Aspen Hill Cemetery (Black)

Aspen Hill Cemetery (Black)

Location: Highway 31S, right into Prospect Road, in Aspen Hill. Right across from the railroad; cemetery on the right. One acre of ground was purchased from S. J. Butler by the Aspen Hill Graveyard Club in 1901 for $35.00.

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Inscriptions or Comments

Aaron Folston     No Dates
G. W. Nason     No Dates
Joe Thompson   16 Aug 1951  
W. M. Strong     No Dates
Ella Hester 1876 1968 Wife of Jerry Hester
Tom Hester     No Dates
Lou Berta Hester 27 Jun 1887 1 Jan 1957  
Celia Hobbs   No Dates Sister of John Hester
Mose Nelson     Father of Abraham Nelson
James Nason     No Dates
Massie Thompson 28 Nov 1886 6 Oct 1949 Wife of Joe Thompson
Herbert Strong     Son of Will Strong
Fred Hester 14 May 1910 11 Jul 1917 Son of Jerry & Ella Hester
Clayborn Hester     Son of Johnnie
& Lou Berta Hester
Ruff (Ruffin)Abernathy 1845 26 Jul 1926 Civil War Veteran
See Note No. 3 below
Lizzie Nelson     Wife of Mose Nelson
Margaret Nason     No Dates
Liza Thompson     No Dates
Stella Strong     No Dates
Curley Butler     Related to Will Butler
Arnett Harwell     Son of William Harvell
Adeline Hobbs     No Dates
Eunice Abernathy     No Dates
Annie Mae Nelson     No Dates
Fed Barnes     Related to Jerry Hester
Joe Butler     No Dates
Jerry Hester 1875 1941 Husband to Ella Hester
J. T. Hester 4 Feb 1874 3 Jul 1905 Brother to Jerry Hester
Johnie Hester     Husband to Lou Berta Hester
Brother to Jerry Hester
Josie Hobbs     No Dates
Shelly Abernathy 15 Aug 1874 21 May 1961 Father of Nelva Driver
Florence Abernathy 20 Apr 1876 4 Jan 1950 Mother of Nelva Driver
Andrew Upshaw     No Dates
Addie Nelson 1860 1950 Mother to Myrtle Wilson
Van Gardner   No Dates Father to Giles W. Gardner
Josie Dixon     Wife of Milton Nixon
Sarah Butler Perry 13 Sep 1908 31 Jul 1941 Daughter of John & Ella Butler; Wife of Buford Perry
Hattie N. Butler 25 Jun 1882 6 Sep 1971 Wife of Will Butler
Arch Kerr     No Dates
Hattie Harwell     Daughter of Mary Kerr
Adam Howard   1912 Father of Gordy Howard
D. B. Wells (Rev.)     Husband of Lizzie Butler Wells
Katie Butler 20 Mar 1874   No Other Date
Wife of S. J. Butler, Jr.
Waymon Butler 1 Jan 1913 29 Mar 1958 Son of
John and Ella Butler
Myrtle N. Wilson 14 Jun 1894 18 Jun 1976  
Joe Douglas     No Dates
Pvt. Billy Douglas     No Dates
Vanie Allen   No Dates Brother to Earnest Allen
Mary Harwell     No Dates
Leitha Henry   No Dates Daughter of S. J. and Jane Butler
Mother of Tommie Porter Wilson
Cleve Beasley 20 Mar 1905 2 Aug 1966  
Robert Upshaw     No Dates
Anthony Clark     No Dates
Dovey Daly     No Dates
Lorene Suggs   No Dates Sister of Nelva Driver
Sissie Upshaw   No Dates Wife of Andrew Upshaw
Mamie Driver   No Dates Mother-in-Law of Rossie Butler
Mary Kerr   No Dates Mother of Hattie Harvell
& Wife of Arch Kerr
Archie Harwell   No Dates Son of William Harville
Blanche N. Sims Gordy 1895 1965  
Lizzie Wells   No Dates Wife of Rev. W. B. Wells
Sister of John Butler
Izora Reynolds 12 Aug 1916 28 Sep 1980 Adopted child of Katie Butler
Nelson Butler 14 Sep 1954 21 Jul 1972 Son of
Joe & Minnie Butler
Mandy Nelson 18 Jul 1821 11 May 1908  
Lizzie Douglas   No Dates Sister of Earnest Allen
Wash Griffin     No Dates
Jack Polk Nelson   No Dates Son of Eleise Nelson
Tomie Henry   No Dates Daughter of
Leitha Butler Henry
Mary L. Black   No Dates Wife of Lee Black
Frank Strong     No Dates
William F. Kerr     No Dates
Eva Allen 1885 1982 Wife of Earnest Allen
James (Jim) Upshaw     No Dates
Charles Upshaw     No Dates
Lee Black   No Dates Husband of Mary L. Black
Nina Maxwell     No Dates
Malissa Butler 1908 1949 1st Wife of Rossie Butler
Gertrude Kerr   No Dates Daughter of
Arch & Mary Kerr
R. B. Howard     No Dates
John N. Gilbert     No Dates
Dock Driver 29 Feb 1875 Apr 1908  
John Butler 10 Oct 1873 27 Oct 1964 Youngest son of S. J. & Jane Butler;
Husband to Ella Woodruff Butler
D. Love 1 Dec 1882 9 Apr 1953 Father of Laura Love Wagstaff
Pinkie M. Driver 19 Mar 1894   No Other Date
Vera Douglas   No Dates Daughter of Lizzie Douglas
Will Howard 1885 1957  
James Ed Gardner   No Dates Son of Pinkie Driver
Frank Douglas   No Dates Husband to Tommie Douglas
Will Thompson     No Dates
David Young 7 Dec 1944 10 Jun 1979  
Octavia Strong   No Dates 1st Wife of Will Strong
Annie Harney     No Dates
George McKinney     No Dates
Endy Upshaw     No Dates
W. M. (Will) Nelson 1855 1935 Father of Myrtle Wilson
Polly Black     No Dates
Milton Dixon 1878 1948 Husband of Josie Dixon
Cousin of Minnie Butler
Henry Butler   No Dates Son of John and Ella Butler
W. M. (William) Harwell     No Dates
Henry Howard     No Dates
Myrtle Gilbert     No Dates
S. J. Butler, Jr. 5 Apr 1864 5 Apr 1928 Son of S.J. Sr. and Jane Butler,
Husband of Katie Butler
Ella Butler 1890 1929 Wife of John Butler
Will Butler 5 Aug 1866 29 Apr 1945 Son of S.J. Sr. and Jane Butler
Giles W. Gardner 7 Apr 1916 26 Mar 1963  
Samuel Douglas   No Dates Son of Lizzie Allen,
Grandson of Catherine Allen Butler
C. Miles     No Dates
Richard Harwell     No Dates
Porter Douglas   No Dates Grandson of Leitha Butler Brown
Tom Garrett     No Dates
Joe B. Gordon 12 Dec 1920 25 Nov 1965 Pvt COD 536 QM
Ada Mae Clark   No Dates Niece of Myrtle N. Wilson
Dave Daly     No Dates
The following are gravesites not found on the original list:
Maggie Beasley 22 Jan 1902 3 Jun 1951  
Nettie Gordy   1949  
Robert Upshaw 9 Mar 1893 29, 1953 PVT COD 4 Development
S. Brooks 15 Feb 1844 1907  

Cemetery information furnished by Mrs. Joe Butler, Aspen Hill

Extracted from Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee

Updated information sources:

1. Personal interview with Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Butler, Sr., Aspen Hill, Tennessee.
2. Site visit of Aspen Hill Cemetery by Nathan Butler and Wanda Butler Shelton.

3. Ruff (Ruffin) Abernathy fought in the Civil War along with his owner Tom Abernathy, and received a pension. He was the father of Shelly (Shellie) Abernathy and grandfather of Nelva Abernathy Driver. Dates on Ruff Abernathy were supplied by his great, great, granddaughter, Theresa (Abernathy) Gordon. 13 Apr 2007.