An explanation of the Civil Districts by Milton Webb

An explanation of the Civil Districts
by Milton Webb

Gibson County was not originally divided into civil districts.   The county was split into military companies and used the name of the company commander as a designator. On January 19, 1836 the county was split into fifteen districts. These fifteen districts remained in effect until 1847, when a sixteenth district was added. The sixteenth district was formed from parts of the second, third, seventh and twelfth. In 1848 the eighteenth district was formed from portions of the first, second, and twelfth. The seventeenth district was formed by adding a portion of the thirteenth to the fifteenth and dividing the results. The nineteenth was formed in 1850 from portions of the tenth and fourteenth. In 1854 the twentieth was formed by splitting the fourth.

IN 1858 the twenty-first was split off of the ninth. The twenty-second was formed in 1860 by taking portions of the fourteenth, seventeenth and fifteenth. The twenty-third was formed by adding the fourteenth to the nineteenth and dividing the results. The twenty-fourth was formed in 1871. When Crockett County was formed, we lost the twentieth, fourth and most all of the sixteenth. So in 1873 a new fourth was formed from parts of the third, fifth and what was left of the sixteenth. 1879 saw the formation of a new sixteenth from parts of the sixth and seventh. In 1881 a new twentieth was formed out of parts of the third, fourth and seventh. Finally in 1887 the fourth, fifth, sixteenth and twentieth gave up parts to form the twenty


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