from The Humboldt Journal, Friday, April 25, 1873

Municipal Officers: J.C. Gillespie, Mayor; W.A. Allison, Recorder; J.W.
Pickler, City Marshal; J.M. McKnight, Deputy Sheriff

Hotels: Osborne House, Dunlap & Jones, Prop'r; Louisville House, Jarrett
Perry, Prop'r; Hill Hotel, J.J. Hill, Prop'r; Southern Hotel, Mrs. Kyle &
Son, Prop'r

Manufactories:  Boot and Shoe Manufactories- J.R. Ruest and J.J. Brew, Prop'r
  Planning Mills and Sash Factory- Leak & Sons, Prop'r
  Wagon and Carriage Factory- J.B. Steelman, Proprietor
  Plow Factory- William Jarrell & Bro., Prop'r
  Lumber Yard- Jarrell & Co., managers
                XXX Ale brewery- J.J. Hill, Prop'r
  Woolen Mills- G.S. Reiney, President
  Brewery- J.A. Elliott & Co., Prop'r
  Bakery- Fred Huetter, Prop'r

Nurseries:  Humboldt Nursery- B.F. Transou & Bro., Prop'r
     Gibson Nurseries- Stallings & Co., Prop'r

Flouring Mills:  Humboldt Mills- Dodson & Jarrell, Prop'r
   City Mills- Warren, Cade & Co., Prop'r

Miscellaneous:  Livery and Stable- W.H. Simmons, Proprietor
  Humboldt Stock Yard- J.A. Elliott, Proprietor
  City Meat Market- E.J. Still, Proprietor

submitted by John Blankenship, Humboldt Historian