Gibson County Tennessee Obituaries

Gibson County Tennessee

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File Name Submitter
1921 Obits from Humboldt Courier Sarah Hutcherson
1923 Obits from Humboldt Courier Sarah Hutcherson
Misc. Obits from Gibson County Newspapers Brenda Carroll

Edith Morris Anthony 2003

Red Anthony
Seletha Reynolds  1837-1917  (note: this is  Perry family) Dixie Lea
Josephine Midyett Smith Sarah Hutcherson
Mrs. Malinda Fields (d/o Davy Crockett) Marilyn Stroh
Wiliford Abbott Leslie Moore
Dr. Sam Hunt John Hunt
Frank Hopper 1945 Audrey Hopper
Audrey Blanche Cox  1995 Audrey Hopper
Reggie Cox  1999 Audrey Hopper
Cleatis Bruff Cox  1999 Audrey Hopper
Major William Gay  1901 Sheran McCants
R.W. Barton 1903 Sarah Hutcherson
Mrs. Eliza Bartwell Stratton 1903 Sarah Hutcherson
Mrs. Mattie T. Jones  1934 Sue Jones
Franchion Hunt Dooley  2002 Red Anthony
J. T. Mathis 1904 Bill Witherspoon
S.C. Mathis 1905 Bill Witherspoon
Walter Ewell White 1935 Harolyn White Joyner
Annie Ball Scruggs 2002 John A. Scruggs
Beverly A. Williamson 1873 Laura Carney
W. Y. Williamson  born 1834 - died 1919 Laura Carney
Samuel Beverly Williamson 1902 Laura Carney
Judge John L. Williamson 1876 Laura Carney
S.R. Lowrance May 24, 1954 Anita Lowrance
Georgia Morgan Lowrance  1957 Anita Lowrance
Mrs. Sarah Morgan Jan 31, 1929 Anita Lowrance
Mrs. Amanda Jane Cherry Anita Lowrance
George Carthal Watson Nov. 11, 2002 Jackie Isbell Johnston
John E. Campbell  May 28, 1921 Patricia Parrish Lewis
Jennie E. Hess Campbell   January 29, 1926 Patricia Parrish Lewis
Betty Jean Hood  August 20, 2003 Tommy Fletcher
Beatrice Allen Pafford, Oct 2, 1981 Ken Smith
Mrs. Nancy Barnett 1893 Caleb Teffeteller
Mat Graves 1893 Caleb Teffeteller
Squire Bassell Rust 1893 Caleb Teffeteller
Mrs. William Gregory 1893 Caleb Teffeteller
George Miller Davis  February 5, 2003 Anita Lowrance
Media Lowrance Davis January 2, 2003 Anita Lowrance
J.S. Prichard 1935 Louise Reid Faulkner
Mrs. Sallie Castleman Prichard 1929 Louise Reid Faulkner
Lloyd Relma Oliver April 2005 Richard L Oliver
Betty Bobbitt  July 1976 Joe Hammonds
Samuel Richardson 1854 Mike Mathis
Albert L. Burch 2006 Anita
Bishop G.E. Patterson 2007 (born in Humboldt) Bobby Edmiston
Michael Don Cooper  2007 Doris Hickerson
Hershel Jenkins 1931
Nancy McCartney 2006 Adam McCartney
Charles Reynolds  2005 Shar Sherman
Myrtle Mae Thetford  2001 Shar Sherman
Vina Knott Williams Adam McCartney
Lema Catherine Henley 2005 Virginia Gammon
Mildred Jackson 2001 Virginia Gammon
J.P. Thomason  1934 Kathy Lansford
Mrs. Katie Lomax  1963 Alvin Newman
Rachel Lewis Robinson  2000 Linda Lewis
Brance Burt  1984 Linda Lewis
Harry Gene Wall  1997 Linda Lewis
Erna Ruth Dover  1999 Linda Lewis
Estelle Smith   2004 Linda Lewis
Nola Bunch  1967 Linda Lewis
David Clifton Quinn  1966 Linda Lewis
Michael Lynn Quinn  1966 Linda Lewis
Thomas Lynn Quinn  2001 Linda Lewis
Helen Vivian Hensley  1999 Linda Lewis
Robert Lee Quinn  1987 Linda Lewis
Virgil Quinn  1982 Linda Lewis
Cecil L. Quinn  2000 Linda Lewis
Willie Lee Quinn  1958 Linda Lewis
Mrs. Jesse Quinn   1981 Linda Lewis
Private Ross Perry 1918 Gwen McReynolds

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