Calaway " Cpl K 13 KY Cav

Shell, Albert " Pvt L 4th NC Inf

Ledbetter, Elmira " " K 12 KY Cav

Fields, Asberry " " G 2nd TN Cav

Helton, Kanice 7th Civ Dst widow

Oric, Benjamin " USSol

16 115 14 Parks, Samuel Alanthus Hill Pvt B 1st TN Inf

Clarissa, widow of Hill, David " " I 9th TN Cav died of dropsy after leaving army

Eveline, widow of Busic, Calvin " " A 1st TN Cav died of malarial fever while on duty

Lamarr, Joseph C. " " H 8th TN Cav

Owens, William " " A 1st TN Cav pensioner

Elizabeth, widow of Clarkson, Samuel " " F 8th TN Cav bronchitis, incurred & died since 65

Owens, James B. " " A 1st TN Cav pensioner, lung consumption

Mundy, Jacob J. " " A 1st TN Inf bone scurvy

17 115 14 Spurlock, Thomas " " A 4th KY Inf

Elizabeth, widow of Berry, David " " A 1st TN Cav shot through thigh, killed since 65 by revenue officers

Wolfe, Daloin " " B " shot through ankle, pensioner

Combs, Fielding " " E 5th NJ Art shot in face, reenlisted veteran

Long, Thomas P. " " B 1st TN Art kidney trouble incurred

Farris, John Fenton " H 4th TN Inf prisoner at Camp Morton 18 months, reenlisted

18 115 14 Louthin, Thomas Mulberry Gap " G 8th TN Cav typhoid fever, left chest affected, pensioner

Louthien, David N. " Sgt " " "

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co Unit Remarks

Rogers, Thomas H. Mulberry Gap Landsman NSS Ossippi West Gulf Squadron fracture of left leg by gunshot, pensioner

19 115 14 Pugh, Elisah " Capt of ?, Bark William G. Austin

Overton, Robert R. " 2nd Lt G 8th TN Cav ruptured bowels, reenlisted

Smith, James H. " Pvt A 1st TN Cav shot through arm and shoulder

Collins, Milum Sneedville " " no info

Collins, Lewis K. " " " 1st TN Cav shot through leg

Collins, Vardyman Mulberry Gap " E 2nd TN Inf

Goins, John " " H 24th KY Inf reenlisted

20 115 9 Collins, McKinley " " E 8th TN Cav diarrhea, pensioner

21 116 13 Ogan, John Brays " I 8th TN Inv chronic diarrhea

Bray, McHenry " " " "

Greene, Perry Luther " E 9th TN Cav

Allen, John, US Soldier 13th Dist US Sol

Antrikn, John, US Soldier " "

Mullins, Christofer " "

Jarnikn, Elixander " "

Viles, Levi " "

Roberts, Nancy, widow of US Soldier " widow

Montgomery, Elexander " US Sol

Coffee, William " "

Trent, David " "

22 116 Hayes, Harmon M. Dist 10 US Sol

Maxey, Gabrel " "

Fugate, Mary " Widow

Jackson, Peter Dist 13 US Sol

Booth, Nancy " Widow

Fugate, Joseph H. Dist 10 US Sol

Trent, Daniel G. " "

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co Unit Remarks

23 116 Davis, William Lee Valley 1st Sgt G 8th TN Inf chronic rheumatism

Seal, Irvin Clinch Pvt C 10 TN Cav prisoner 6 months at Richmond, lungs affected

Lawson, William H. Clinch " G 4th TN Cav shot in right thigh

Seal, Champ M. Sneedvile " B 1st TN Cav kicked by horse, chronic diarrhea

Trent, Robert A. Mitchburg Sgt B "

Buttry, William Clinch L 8th TN Cav

Trent, John C. Clinch Pvt D

24 117 12 Peters, Tillman P. Kyles Ford " Rogers Battalion claims he was a soldier and had formed a batetion? endeavoring to get to the Army to enlist

Nichols, John " " E 8th TN Cav measles

Roberts, Nancy M., widow of Joseph Roberts " " discharge lost, can't get dates

Pridemore, George W. " " C 8th TN Inf gunshot right shoulder, contracted lung disease

Wallen, Robert B. " " G 1st TN Cav kidney disease, chronic diarrhea

Wallen, Jane widow of Wallen, James R. " " 11 TN Cav discharged from service for disability, can't find out causes 2

Bowlin, Britton " " A 10th TN Inf

Livesay, Carter ' " F 2nd TN Inf measles

Wilson, Daniel " " K 8th TN Cav disease, right shoulder, left eye

25 117 12 Livesay, Milum Kyles Ford 1st D Sgt E " chronic rheumatism, lung disease

Bailes, Joseph R. " Pvt E " disease, breast & lumps

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co. Unit Remarks

Jane, widow of Weston, Abner A. Kyles Ford Pvt died of measles3, no record kept of dates of enlistment

Nichols, Josiah " Cpl A 1st TN Cav bronchitis, rheumatism, deafness & eyes

Luckey, John H. " Pvt K 5th KY Cav no disability

Goins, Elizabeth A. , widow of Morgan, William B. " " no information

Nichols, Jesse P. " 2nd D Sgt C 8th Tn Inf bronchitis

Sergeant, James F. " Pvt C " disease right hip, side & shoulder, from fever & measles

Baker, Joseph W. " " E 8th TN Cav fever settled limbs, ---, rl----, gunshot right thigh

Baker, Claiborne W. " " " " jaundice (3wks), no disability

Collins, -------- C. " " " " left arm, left ____, left shoulder

26 117 11 Elizabeth, widow of Sizemore, Owen Sneedville Pvt 24 KY Inf died in service

Anderson,Thomas " " A 1st TN Cav measles

Collins, Franklin " " " "

Collins, Howard " " E 2nd TN Inf chronic diarrhea

Mizer, Wilson " " " "

Delp, James " " " 8th TN Cav disease of breast

Collins, Baty " " " " gunshot, mumps & piles

Caroline, widow of Bell, William S. " " L 1st TN Cav

Goins, Alfred " " A " chronic diarrhea, lungs

Pg # ED # Civ Dist Name of soldier or widow Post Office Rank Co Unit Remarks

Davidson, James Sneedville Sgt F 8th TN Cav

Willis, David Kyles Ford Pvt G 1st TN Cav rheumatism, heart disease

27 12 Sizemore, Solomon 12th Dist Sol

To request a copy of a pension application, you must write the National Archives and Records Administration to request NATF Form 80 and fill it out. Using the information in this extraction, you can give them the unit in which your ancestor served. It does not cost anything to apply. If they find a pension record, they will inform you and ask for $10 for copying the complete record. Send the request for the form to: National Archives and Records Administration, General Reference Branch (NNRG-P), 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408. Index to the 1890 Special Census of Union Veterans and their Widows, Hancock Co., Tennessee

Albright, Susan 3 Allen, John 8 Anderson, George H. 5 Antrikn, John 8 Arrington, Leroy 3 Bailes, Joseph R. 9 Bailey, John B. 4 Baker, Claiborne W. 10 Baker, Joseph W. 10 Baker, Wallen W. 5 Begley, George R. 3 Bell, Caroline 10 Bell, William S. 10 Berry, David 7 Berry, Elizabeth 7 Blankenbeckler, Sarah Jane 11 Booth, Nancy 8 Bowen, William H. 3 Bowlin, Britton 9 Bradfore, Marion 6 Bray, McHenry 8 Brooks, Architbald T. 5 Brooks, Joseph 4 Busic, Calvin 7 Busic, Eveline 7 Buttry, William 9 Campbell, Lizzie 6 Campbell, William Y. 6 Cantwell, John 3 Carter, Emeline 5 Carter, Herd 3 Carter, Winfield 5 Clarkson, Elizabeth 7 Clarkson, Samuel 7 Claxton, Fernando 6 Claxton, Nancy 6 Cloud, William W. 6 Cody, Mahala 5 Cody, Thomas 5 Cody, William 5 Coffee, William 8 Collins, Bailey 4 Collins, Baty 10 Collins, -------- C. 10 Collins, Calaway 5 Collins, Conoway 5 Collins, Franklin 10 Collins, Howard 10 Collins, Lewis K. 8 Collins, McKinley 8 Collins, Milum 8 Collins, Orpha 6 Collins, Silas 6 Collins, Simeon 5, 6 Collins, Vardyman 8 Combs, Fielding 7 Cope, Alfred 5 Cope, William A. 2 Davidson, James 11 Davis, George W. 4 Davis, William 9 Davis, William B. 5 Delp, James 10 Drinnon, John 3 Edens, George 4 Farris, John 7 Ferguson, Gerry 6 Ferguson, Wesley 5 Fields, Asberry 7 Fields, Inda 4 Fields, Richard 3 Fields, Shadrach 3 Fisher, Mary 4 Fisher, Shadrach 4 Fisher, William 3 Fleenor, John 4 Foley, Horton C. 6 Ford, Susan 3 Fugate, Joseph H. 8 Fugate, Mary 8 Gilbert, Daniel 5 Givens, Joshua 6 Givens, Thomas B.. 5 Givens, William 1 Goins, Alfred 10 Goins, Elizabeth A. 10 Goins, John 5, 8 Goodman, Madison 5 Gowen, Zachariah 4 Greene, A. J. 2 Greene, Joseph 5 Greene, Perry 8 Greene, Sebert 6 Harris, Elizabeth 3 Harris, Jackson 2 Harris, James 5 Harris, Jemima 2 Harris, Nathan 3 Harris, Thomas 2 Hayes, Harmon M. 8 Heck, Lucy E. 11 Heck, Maggie E. 11 Heck, Martha A. 11 Heck, Nathaniel R.. 1, 11 Helton, Kanice 7 Helton, Minerva 3 Helton, William J. 3 Herd, James 3 Herd, Wiley 3 Hill, Clarissa 7 Hill, David 7 Holt,Manerva 2 Holt, Pryor 2 Hopkins, Arthur 6 Isom, Edens 3 Jackson, James 1 Jackson, Peter 8 Jarnikn, Elixander 8 Jarvis, George W. 6 Jarvis, Lewis M. 6 Johns, Joseph 2 Johnson, Pleasant 2 Johnson,Thomas 10 Jones, Allie E. 2 Jones, John 2 Jones, Joseph 3 Jones, Lidia 2 Jones, William 2 Kilgore, James 3 Lamarr, Joseph C. 7 Larkin, John 1 Lawson, John M. P. 4 Lawson, Nancy 4 Lawson, William H. 9 Ledbetter, Elmira 7 Leedy, Joe 6 Livesay, Carter 9 Livesay, Milum 9 Long, Thomas P. 7 Loon, David H. 6 Louthien, David N. 7 Louthin, Thomas 7 Luckey, John H. 10 Maness, Howard 5 Manis, Edward 2 Mathis, Anderson 6 Mathis, John C. 5 Maxey, Gabrel 8 Mays, Rollin 5 McGinnis, James M. 2 McGinnis, Martha J. 2 McMillan, Abraham 3 Medlin, Henry 1 Minor, Alfred 4 Mitchell, John D. 6 Mizer, Wilson 10 Moles, Joseiah 5 Moles, Melvina 5 Montgomery, Elexander 8 Moore, Hubbard 6 Morgan, William B. 10 Mullins, Christofer 8 Mullins, Hezekiah 4 Mundy, Jacob J. 7 Nichols, Jesse P. 10 Nichols, John 9 Nichols, Josiah 10 Odom, Catherine 3 Odom, John 3 Ogan, John 8 Ogan, Ruth E. 2 Oric, Benjamin 7 Overton, Robert R. 8 Owens, James B. 7 Owens, William 7 Parks, Samuel 7 Peters, Tillman P. 9 Pratt, John 4 Price, Lucy 11 Price, Maggie 11 Pridemore, George W. 9 Pridemore, Wiley 4 Pugh, Elisah 8 Ramsey, Josiah 6 Roberts, Joseph 9 Roberts, Nancy 8 Roberts, Nancy M. 9 Rogers, A. L. 6 Rogers, Eliza 5 Rogers, Thomas H. 8 Royston, Robert A. 2 Sargeant, Stephen G. 5 Seal, Alfred 5 Seal, Anderson 3

Seal, Champ M. 9 Seal, Enoch 6 Seal, Frederick 2 Seal, Irvin 9 Seal, Matilda 3 Seal, William 3 Sergeant, James F. 10 Shanks, William H. 3 Shell, Albert 7 Short, William 2 Simpson, George (col.) 2 Sizemore,Elizabeth 10 Sizemore, Owen 10 Sizemore, Solomon 11 Smith, James 3 Smith, James H. 8 Smith, John F. 4 Smith, Polly 3 Snapp, Sarah L. 3 Spurlock, Thomas 7 Stubblefield, Allex 7 Stubblefield, John 6 Stubblefield, Melissa 6 Testerman, William P. 4 Thomas Jones 2 Tignor, Mary 4 Trent, Daniel G. 8 Trent, David 8 Trent, James G.. 4 Trent, John C. 9 Trent, Madison 2 Trent, Nancy 4

Trent, Robert A. 9 Trent, Wiley R. 2 Trent, William K. 4 Trent, William R. 2 Turner, Francis M. 5 Turner, William 5 Viles, Levi 8 Waddle, Rhebecca 6 Wallen, Alfred 4 Wallen, Inda 4 Wallen, Ivan/Alvin 4 Wallen, James R. 9 Wallen, Jane 9 Wallen, Joseph 4 Wallen, Mary A. 4 Wallen, Robert B. 8 Weston, Abner A. 10 Weston, Jane 10 Wilbourn, Stephen 5 Williams, Calaway 7 Willis, David 11 Willis, Leonard 4 Willis, Matthew 6 Willis, Thomas 4 Willis, William 4 Wilson, Daniel 9 Winstead, Mack 2 Wolf, Nathaniel 1 Wolfe, Daloin 7 Wolfe, Greene B. 1 Wolfe, Wiley 1 Wooton, Robert 4 Yount, Martha A. 11 .