The History of Dyer, Tennessee

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James and Mary Bobbitt pioneered 120 acres in 1830 on the site where Dyer is located today. 

On May 20, 1848 Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church was established  not far from the Bobbitt cemetery.  Next Poplar Grove Methodist Church was established three miles east of Dyer.  New Bethlehem Baptist Church and Clear Creek Baptist church  followed in 1851.  Mt. Carmel C.P. Church was organized in 1852.  With the organization of the churches, the community began to come to life.

In 1858, B.F.Bobbitt, who had inherited 315 acres of land from his father laid off a section of his land for business and residential lots.  And then in 1859, he and his brother-in-law, James L. Berry, opened Berry and Bobbitt General Merchandise Store.  The town of Dyer originated from a small business community that was called Bobbittsville, named for Benjamin F. Bobbitt.  Soon after, J.T. Mathis & Company and Ethridge & Grier opened mercantile  businesses.  These three businesses were the only ones existing before the start of the Civil War.

In 1860 the Mobile and Ohio Railroad placed a box car on a side track to serve as a depot.  They named it Dyer Station.  A post office was also opened in 1860.  Dyer was known as Dyer Station until 1882 when the U.S. Post Office changed the name to Dyer.

Dyer was captured by Union soldiers during the Civil War who even built a fort there but was liberated by General Nathan Bedford Forrest on December 21, 1862.  But during the occupation of the Union troops many homes and businesses were plundered or destroyed.

Dyer was incorporated as a town on April 21, 1899 with Robert McDaniel as the first mayor and J.A. Mount, recorder. 

Farmers and Merchants Bank was established in 1895.  The Bank of Dyer was established in 1904.

The Tri-City Reporter, Dyer's newspaper, originated around 1892.

By 1901 Dyer had one of the largest markets in Gibson county for poultry and eggs.

The Dyer water system was installed in 1911 and sewer system in 1926.

The Dyer Fruit Box Manufacturing Company began in 1888 and is the oldest business in Dyer today.


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