Gibson County, Tennessee, Illustrated
Covers.jpg This book, "Gibson County Illustrated," was written in 1901 by a gentleman named W. P. Greene. It contains a number of excellent photos taken in Gibson County in the late 19th Century. It's also a treasure of information about residents, officials and the history which laid the foundation of early Gibson County. There are a few copies of this book still in existence from personal collections to three copies in the reference areas of state libraries. Because of the extreme rarity of this book, this digital copy is presented here, online, for your viewing pleasure.

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The pages of this book were scanned by Jere Cox of Milan, TN & then "processed" by Eddy G. Clark of Byron, GA (native of Rutherford, TN). These scanned images, any images derived from these images, or any printed materials derived from these images are copyrighted, 1999. The Gibson County   site has permission to display these images for personal non-profit use. For information on how to obtain a CD or paper copy of this work (with higher resolution & color), please contact Eddy G. Clark or Jere Cox.