A Lost Community

       A Lost Community- Poplar Grove, TN
                                                         submitted by Janie Putman
                                         December 1, 1998

The second community in our area was  first located on the west end of the Carr Grant. It was called Poplar Grove.  This area was west of the Johnnie Fisher home, and the same as the J. P. Fisher home place purchased from J. C. Carlton and the Garner family in 1905.

     This community which was accidentally stumbled upon, must have been important between 1830 and 1850.  As a search was being made to find postmasters for Nebo and Hooten, familiar names that were established members of the Hooten community were found listed in a post office called Poplar Grove. Franklin M. Nobles, John M. Northern and Halford Ashley were names that caused a much deeper search for our lost community.

    William Nuchols gave a deed of trust on the land to John Branch and John B. Fiser of Dyer County in September of 1840.  In this deed it appears that there had been a judgement against Nuchols in favor of William W. Lea and Nuchols was securing a loan. The land was deeded as well as twelve slaves. The sale of the slaves to satisfy the debt was on the condition that if they had to be sold, there must be a twenty days written notice posted at Poplar Grove,  Haileysburg (?) and at the Court House in Dyersburg.  Poplar Grove must have been the center of activity, since it was a place to post notices. We have not been able to determine if one store, two stores or what was there.  We do know that the land is straight north of where the old hotel was located, west of what is now Riverside.

     When Hugh S. Sloan sold  the land  back to William Nuckolls in 1841 after he had lost it, the description of the land again stated that it was commonly called Poplar Grove.

     R. H. Goodloe who served as postmaster starting  October 30, 1841 was married to Nancy Baldridge on December 9, 1834.

     When the post office was discontinued May 16, 1847 it appears that it actually was moved to the area near the Stanley Campground Methodist Protestant Church.  The new postmaster, L. L. Dilliard who was appointed June 7, 1847, owned the land that became the Halford Ashley Land, known today as the Luther Baldridge place. Dr. John M. Northern was living just across the road and a little west of that place. Franklin M. Nobles lived almost in front of the post office on what was later the Hogue land and is owned by Robert Heathcock today.  Halford Ashley who had lived in Coffee County, Tennessee bought the land from L. L. Dilliard on November 15, 1848. This is the first record we find of the Ashley Family in the community. With all of these last four postmasters living so near each other, it appears the post office actually changed places.

     The community of Poplar Grove turned up in another place also.   A newspaper, the Western Union, published in Trenton carried the following notice on February 3, 1837.  Men serving as agents for the Western Union (the paper) were Col. S. P. Beasley for Poplar Grove and Yorkville.

     The Pages Mill post office had been discontinued on October 24, 1831 and on that same date the post office at Poplar Grove was opened with Joseph Robbins serving as postmaster.  Joseph Robbins  had been appointed by the state legislature as one of the commissioners to get the bridge and causeway built. Joseph Robbins married Nancy Rodey on January 12, 1832 in Gibson County.  He served as postmaster until October 12, 1835.  The complete list of postmasters includes:

Joseph Robbins          24 Oct. 1831

Richard B. King           12 Oct. 1835
William Gibson            17 Sept.1836

William Nuchols          21 May  1838
Hugh S. Sloan               1 July 1841
R. H. Goodloe             30 Oct. 1841
M. D. Robinson             2 Apr. 1845
Discontinued              16 May   1845
L. L. Dilliard                   7 June 1847
Discontinued               16 Dec. 1847
John M. Northern        19 Sept.1849
Halford Ashley            15 Dec. 1851
John M. Northern        24 Feb. 1852
Franklin M. Nobles       2 June 1853
Discontinued              10 Sept.1853

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