The Biles Family

The Biles Family

These are not a complete family but simply a gathering of data in Giles Co., TN on the Biles.
Stephen Biles descendants were published in the Giles Co. Historical Society Bulletin by a
descendant and a distant double cousin, Mrs. Nelle (Urban) Smith.

Charles BILES (BYLES) b., d. 1839, Henry Co., TN, mar. NC? Francis "Fannie" PEARSON, b., d.
1820	GI Co., TN Fed. Cen., p 14
Charles BILES - 000001-00001-4 (Parents of James WALKER'S wife, next door)
Note:  Martha WALKER mar. Stephen BILES and was in AL in 1820 - Read if available

I.	Michael BILES, b. 8-12-1792 NC, d. 8-12-1849 Henry Co., TN, bur. Travis Cem., s/o

1820	GI Co., TN Fed. Cen., p 13  	Michael BILES 110010-10100-1

Michael and his future brother-in-law, my ancestor, James J. Walker were associated together
in the TN Militia before either married.  Michael and his family lived near him and Michaels
sister, James wife, later.  Michael Biles then moved with Mary Biles Walker and their parents
to Henry Co., TN.  I lost track of them there.  Mary had married 2nd Josiah Alderson and had
children, of whom I know nothing.

It is ordered by the court that the following persons good and lawful men of the county of GI,
that is, each of whom, is a free white male citizen and householder in said county over twenty
one years of age not an overseer of a road, who has not served on the ocuire? in the circuit
court of said county at the last term thereof, that is known of by the court to wit:  John C.
WALKER, Michael BILES be Jurors in the next circuit court to be held in and for said county at
the court house in the town of Pulaski on the first monday in February next, that the clerk
deliver a copy of this order to the Sheriff of the county and that he summon said persons to
attend and serve accordingly.  GI Co., TN, Co. Ct. Minutes, p 268

Deed of Conveyance from Michael BILES to Thomas WALKER for 305 A. acknowledged by BILES.

Woodson WALKER appointed road overseer in place of Michael BILES, resigned.  GI Co., Ct. Min.,
p 403

II.	Stephen BILES (Byles), b. , d., mar. prox. 1-14-1811, GI Co., TN?, Martha Ellis WALKER,
 b. c. 1-1792, VA?, d. c. 5-1843, GI Co., TN

1812 GI Co., TN Tax List: 	Stephen BILES listed

Deed Henry WALKER of GI Co., TN To Isaac HOPKINS for Lot 136 for $30.00,  Wit. James J. WALKER
and Stephen BILES.  WM Co., D.B. C, p 437.

Henry WALKER of GI Co., TN to Jason HOPKINS of WM Co., for $30. lot 134 in town of Franklin.
 Wit. James WALKER and Stephen BILES.  WM Co., TN D.B. C, p 437

Deed Henry WALKER to Stephen BILES, negro girl Clara for $350.  GI Co., TN D.B. B, p 47.
 (Note:  (NOTE:  Henry was not paying taxes in WM Co. in 1813.)

Richard HIGHTOWER of WM Co., TN to John HUGHES of GI Co., TN for $25., 15 A. on Robertsons Fork
 of Richland Creek.  Beginning at WALKER's NE corner, to 10 Poles to Peter USSERY & Jacob
BOGARDS N corner.  Wit. Stephen BILES & John C. WALKER.  GI Co., TN D.B. B, p __.

III.	Mary (Polly) BILES, b. c. 1800 NC, d., mar. 1) 7-4-1815, Rowan Co., NC, James J.
WALKER, b. c. 1787?, VA, d. c. 5-1824, GI Co., TN, bur. WALKER Cem.?  mar. 2) 1826, GI Co., TN
Josiah ALDERSON, b. 4-15-1783, d. 8-12-1849, Henry Co., TN, bur. Paris City Cem.  See Walker

Submitted by Janell McCann (Deceased 1 Jul 2007)