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County History

Gibson County is located in West Tennessee, one of the state's three "grand divisions," and was created in 1823 from the Chickasaw Indian Cession, and is named in honor of John H. Gibson. The county seat is Trenton.

The first white settlement was made in 1819 by Thomas Fite and his brother-in-law John Spencer and James F. Randolph. They built the first house on the Little North Fork of the Forked Deer, about 8 miles east of Trenton. Luke Biggs located about four miles northeast of Trenton. In the spring, David Crockett settled a short distance northeast of Rutherford. Population within the region reached 500 in 1823; Congressman David Crockett introduced the bill to form Gibson County.


The first recorded history of Gibson County was written in 1886/1887 by the Goodspeed Publishing Company of Nashville. Goodspeed actually published the History of Tennessee which included a history of each county along with a bibliography section of the countys' more prominent citizens of the day. We are proud to have Goodspeed's entire history and bibliographies for Gibson County on-line. To view Goodspeed's History or Goodspeed's Bibliography, just follow the links.

The second history of Gibson County was written in 1901 by W. P. Greene. It was called "Gibson County, Tennessee, Illustrated, a Souvenir of 1901." This book was published by the Gospel Advocate Publishing Co., of Nashville. It's 150 pages are filled with some of the best photos known of 19th century Gibson County.

The third history of Gibson County was compiled and published in 1920 by Mrs. Gordon Brame Hargrove of Trenton. Mrs. Hargrove's book concentrates on the role of Gibson County during World War I (1917-1919).

The fourth history of Gibson County was published in 1961 by Frederick M. Culp and Mrs. Robert E. Ross of Trenton. The book's title is "GIBSON COUNTY - Past and Present." It's 566 pages of text has a wealth of information concerning the County and it's citizens, but it's best feature may be that it's just fun to read.

A fifth history was published by Lee-Davis UDC Historical Society, Milan Tennessee. It's called "Families and History of Gibson County, Tennessee to 1988."


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