The Kingdom of Skullbonia

The Kingdom of Skullbonia

December 27, 1952

Skullbone, Tennessee
State Department of the Kingdom of Skullbonia

To the State of Tennessee
through His Excellency,
Governor Gordon Browning,
Nashville, Tennessee

Your Excellency:

Whereas, there has existed in West Tennessee, since its early history, a "colorful" territory in "Davy" Crockett's "Obion country" and, largely, in Gibson county known as the "Skullbone' territory, the Capitol of which is also named "Skullbone", both having an exceedingly "colorful" history, out-thrilling the wildest "Wild West" movie "thriller", the existence, "color" , and antiquity of which are amply attested by "ancient" histories, ancient Hotel registries and traditional customs;

Whereas, having a Country with the same name as that of its Capitol was most confusing. Therefore, the Country's name was changed to "Kingdom of Skullbonia" for two reasons; first, to differentiate it from the town of Skullbone and second, to include similar territories annexed by plebiscite, or by social, fistic or commercial penetration and conquest, her boundaries being more or less "fluid", and

Whereas, "Skullbonia" is the only Country in the world whose very name stemmed from the "man art of self-defense" as exemplified by her unique style of gloveless- boxing during the 1800's, known as "Fist and Skullbone" fighting, but later shorted to "fist and skull", at which her champions were rarely ever defeated individually and never as a team, and were the progenitors of modern "Golden Gloves";

but, Whereas, fighting was not the sole accomplishment of the ""Skullbonians", they have excelled in other sports, as well as in law, politics, education, religion, diplomacy, inventions, business, agriculture and music, - some of their Musicales being attended by "paid admission" crowds estimated at around 20,000 people; they were the first in the world to successfully commercialize the singing of sacred songs by male quartets; first to successfully commercialize folk and Hillbilly music; Skullbonia had the first "Squatter" settlements in Gibson county, and was  "first" in the heart of Davy Crockett, our Patron Saint; and

Whereas, to be called a "Skullbonian" during the frontier-civil war period of lynchings, night riders, Ku-Klux, Guerrillas, election fights, religions prejudice, and outlaw gangs was considered by many, to be a doubtful compliment, but with better educational facilities, better leadership, better communications and contacts with the outside world, Skullbonia has emerged to such a high state of  civilization that to be called a  Skullbonian nowadays is considered a high honor,  thus demonstrating her capability for self-government, NOW, THEREFORE

We, the undersigned people of the de facto "Kingdom of Skullbonia", a non-political Kingdom of Fistiana and Musicales, do hereby petition the State of Tennessee to "Recognize" our "limited Monarchy", thus making it an honorary de jure Kingdom with full legal powers to continue to promote music "bowls", boxing matches, ball games, barbecues, all-day dinners and singing on the ground, home-coming picnics and all  other legal functions, festivities, "bowls" and Musicales, and with power to make  its own laws and regulations relative thereto, and to appoint or elect its own Kings, Queens, Maids, Princesses, Governors-General, Colonels, Mayor etc., and with power to grant honorary Citizenship to outsiders: When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to strengthen the bonds which connect them with another, and to assume among the other powers a separate and equal  station, then decency requires explanation! We hold these truths to be self- evident, that if the Kingdom of Skullbonia has switched from fighting to  "Musicales", that was her prerogative; that since she needs "Recognition" and  attendant publicity to perpetuate her traditional festivities, history and  folklore, it behooves Tennessee to grant it. Reciprocally, we covenant with  Tennessee that her laws and enemies shall be ours, and that both will be treated  accordingly:


Rev. Raymond H. Hampton; S.J. Cates; B.L. Stewart; B.G. Mitchell; Rufus Lowe; Mrs. Edith Cantrell; Kenny Hampton; Charles Ray Mathis; Fern Taylor; J. Pounds; Jess G. Dowland, Esq; Earl Wayne Cates; Esq. W. Odis Hampton; Cecil R. Dowland; Sylvane Lowery; Will Young; David Earl Dowland; O. Page; J.S. Richards; Mrs. Leona Dowland; James H. Travis; Arthur Holt; Clarence McAlister; L.L. Pounds; C.D. Tate (Gann); Ulus S. Holt; Landon Hampton; Howard Drewry; Eugene Smith; William B. Gilliam;  J.B. Argo; R.H. Johnson; Mack Cochran; E.L. Galey; Howard Featherstone; O.B. Overton; W.E. Moore; Bland Burke; W.B. Grooms; J.M. White; Gid Pounds; Charlie Guin; La Fon Walker; H.L. Pounds; C.H. Perry; C.J. Parker; Clinton L. Baker; Wheeler Pratt; J.O. Walker; Joe H. Jackson; Willard Cantrell; Caldwell Scott; R.L. Akin; H.D. Taylor; Johnny Cates; Keanard O. Sellers; J.C. Akin; Jim McCartney; Brutis A. Bullington; J.B. ?; Carl Dowland; Hulon B. White; Billy Joe Davis; M.J. Smith; Keel Verble; Roy V. Dowland; U.L. Watkins; A.C. Keel; T.F. Cobb; E.L. Neal; O.D. Griff?; Kermit Cates; Ray Sellers; Edsel Cates; T.J. Taylor; B.H. Walker; J.B. Long and J.C. Smith